85.71% Fate X Cultivation / Chapter 6: Making Love

Chapter 6: Making Love

As Long Chao kissed Ye Ju melted in his arms giving no resistance at all. It was practically the sign for Long Chao to go on further and that he did.

He deepened the kiss, twirling his tongue inside her soft mouth as she moaned in delight.

"Ahhh~ Long Chao... more... I need more~"

Hearing her lovely demand Long Chao moved his hand towards her womanhood gently massaging it and inserting his finger at gentle rhythm.

"Mmm~" Ye Ju moaned as she wrapped her arms around his neck and started shaking her lovely hips on his hardened cock teasing him.

"Miss Ju... I-" He didn't get to complete his sentence as Ye Ju put her finger on his lips.

"Call me Ju'er. I am yours now. There's no need for formality." Ye Ju said as she had made up her mind to be with Long Chao.

Long Chao was so happy that he lifted her high up.

"Eeep!" Ye Ju gave a surpriseed yelp at the sudden movement. She glared or tried to glare at Long Chao but she was pinned on the ground while Long Chao sucked her endowed breast like a baby deprived of his milk.

"Aaahh! Beloved... be gentle~" Ye Ju moaned but Long Chao didn't listen to her as he was extremely happy with Ye Ju's earlier confession of being his woman.

"Ju'er... you are mine now so I will do everything in my power to make you happy." Ye Ju became extremely happy hearing that. All this time she had been neglected and lonely but hearing Long Chao say such words her maidenhood was practically soaking wet due to the anticipation of making love with her handsome lover.

"Beloved... I want it in me. Please... I can't wait." Ye Ju begged with teary eyes making her look even more attractive.

"Oooohhh! Ju'er..." Long Chao roared with lust as he plunged his sword deep inside her sheath in one single thrust. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Beloved! Yes... give it to me. Give me more~" Ye Ju cried with pleasure as she too moved her hips seeking to feel more pleasure.


The sounds of flesh smacking could be heard with sloppy wet noise.

"HARDER! BELOVED... POUND MY UNSATISFIED CUNT HARDER SO IT CAN REMEMBER THE SHAPE OF YOUR COCK!" Ye Ju cried out loud forgetting any form of speech formality due to the intense pleasure she got from making love with her beloved Long Chao.

"Ju'er... get ready. I am going to spurt my seed inside your womb." Long Chao grunted as he was at his limit. He had already made Ye Ju cum countless times without cumming himself.

Ye Ju hearing that was even more eager as she wrapped her arms around his neck while wrapping her legs aroung his hips, "Give it to me. Give me your seed and mark me as your woman. Impregnate me with your child, Long Chao. I can't live without you anymore."

"Alright then, bear my child Ju'er. From now on you are mine and only mine." Long Chao declared as he released his seed deep inside her probably impregnating her with his child which sadly had very small chance of happening due to his unique physique.

His Heaven Defying Dragon Physique made his fertility rate extremely low. If he had countless children with heaven defying body then wouldn't the world end?

Unknown to them about the low fertility of Long Chao, both were satisfied as they embraced each other after their intense love making gazing lovingly at each other eyes lost in their own world.

"Ju'er... I love you." Long Chao declared as Ye Ju had small tears falling from her mesmerising eyes due to her happiness.

"Uhn! I love you too, beloved. Don't ever leave me." She said as she rested her head in his reliable chest which made her sadness and loneliness completely non existent.

Ye Ju knew that her lover was strong but he was just a single man. He would not be able to stand up against the countless experts of her 'husband'.

She knew she had to return to that man but she also wanted to be with Long Chao.

Being with Long Chao, she felt the happiness she had never chance to feel. She didn't want it to be gone.

An idea entered her mind, 'What if he came with me back to the Sect?'

The only question was how to get him to join the Sect. The Sect was heavily based on Sword Cultivation Art and Long Chao... did he even know any Sword Cultivation Art?

She didn't bother for now. Right now all she cared was being in his warm embrace.

She could think of something tomorrow.

HentaiGod HentaiGod

Sry guys for late update. But you see I had actually made 5 chapters in draft which I accidentally forgot to save... and I lost motivation. But finally I managed to write this chapter. Pls forfive me for my stupidity of not saving draft.

Comments (44)

  • Demonic_Lord


    It’s sometimes mind boggling that a person could write this... while sometimes at work... shows that I’m falling behind someone in shamelessness and pervertedness!!! I shall not lose!!!!

  • HentaiGod


    I did say I lost my draft work.. so I lost some motivation. You know when you work hard but it’s all gone for naught, having to do the same all over again.

  • Ellesedil


    well HG, keep 'em "cumming" at your own pace. Certain things should never be rushed.

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