100% Fate X Cultivation / Chapter 7: Sword Realms

Chapter 7: Sword Realms

Ye Ju woke up groggily, her hair was a mess and her whole body was covered with unknown sticky liquid but on the contrary to her situation she had a beautiful smile that could light up the dark.

It had been a week already and she and her handsome kindhearted lover Long Chao had gotten quite with each other both physically and emotionally.

She was currently worried now that she had to return back to that 'husband' of hers.

Looking at the frown on the beautiful face of Ye Ju, Long Chao was worried.

"What's wrong, Ju'er?" Long Chao asked as he hugged her from behind.

"I have to return back." Ye Ju said sadly. Long Chao raised his eyebrows at that, "Why? You can just come with me."

Ye Ju gave a wry smile at his naive logic. She belonged to the Ye clan and was also the wife of Zhou Fan, the Sect leader of Heavenly Sword Sect. If she ran away with him, then they would be hunted down because they wouldn't want their reputation to get stained. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The world of cultivation was all about power and respect gained through it. She knew Long Chao wasn't like those cultivators, he didn't revel in bloodshed and showing off his might.

A fifteen years old Martial Emperor was in the realm of godly potential but against Martial Sovereign, he wouldn't be a match.

Her 'husband' was a Martial Sovereign and so was the patriarch of Ye clan. They wouldn't be able to escape them.

Long Chao had already told her how strong his cultivation was as he trusted her with his life. This kind of trust was hard to get even if the person really did love each other which made Ye Ju's love for Long Chao even stronger.

"Beloved... I don't to go as well but if I don't then we will both be in danger. I don't mind dying but you... I wouldn't be able to even die properly if something happened to you because of me." Ye Ju said in a teary tone.

Long Chao didn't know what to say. He knew she was right and he didn't want to endanger her life as well.

"Isn't there anything we can do? I don't want to leave you alone." Long Chao said with a sad expression.

"Actually there is but for someone who has just gained his cultivation, it is not possible." Ye Ju said shaking her head.

"What is it? I can at least try, right?" Long Chao said hope burning in his eyes.

Ye Ju couldn't help but get touched by the gesture. "You have to at least have gained Sword Force realm in swordsmanship." Ye Ju said looking at Long Chao grimly.

Long Chao blinked several times and laughed in joy as he carried Ye Ju in bridal style and spun around.

"Aahh! Long Chao, what's wrong?" Ye Ju feared that Long Chao had gone crazy due to the high hurdle but how could she know that Long Chao had already grasped the highest realm one can attain in swordsmanship.

There were five realms in the mastery of sword. Sword Qi, Sword Force, Sword Intent, Sword Heart and Sword Union.

Each of those realm were extremely hard to attain as getting enlightened in the path of sword was hard but it didn't apply to Long Chao after all.

After half an hour, Long Chao finally let Ye Ju down. "Can you tell me why you were laughing so crazily?" Ye Ju asked with a mild glare with a hint of concern.

Long Chao smiled and lifted his finger and pointed it at the sky.


With a loud explosion, the sky shattered for a while later reverting to it's previous state.

Ye Ju's jaw were wide open as she shouted, "SWORD UNION! YOU ARE AT SWORD UNION REALM!"

Saying her words, she fainted unable to handle the shock.

"Ju'er! What the matter?" Long Chao rushed to attend her. How could he know that attaining Sword Union was close to impossible and showing it to Ye Ju, he was just inviting that kind of reaction.

At the same time, an old man who was secluded stood up and looked towards the direction of the shattered sky.

"It seems there's actually someone who would be able to give this old bones some workout."

The old man was a Sword Union expert as well and being at the top, he was lonely as he had no peers to match his prowess. Now he had something to look forward to. He couldn't wait to get the fight of his life.

"But... why was the aura only that of Martail Emperor?" He thought.

There was no way he was only a Martial Emperor, right? That would be ridiculous as he himself only gained such a realm at Martial Ancestor and he was considered a genius.

His current cultivation realm was of course at Martial Celestial.

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    I swear to you author if i dont get more chapters i will hunt you down. I will force you to write chapters. -_-

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    We need more!

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    You know what would make the story perfect. If the release rate was the same as in naruto world with instant mastery cheat I don’t know if I got the title wrong

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