61.36% The Super Saiyan System / Chapter 26: Skill Extraction

Chapter 26: Skill Extraction

After breaking through to the ninth layer and inserting his Qi and mental energy into the beast egg it started to show signs of hatching, Shade was ecstatic after knowing about it he took out a senzu bean quickly replenishing himself to his peak, the senzu beans had an effect of even replenishing his mental energy which couldn't be done by the Qi replenishing pills.

After forming cracks all over the surface the egg broke and a small lizard was there this lizard looked extremely strange as it had a rainbow colored body and was glowing, this made it look extremely dazzling. It slowly opened its eyes and looked at Shade, it gave a cute cry and he heard a voice in his head asking him to feed it he was surprised at first but then understood that this should have been due to his mental energy so he tried giving it some of his Qi but before he could do so, the lizard bit his finger and took some of his blood. He was scared for a moment before he heard a prompt from the system,

[Congratulations to Host for hatching the Beast Egg]

[The Beast wants to form a blood link with you would you like to do so?]

Listening to L he finally understood why it asked for his blood, without hesitating he said, "Yes"

[Blood Link formed]

[Congratulations to Host for gaining a Beast, you have met the required conditions for the unsealing of the skills column]

[Due to the blood link you can now keep the beast in orb form would you like to do so?]

"Not yet"

Listening to the system he was relieved and look at the spirit beast, he had never seen such a beast in any of the books he had read until now, when he asked L as to what type of Spirit beast it was he was told – 'Dragon God'

He was surprised at first but then L explained it to him by saying that it was due to him providing it with nine elements that a Dragon God was born, since it still had not awakened its bloodline yet, it could not be considered a true Dragon.

He saw the small dragon and decided to name it 'Ryu'

[Confirming name as Ryu?]


After which an orb appeared in his hand and when he saw the details he was shocked,

[Name: Ryu

Age: 0

Race: Dragon

Bloodlines: Sealed

Level: Golden Core(9)

Skills: Dragon Breath, Flight, Telepathy, Supreme Intelligence, Dragon Domain(Sealed), Human Transformation(Sealed)

Cultivation Techniques: Nine Dragons Cultivation

Elements: Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Earth, Thunder, Ice, Origin, Chaos]

When he saw the details he was shocked, Ryu was truly a monster and he checked out its skills in detail,

Dragon Breath: Fires a beam of energy towards the target its strength depends on the cultivation of the user. It can be used with any element to change its properties.

Flight: Enables flight despite users characteristics

Telepathy: Can be used to send messages directly to the target's mind

Supreme Intelligence: Enhances intelligence of an individual to their peak

Dragon Domain(Sealed): Creates a mental domain using the user's mental energy.

Human Transformation(Sealed): Can be used to transform into a human. It would limit the user's combat strength accordingly.

[Would you like to use a Skill extraction orb to extract Ryu's skill?]

"If I extract a skill would it affect Ryu?"

[No but if the skill evolves further then even the host's skill would be evolved and a skill already possessed by the host cannot be extracted again]

When he heard that he was relieved and decided to use it once, the skill extraction orb could be used on a monster only once and could never be used again. After he used the orb,

[You have extracted the skill 'Dragon Domain' from Ryu]

[Name: Shade Pendragon

Age: 5

Race: Saiyan

Bloodlines: Saiyan (Unknown)

Level: Golden Stage (9)

Skills: Supreme Intelligence, Dragon Domain(Sealed)

Cultivation Techniques: God-Demon Body Cultivation (Beginner), Kai Martial Arts(Peak), Mysterious Elemental Cultivation (Beginner), Dragon Phoenix Dual Cultivation

Supportive Techniques: Heavenly Medical Technique, Buddha's Eyes, Five Elements Alchemy, Cosmic Refining

Elements: Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Earth, Thunder, Ice, Origin, Chaos

Orb: Advance Orbs x3, Skill Extraction Orb x4, Orb Draw x10, Enlightenment Orb x2, Destruction(Small) Orb x1, Bloodline Orb x1]

Comments (50)

  • OnePun


    Arghhh... What is this light!...my eyes are getting blinded by it. It's too bright. Is it a sun? No, it looks like the light is coming from armor. What kind of ARMOR could emit such light? IT MUST BE THE LEGENDARY PLOT ARMOR.

  • NihilityMadness


    Why didn't you named the dragon Shenron? Anyway, thanks for the chapter! Nice work, EXP TIME!

  • Wabafet


    Why does he have supreme intelligence if he only extracted the dragon domain?

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