65.95% Branch Adventurers Guild [Dropped] / Chapter 62: World Plans

Chapter 62: World Plans

Silence filled the room, I stood there with complicated feelings and sorrow. As a child, I never blamed anyone for giving birth to me, I knew the real meaning of life at a very young age and even when I tried to search for my family before… I never made it a priority.

"It can't be…" Laying on the bed her eyes began to tear up, she looked at my face which had a scar on the head and then tried to stand up from the bed. "Don't move now! You should rest, we have all the time in the world mother" I went towards her to stop her from moving out of the bed yet I didn't expect to get pulled by her and get hugged.

"My son, Ace" She cried as her hands got locked on my neck. "Wuwu, I am sorry for leaving you, I am sorry…" crying as she apologized, I hugged her back and controlled my emotions, Ele began weeping behind us while Rag and Yama were looking away.

"Mother, I am here, no one will hurt you again… no one" I said with determination and a cold look flashed in my eyes before it disappeared. "Umm, you have grown" Mother took her hands away and raised it to touch my face, I sat on the bed next to her and allowed her.

Minutes went by and she looked at my face with a smile before she looked around and saw my three companions. "Introduce me to your friends Ace," she said while sitting straight, "Mother, this is Ele, she used to be a tree before I changed her into what she is today" I first introduced Ele while explaining her true form, Ele smiled and nodded.

"Huh" Mother looked shocked, I continued "This is Rag, Ragnarok who was created as a pauldren, after we became strong he transformed into what you see now". Ignoring my mother who had her mouth wide open, I finally ended the explanation with Yama "This is Yama, created out of the bodies of Timberwolves, thousands of them which led to this appearance".

After finishing my introduction, I smiled and waited for my mother to calm down before I carried my mother on my arms and went towards the balcony. "Where are you taking me?" Mother looked shocked as we reached the balcony, "Mother, I would like to introduce you to my fourth companion, Asura"

The sky began splitting, the people in the kingdom began leaving to see what is going on, the emperor, the bishop, guards, soldiers and everyone else came out to see but once they saw the large head appear in the sky they were shocked.

"Kuku, Brother!" Asura laughed as his head poked the sky, looking around he noticed I had someone on my arms, "Kuku, brother isn't that your mother?" Asura smiled as he spoke, I nodded to him "From today onwards call her aunt".

That ended our conversation and the time went by… fast. After a week of helping out my mother, she was allowed to move, it was my happiest moment but I want her to be safe. "Everyone, I will take my mother to earth, get into my inventory," I said to my three companions while my mother was sitting next to me drinking tea.

"Sure brother!" Ele said while she looked at Rag and Yama before I pulled them all in my inventory. "Mother, hold my hand" Standing up, I held my mother hand before closing my eyes, seconds passed and I found myself next to Emma.

"Husband?" Emma who was shocked, looked towards me and then to my mother before she stood up. "Hello… who might you be?" Emma said as she looked at how beautiful my mother.

"Haha! Sorry for the sudden visit my love, this is my mother" I said to Emma as I gave her a kiss on her lips fast. "Mother-in-law!" Emma said fast while her face blushed red. "Ho, son you have married someone?" My mother looked at me with a bright smile and then went towards Emma before hugging her, "My daughter-in-law, come we can chat somewhere, also call me Liel, Liel Thelos" Mother said as she walked with Emma towards the living room.

"Mother, Wife, I will be taking care of some work, also I might be late tonight, Mother you can live in the house, choose any room you want," I said to them and left the house with a smile. Rose was waiting outside smiling, "Master, congratulations" She said as she followed me from behind.

"Thanks, Rose, give me a report on what happened when I was gone," I said as we walked towards the Tavern. "Yes Master, the total survivors in the bases has reached 3.3 billion, we had many issues such as shortage of food, shelters, and safe zones but Hope and the four trainers have created several events for the cardholders to help out," Rose said as she gave me papers to read.

"Last week, we solved the food shortage by using the monsters as food, another issue was met, on the other hand, Hope said he couldn't scan the entire world, the previous scan range concludes on the previous world size, right now the world is a hundred times bigger… we have absolutely no idea how it reached this point and we discovered that we are in a different solar system" Rose continued and showed me pictures of the solar system.

Nodding, I reached the office and sat down to continue listening while reading the papers. "Our soldiers and the guild members are capable of holding their ground against the monsters now reducing the casualty rate but we met an issue with those that abuse their power, as you were not here master, Hope decided to take care of those people by sealing their power and sending them to a specially made jail within each safe zone which can hold up to B class monsters"

"Good, tell him to follow his idea, what about the 'Not being able to scan the world' I want to know if there are places we have to explore," I said while looking at Rose.

"I can explain that Master" Hope appeared on a floating screen, "Master, my range depends on a specific number, we can't increase it after the world expanded I tried to scan it a few times just to fail" Hope said with a cold face.

"What are the chances of future troubles coming from the unknown areas?" I said to Rose, "99.35% Master" She replied.

Sigh… "Tell me, how are the 3.3 billion people living now?" I asked, "Bad, some chose to join the army while others have joined production areas, adventurer guild members increases by over a hundred daily while the deaths are over fifty daily." Rose replied.

I looked at Hope who stayed silent and shook my head, "Can't we create a school for training them? A place to train will improve our chances" I said while laying back on the chair. "We can do that Master, increase the survival chance by over 50%," Klaus said as he suddenly popped up on a screen next to hope.



-Beginner School 15g

-Advanced School 150g

-Expert School 1500g

I looked at my gold and shook my head before buying several hundreds of beginner schools. "Rose, send this to several bases and apply taxes to them, if they want a better school they should achieve several things, also I will increase the adventurer guild budget by 500,000 gold and generate a few thousands of quests for everyone, is there any progress on the internet these days?" I said as I gave Rose the Blueprints. "Yes master, we have restored the internet everywhere as people are still capable of using their phones"

I nodded before I said, "Thanks for the help, from tomorrow onwards I will be focused on the adventurer guild until the second phase". Looking at Rose who left the room, the adventurer guild page appeared on a screen floating, I smiled as the numbers are increasing and our strength is becoming greater.

『You have become a focus of both factions, prepare harder or you will fall』

My smile grew larger, "Let them come"

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