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Chapter 8: Sasuke vs Gaara pt. 3

Sasuke scowled, glaring at the orb in front of him. This could create some problems. He had no idea what Gaara could be doing inside there, nor could he find out what the orb of sand could do. Being smart, Sasuke decided to test what the sand could do against an attack. He tossed a shuriken towards his foe, watching as a spike of sand shot out from the sphere and destroyed the small throwing weapon easily. His scowl deepening, Sasuke dashed towards the orb with a frontal charge

Blood trickled down Sasuke's cheek, fist, and left leg, spikes of sand protruding from the orb just barely having missed impaling him. He had come far too close to losing a body part there and he would have if it hadn't been for his Sharingan. He jumped backwards, doing several flips. Sasuke kept moving backwards until he attached himself onto the arena wall so he could have a clear view of the field.

"I guess I have to use that technique.," Sasuke told himself, "Kakashi warned me to only use that as a last resort. Damn there is no other way…Chidori it is, then."

Reassuring himself that it was the right choice to do, Sasuke flashed through three quick hand seals, bracing his left arm with his right hand. Chakra gathered, quickly turning into a blue lightning that fizzled loudly. The sound of a thousand birds chirping filled the area as Sasuke crouched on the wall, prepared to make a fast dash.

Gai turned to Kakashi in shock, "Kakashi-san, you didn't!"

"I told you, Gai-san," Kakashi said in a firm monotone, "Sasuke-kun and I are very similar people."

"But Kakashi-san THAT jutsu?" The green-clad man asked seriously. Kakashi nodded, never taking his eyes off the match.

"It was the only way I could think of that would get through that boy's sand defense." He replied. Now Sakura, Ino and all the other gennin around them were looking at the two jounin.

"Still," Gai continued. "It isn't something to teach a Gennin." He said, a frown marring his face. Kakashi glanced at him in annoyance.

"And that thing you taught Lee wasn't?" he said irritably. Gai got a pained look on his face and said no more.

"What jutsu, Kakashi-sensei?" asked Sakura.

Kakashi just looked at the girl and gave her one of his eye…smile….things. "Just wait and see, Sakura." He said, then turned his attention back to the match, as did all the gennin.

Naruto eyes widened as he looked at the technique. 'High concentration of chakra in the form of Lightening chakra. What the hell did he practice Electric manipulation also.' Naruto gritted his teeth. Just when he thought he had an advantage it was killed off already. (This is true for Kishimoto's way for Naruto)

Then, to the eyes of the roaring crowd, Sasuke became a blur as he ran full speed down the wall, a trail of destruction left in his wake. As he hit the ground, he continued forward, kicking up a cloud of dust and debris. The crowd roared even louder as Sasuke closed in on his opponent, his Sharingan allowing him to dodge the spikes that shot towards him.

With only a fraction of resistance, Sasuke's hand cut through the barrier of sand surrounding Gaara, passing quickly through the sphere and striking the red-haired boy within. All was quiet as the crowd waited with baited breath for the result to show itself.

"What's this? This warm moisture?" Gaara's voice asked, confusion and fear running rampant. "Blood? Is this my blood?"

An ear-splitting shriek rent the air, the cry of a dying man.

Naruto winced at the noise. 'Has he ever seen his blood?' Naruto thought with disbelief… Naruto's eyes widened as he felt something go over his eyes. He was getting really… sleepy. What was going on? He felt so… GENJUTSU! Naruto immediately sent a burst of chakra throughout his body. Jiraiya had taught him how to do a genjutsu delay technique. By pushing chakra up and down the body, forcefully, you could keep your mind active long enough to dispel the genjutsu. While it was not a way for Naruto to dispel Genjutsu, it gave Naruto time. Naruto immediately called on his hyperized chakra.

A huge torrent of chakra flowed around Naruto and the wind, noticeably, picked up around Naruto. Naruto blinked once and his once blue eyes now had changed into Golden ones.


"YOU CAN'T EVEN DISPEL A SIMPLE GENJUTSU" Jiraiya yelled skeptical of what he was seeing. Jiraiya had run Naruto into the ground, through several trees, a couple hills and a small river and He was still making Naruto do more.

Naruto lay on the ground panting. Sweat was beading down his back in waves. His muscles screamed revenge and he had half the mind to fall asleep and go into a coma. That was beside the point. Naruto groggily stood up and looked up at Jiraiya tiredly. "I can't help it… I just can't manipulate my chakra fast enough to make a burst." It was true." You see the one problem with Naruto's chakra or chakras is that since there were so many types, albeit the others in small quantities, the passageways got clogged. This caused problems for Naruto when he is trying to move charka to certain places, specifically away from his head.

Jiraiya paced back and forth. His face scrunched up in deep thought. It looked like he was constipated and reading a difficult book at the same time, (and yes I have tried that… it doesn't work, it makes the book 10 times harder but shitting much easier.)

Jiraiya's eyes widened in epiphany. "that's it… your natural chakra movement."

Jiraiya whipped around to face Naruto, who was still panting, tiredly.

"Go into your hyper state"

Naruto looked up wearily and raised an eyebrow "but you said not-"

Jiraiya waved his hands. "Just do it for a second."

Naruto closed his eyes and opened them. He had successfully gone into his state.

Jiraiya then did several hand seals and Naruto waited for the genjutsu.

It never came. Naruto looked up puzzled at Jiraiya. "What happened… I didn't feel anything."

Jiraiya smirked. "so my theory is right… since your body moves your hyper chakra where it needs to be, when you are in that state genjutsu is utterly useless against you."

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Is there any bad side or is this on a silver platter."

Jiraiya shrugged. "There could be a possibility that moving of chakra away from your head could slow your reaction but that would be a fraction of a fraction of a second."

Naruto nodded and stood up again. "Ok what's next."

Flashback cut

Naruto smirked and turned as he saw several nins release the genjutsu. Naruto noted that the Haruno girl had successfully dispelled the genjutsu. Naruto sighed… it was time to put on the blindfold. Naruto reached into his orange jacket and pulled out a black cloth. He tied it around his eyes and breathed in slowly. 'Alright time to get to work.' Naruto jumped towards the spectator's stands to fight.

Sakura ducked down scared as she heard the battle go around her. 'Dammit, what is going on.?'

Sakura looked up and saw Gai and Kakashi fighting back to back. It was amazing to see two of the elite nins to fight. Sakura was about to speak out when suddenly a sound nin appeared in front of her.

The nin looked at her and without a word raised his kunai. Sakura flinched. Blood splattered.

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