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Author: Rainlady

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Chapter 1: A Traveler

Twilight took over as the sunbeams shone against the afternoon clouds. Beneath the charming view of the sky, there a traveler, two-faced and shady stood before the sign at the crossroads trying to decipher the faded words carved in it. Written on the left wing: "inn," it wasn't that far from where she stood, though it would take a good amount of steps before reaching it. There, the inn laid in solitude along the aged stone path. She dragged her attention to the withered sign once more, took out a hand from under her cloak to draw her hood closer and another to put away the dead overgrowth on the sign's right wing, it is written: "Grimqur." She sighed as a symbol relief for she was on the right track. A gust of wind howled against the grassy hills and she shivered as the cold air ran through her skin. Pulling her cloak tighter around her shoulders, she headed towards the inn in post-haste.

The traveler took her steps carefully on the unevenly placed rough stone bricks that were rooted to the ground. As the distance closed between her and the inn, she held her hood with both hands at each opposite side lest her face be seen. She stopped at the inn's door, reading the vivid sign atop: "Valewood Inn." The faint sounds of chatter, creaking wood from the steps of large men and the bard's tune can be heard from outside, riddling the atmosphere with life. She took a deep breath before pressing a hand on the wooden door. Slowly, she pushed it open. The lobby she entered was typical with drunken blokes drooling all over their tables, mercenaries and raiders celebrating for a successful heist and a charming bard. Amidst the noisy and cheerful crowd, there were the ones that weren't generic, the ones with ulterior motives. With dark leather wear with a distinctive design and matching silver swords, probably witch hunters. They sat on the on the far corner, isolated from the commotion. One from the pack inconspicuously peered at her, but she could see right through his cover. They exchanged glares for bit before the lady withdrew. The cloaked woman could more than feel the discomforting weight from his prying eyes as she strided towards the counter. Looking straight ahead, she continued to the counter as if she were oblivious.

The man on the counter was a veteran in a formal long sleeve and vest who was around his late 20s. He wore a very welcoming smile, so welcoming that it's quite disturbing. The cloaked lady stood before the counter, in front of the towering man.

"How can I help you ma'am?" With a tone similar to a butler that would address his mistress, the man asked, putting aside the glass he was cleaning.

"A room… and a glass of something strong." She answered as she sat on the stool in front. Her voice was soft, but he heard it clearly as if she were inches away, whispering to his ear in the midst of the noise. The barkeep simply nodded in response. He looked at her in the eyes with a sharp glare for a split second before turning away to the selection of bottles behind him. When he turned to face her, he held a sapphire blue drink emitting lime lights reflected from the lamps around the inn. Along with the key to her room, the man placed the drink in front of her saying "Your room is the third one on the left hallway."

From beneath her cloak, she took out a coin

worth the drink and the night, then slid it over to the man. He kept it and thanked her before tending to the other travelers. She pondered over the drink for a little while, staring at the dazzling depths of the blue drink. Raising the drink to her lips, she eyed the wavy blue as she took a long sip. It was bitter and burned her throat as she swallowed, making her head spin. She suppressed a cough and for a brief moment it seemed that the world was all in different shades of blue, it turned back to how it was as she blinked in confusion. It was several seconds before she drank again, slower than before. This time, she savored the drink, focusing on the taste and flavor behind the bitterness. Chugging and savoring a drink are centainly far from similar, but she preferred savoring the rest of it.

"Not bad," she thought to herself "Not bad at all."

The noise gradually faded little by little as the noisy blokes and shielas were finally asleep, either on their tables drooling or in their room snoring. It was really peaceful by the time the lady finally finished her 2nd drink, the soft rhythm played by the bard to the scorching candlelights all over the lobby. The atmosphere was warm, this is what she sought. Yet, there can never be a perfect situation, there should always be a twist. Aside the staff and herself, those who remain were the ones who noticed her when she arrived, frequently burdening her with their occasional glances behind her back. Holding her hood once more, she made her way to her room.

She passed through the well-lit hallway, all the while looking over her shoulder. With ease, she unlocked the door before giving a quick survey to the lobby. Finally unseen, She entered the room with comfort for she finally had privacy once again. Her bedroom gave a relaxing vibe and was softly-lit from the subdued candle light placed on the desk the furthest corner. "Finally." she sighed, stretching her back with both hands in each hip. Locking the door behind her, she removed her cloak and hanged it on the chair in front of the desk mirror.

In the reflection, there was a young woman, short and alluring with emerald green eyes, running a hand on her silky black shoulder-leveled hair. She turned away and walked over to the bed. Now above the cozy softness of the bed, she removed her tight boots for extended amenity. It was not long after she decided to extinguish the candlelight. Tired and lazy, she yawned and approached the fire reluctantly as she pinched the bridge of her nose softly. The light was reflecting from her teary eyes as she closed the gap and was almost out of juice before she finally blew it. Killing the fire only made the room slightly darker for moonlight was present, piercing through the thin window curtains. "At least it's bit darker now." She thought before falling to her soft bed, letting her weight and gravity do the rest. Like all the blokes and shielas from the lobby, she too was asleep.

Rainlady Rainlady

Hey guys, this is my first try at a story/novel. Hope you enjoyed it~

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