28.57% Fate X Cultivation / Chapter 2: Abilities

Chapter 2: Abilities

Long Chao awakened from his slumber. He checked himself and frowned. He was extremely malnourished and had tattered clothes. He was currently in a broken down hut in a very remote place.

"Did Goddess make some kind of mistake?" Just as he spoke. He felt something from his body.

[Host has successfully synchronised with the body. Integrating system with the body....

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Ting! Integration successful.]

His body suddenly heated up and his body started to restore it's vitality. After fifteen minutes his body had successfully restored it's vitality. He was no longer malnourished as he looked extremely good looking.

'Let's see if I can access the system. Status!'

[Name - Long Chao

Cultivation - Crippled State

Age - 15


Denial Of Nothingness (Rank EX) - The first true magic which allows you to create anything you desire.

Lord Of Chamber (Rank EX) - Allows you to give absolute bliss to the woman you make love with.

Eye of the Mind (True) (Rank A) - Make you capable of calm analysis of the abilities of the opponent as well as the battle conditions even when in danger and deduce an appropriate course of action after considering all possibilities to escape from a predicament.

Instinct (Rank A) - It essentially allows you to be in the realm of predicting the future. Through this ability, it is possible to negate the penalties inflicted by visual and auditory interference to a certain extent.

Mystic Eye Of Truth (Rank EX) - Allows you to see through anything. There is nothing that can hide from you and allows you to see the unseen.

Presence Concealment (Rank EX) - Allows you to become one with the world itself making you nearly impossible to detect.

Burden of the Dragon Kind (Rank EX) - The blood of dragon flows through your vein granting you immense vitality and never ending supply of magic. It's composition is made of Battle Continuation and Mana Burst.

Weapon Master (Rank EX) - Allows you to have absolute mastery over any weapon you wield.

Technique Elucidation (Rank EX) - Enables you to repair, modify and restore anything.

Conceptual Improvement (Rank EX) - Allows you to improve or upgrade anything as you see fit.

Battle Continuation (Rank EX) - Even with the most severe injuries, your prowess will not be affected. Also reduce mortality rate from injury.

Mana Burst (Rank A) - Enables you to gain short burst of strength and speed by infusing your body with magical energy and instantly expelling it.]

He looked at his status and was satisfied with it. Just as he willed away his Status screen, a bright light descended giving him a throbbing headache.

As he nursed his head from the headache, a notification resounded from his system.

[You have received the blueprints of all the Noble Phantasm from the Goddess.]

He blanked out for a while and thanked the goddess in his mind for the goddess's generosity. If the Goddess had bothered checking what skills he had chosen through his Karmic points, she would have puked blood and called him a broken character.

Now, by giving him the blueprints of all Noble Phantasm she made him even more broken than he already was.

He took his time adjusting to the information that was just granted to him and thought what action he should take from now on.

He was now Long Chao who was crippled from birth making him unable to cultivate at all. Due to his crippled state, he was scorned and bullied in his own clan that was one of the strongest clan in this country he was currently at.

The country was called Divine Martial Empire which consisted of five major clans. The Long clan which he was from, Ye clan, Lin clan, Duan clan and Wang clan.

Long Chao frowned thinking how his own clan had thrown him out to fend for himself after his father had passed away. As for his mother, she had passed away when giving birth to him.

'This really is a cruel world...' Long Chao thought.

"I need to get strong. If I can't even fend for myself how can I make the women that are sad happy?" With new resolution burning in his eyes, he prepared himself to get stronger.

'First I need to fix up my crippled state... even though I can use the abilities granted by the Goddess, it still can't match against those cultivators.'

He closed his eyes and looked inside his body. His insides were a total mess as each and every meridian were displaced and his Dantian was completely shattered. It was a miracle his previous self had been alive for fifteen years.

'Haaaa... alright let's do this.'

He started using his Technique Elucidation and repaired all the meridians in the body and just as he was about to fix his Dantian, he conjured up a idea due to his Conceptual Improvement.

'What if I use by Dragon Blood and Avalon as a core to form my Dantian?' He smiled thinking of the idea he had.

He started to create Avalon through the knowledge that was given by the Goddess and used his Denial Of Nothingness to bring forth Avalon.

He started processing Avalon with his Dragon Blood and used Technique Elucidation to create his Dantian.

Meanwhile, the Goddess that was watching Long Chao had cold sweats looking at that monstrosity.

'What the hell have I done?' The Goddess could only think that as she had created a monster without peers.

HentaiGod HentaiGod

New to this cultivation world so any ideas you have is welcomed. I don't really have general ideas on how cultivators act. Suggestions are welcomed. I am actually using many wuxia novels as my base understanding.

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  • Chronos32


    bro i vow down in worship your books are bliss and pure genius

  • Ren0Zero


    In response to your Authors Notes I would say that in the Cultivation Genre it is no problem to choose your own path. Especially since there are so many novels of this theme. I have read a lot of them and I have read your novels so I would advise you to just devise your own world without any external influence. I believe that wil be the best considering your current style. (I expect a lot from that😆😆😆) Furthermore the genre has been filled to the brim and the standard way is a weak MC or transmigrated/reincarnated MC who meets arrogant enemies at every second corner of the town/country/World/universe/dimension. So dude just write whatever the hell you want to. I'll be sure to like it.👍😎

  • Demonic_Lord


    Why don’t u make able to pleasure even goddesses with just fingering them, breaking their minds in the process and make them ur S.E.X slaves

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