43.9% Bleach System Within Bleach / Chapter 209: Chapter 209 : A Hidden Deal!!!

Chapter 209: Chapter 209 : A Hidden Deal!!!

Sora vanished before their eyes and none could do anything... they didn't even know who the hell the person with the white clothing was along with his long hair extending in his back....

All of them looked at Aizen-sama who had a smile on his face but stunk of anger.. before he starts laughing making everyone fear him....

Aizen: "Good, good what an amusing development... more opponents to crash!!!! trample upon them as i step over the Heavens!!!!"

Gin: "Captain Aizen.... what are we going to do about them?? we lost 5 pieces..."

Aizen: "A small price to pay Gin... in exchange, i have 2 of them... and also learned about his Shikai.... he didn't even bother to hide it when he killed Nnoitra.... Confidence?? or Pride??"

Gin: "What do you mean Captain??"

Aizen: "He is able to turn anything those flames Touch something more than ashes.... it turns them into nothingness as if they didn't exist.... and Now i can prepare for that...."

Gin: "Quite interesting i wonder will i be able to cut his head before the flames touch me...."

Tousen: "We can only see in the future..."

Aizen: "Let's go..."

Gin: "You heard him.... let's go!!!"

All Espadas: "Yes!!!!"

They all used their respective steps <Shunpo> and <Sonido> to vanish from there... within the next 5-10 minutes, silence extended in the desert, until 2 portals opened.... more precisely one door and one tear....

It was Sora and the white dressed long-haired figure..... they both stared at each other before Sora sighed and spoke....

Sora: "You really don't want to start now a fight with me....."

??? : "Give me a reason why... i should let you go now???"

Sora: "Now that you're majesty has his powers back... until he retrains them you guys can't use your letters efficiently yet.... they are incomplete..... mister Letter B..."

Sora: "So someone likes you... knows very well what happens when you break the balance.... and that won't help your majesty at all....."

??? : "You planned this from the very start???"

Sora: "Honestly speaking i simply don't care who sits on the throne..... be it me, you, Aizen or Yhwach what i want is my family to live..... and you guys happened to be in the way...."

Sora: "The moment i came here i kept creating a clone after another simply not to bail me out... but if i were to face all of them directly then i would have gone.... poof along with your Majesty powers... do you know what will have happened then???"

??? the figured stayed silence as he knew perfectly well how it would have ended... his majesty would have lost all his powers and would need 1000 years more to slowly cultivate them again.....

Sora: "Furthermore it was a trade.... bail me out and open a portal to Soul Society and you can have them back.... along with a gift.... a Hogyoku..... it might be useful for him..... then to complete our deal and give you the other half of his powers open the portal...."

??? thought for a bit before drawing his sword and slashed in the void, doing that a rift appeared in front of them and inside you could see the space of Garganta where it led to either the Real World or Soul Society.....

??? : "Here... then keep your side of the deal...."

Sora walked towards the rift and as he passed with one step inside he took one more bag from the thin air... which was the inventory and thrown it to him.... ??? caught it and along with what he already had, he calculated them and saw that every power of Quincies on the real world that they had planned on taking was here.....

The white dressed figure saw Sora enter and vanish in the rift... before leaving as well... with a face that had a promise.... a promise for the future!!!!

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  • utopia39


    next story could be one piece with a system similar to your naruto one but instead of mixing bloodlines you mix devil fruits

  • PhantomNite629


    Thx for the chap

  • Akirakura


    Thanks for the chapter

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