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Chapter 3: Chapter 3 : Expert Guests

A few minutes have passed since Isshin went out to make a call while Ichigo was thinking about his luck he started to calm down making his mother Masaki also much calmer than before...

Ichigo was starting to get tired he thought it was perfectly normal since he was a baby in body but an adult in his mind.... and start making hand signs to his mother in order to eat and then sleep...

Masaki noticed that and started feeding him when Isshin came back and saw them...

Masaki: " How was it???"

Isshin: " He said he will come to take a look and see if anything is up with him, and if it is he will try to do something"

Masaki: " I hope it's nothing more than nothing and we got worked up for nothing..."

Isshin: " We will have to wait and see... "

While they were talking Ichigo was eating from his mother boobs and at the same time, he was thinking if the people coming over here were the ones he thought and if they were how is he going to catch the cat's tail in order to take a step forward to becoming stronger.....

A few hours have passed and Ichigo has fallen asleep while Masaki and Isshin were watching over him to see if anything might happen to him while waiting for their guests... The waiting didn't last long as the sound of doorbell was heard through the house.....

Masaki: "He came.... "

Isshin: " I'm gonna get it... "

Isshin went to open the door so he can get the guests inside while opening the door he saw a man with a hat with green and white stripes wearing a store like an outfit while holding a cane and on top of his head was sitting a black cat with shining yellow almond eyes.....

Isshin: "You came Urahara and Yoruichi"

Urahara: "Well i had to see if there was a problem with the newborn baby's soul since we kinda had expected it but not so soon..."

Yoruichi (cat form) : "Well you know me i go everywhere.."

Isshin: "Come let's go inside to Masaki..."

Urahara: "Let's go..."

Masaki was sitting inside waiting for Ichigo to wake up and for the others to get here.... Ichigo on the other side was awakened by a sudden sound and now was pretending to be asleep with excellent acting skills, while he was pretending he heard sounds coming towards his room where he was fake sleeping and his mother guarding him..... When the people stepped in he was reminded again of the sudden sound.....


System: Ding! Sub Quest Triggered!!!

As A Baby Catch Shihoin Yoruichi's Tail In Her Cat Form!!!!!

Duration: 30 seconds

Rewards: 250 EXP / 300 Soul Points


Ichigo as he was pretending to be asleep he suddenly woke up with the sound of footsteps and started crying surprising everyone that he had such a good grasped of its environment and who is getting closer and who's not...

Masaki: "Ichigo my baby don't cry they are just friends don't be afraid..."

Urahara: " .... Amazing .... "

Isshin: " You found anything just now from those cries??? "

Yoruichi: " More like we saw something.... "

Urahara: " Yeah i can tell you right now his spiritual pressure is 0, for now, he doesn't have a shred of it.... but his mind is active at 100% capacity"

Masaki and Isshin were left puzzled and afraid at the same time waiting with courage and patience for Kisuke to finish up his analysis....

Yoruichi: " Don't worry it's not harmful..... he can just perceive his surroundings much like a cat senses..."

Urahara: "Yeah that's right probably because of what we did in the past his brain doesn't have limiters and he's using 100% of it both awake and when he's asleep but even then only his body can rest his mind is still awake...."

Masaki: " You mean he can't shut down his mind and only his body shut's down??? "

Isshin: " Wait then how can a baby handle that kind of Mental overdrive??? "

Masaki: " Can't we do something to help him .... my poor boy....????"

Urahara was speechless watching Masaki with tears in her eyes trying to figure out a way to solve it when he realized that Ichigo has stopped crying and was making hand signs and looking with pitiful tearing eyes at the cat....

Seion Seion

Hey Guys And Girls!!!! Can i have your attention pls!!!! any ideas of how to skip 4 years till karin and yuzu are born??? And Also someone comment of the attribute points that our MC will become forgetfull so i placed it intergrated in the level ups..... Because let's be honest up to some point i'm certain i would have forget about those.... therefore as a thanks i will try to release one more after this one!!!!!!! Thanks......

Comments (31)

  • GSxKing


    Mc a baby and already trying to catch tail lol

  • Djabilong


    Ichigo is mah boi. Just got born, yet already chases tail and wants to pat that soft pussy. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Theishingkhui


    Nice story

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