89.74% A New World / Chapter 70: Test and secret

Chapter 70: Test and secret

They all opened their mouth wide till it touched the ground. Guy said" Sensei, we can't defeat you ! Even a whole village with two kage and a tailed beast could not stop you, so three fresh graduate like us…"

I laughed and replied" Do you really think that I will go all out with three genin ? I just want to see how the three of you fight, I don't want to go on the battlefield with three strangers. And I was jocking, you don't need to defeat me, just make as much effort as you can."

They breathed out in relief. I released some of my aura and said" Go for the kill, or you will never have even a chance. I will leave you some time to hide and make surprise attacks." I shut off all my senses to let them really hide and reactivated them only ten minutes after. I looked around and saw nobody.

This was good as I could not see them, and that is a thing that most chunin cannot do. Of course I only used my vision or I would have discovered immediately. I waited a bit but seeing none of them was coming my way, began walking forward. In front of me was an artificial forest, a perfect location to hide.

As I was walking, giant shurikens were coming toward me in my back. I only created a gust of wind with my essence and deviated all the shurikens. I looked at where they were sent from. There I could see Asuma. I smirked and sent a kunai coated with lightning.

It transformed into a a cloud of smoke and I said" Do you really think you can fool me with that ?" As I said this I rushed to the cloud and punched a little rock on the ground. Of course I did it quite slowly to let him escape. As expected the rock transformed into Asuma and retreated. My fist connected with the ground and as I put quite some strenght behind the fist the earth exploded.

Now Asuma was looking at me with doubt. He asked"How did you know I was not a clone when the cloud of smoke appeared ?" I laughed and said" I have special eyes." As I said that a little vine moved next to me and I looked at it. Suddenly a genjutsu striked me. It could not work but if put on a chunin it would absolutely work.

I replied by sending a genjutsu on it. It transformed into Kurenai and she began to walk toward us. Now she was standing in front of us not moving. Looked at Asuma and said" Funny the illusions too, right ? I can make people do whatever I want, even make them suicide or turn them into vegetables."

I released her and she looked around in confusion. Then she looked at us and sigued disapointed. I smiled and said" You already have an incredible level for your age, do not worry as I think you are certainly the best of your age in genjutsu, or your generation is filled with geniuses.

As for you Asuma, even though Illusions are very powerful and useful, it will never be as powerful as a ninjutsu of the same level. If you want a good exemple, I can detrsoy the entire village and kill all inhabitants with one ninjutsu, but if I only use genjutsu, then I won't detry the village but know everything that is happening inside."

They nodded and asked at the same time" Then what about the taijutsu, sensei ?" I smiled and said" Look. Guy, it is time you attack me." With that I distanced myself from the two and a flying kick came my way. I blocked it but then a flurry of kicks came toward my chest. I blocked them all and looked at him smiling.

He jumped backward and looked at me too. I rushed at him and punched. He did not block as he saw my strenght earlier, but deviated the srike and smashed his palm toward me. As he was focussing on punching me, I kicked and stopped only when I was centimeter from his throat. In the mean time his punch connected but did not made a thing.

He raised his hand in surrender and went to seat with the other two. As he sat I began to explaine" Taijutsu is different from the other two. Ninjutsu is for mass destruction while taijutsu is made for fighting one on one. It is specially created for battlefields as when you are in one, you can't throw jutsus everywhere as you will kill as many friends as enemies.

Moreover taijutsu can be brought to such high level that nothing would be able to stand in your way. But here I also showed you that taijutsu only does not suffice. You need also a powerful body. Here I was only using a taijutsu of a similar level to yours, but my body being much more powerful than yours, you could not even put a scratch on me.

To summarize, I am very satisfied with you three, and I will teach you as much as I can, and promise you that none of you will die on the battlefield. And a last thing, you certainly heard how it was in the second war, but this one will be very different. There won't be battles with tens of thousands of soldiers at the same time.

Here it will more work in teams of ten to a hundred. Of course sometime there will be some fights of a different scale but that will only be sometimes, not everyday. So, any question ?" Guy nodded and asked" Sensei, I heard you are only twenty years old, then how did your body became so strong ?"

I smiled and replied" This is a secret, but if you grow powerful enough, then I will tell you about it and maybe allow you to do the same. Another one ?" Asuma nodded and said" Sensei, how powerful are you really ?" I extended my hand to him and activated my rinnegan. I used my attraction power and the next instant he got attracted over me and I had his head in my hand.

Comments (44)

  • Trek


    Would villages even dare to launch war after mcs show of force? Arent, they afraid if they attack leaf mc will simply go and decimate their economy and village? With their village destroyed no one will want to offer missions to those other villages os they will lose their income. Everyone will go to leaf for missions.

  • SlyOW


    But why risk so many things on something that he does not really want? He still like war. So why would he stop it? As for the endo tensei, he does not know it exists so how could he ask for it? And there is also something else, Uchiha that awakened sharingan has far more emotions that other people, and see his closed ones reacted when he attacked Kumo? So imagine how they would react if he destroyed all villages? He won't sacrifice his sentiments over peace, he is an Uchiha.

  • iamlookingforward


    lol..... I know....just kidding coz it sounded funny....

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