36.36% The Evolution of Monsters / Chapter 4: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Chapter 4

Marcus was very pleased with his stats now. He felt like he could take on anything this forest could through at him. Of course how Marcus felt is completely different from reality. Marcus continued on his journey through the forest.

Forest was very dense but as Marcus traveled through the forest he became more adapted to traveling through the forest. Marcus journeyed for a few hours along the way he found a couple more rabbits. One was lv 4 and the other was lv 6. But after dealing with the fox Marcus easily killed the rabbits. He gained 4 more points into dexterity

He also leveled up to 8. He put 1 point into dexterity and 6 into constitute. With is higher dexterity Marcus felt that traveling through the forest was much easier than just a few hours ago.

Marcus came upon a cliff face that climbed into the sky. Marcus decided to go left once he hit the cliff face. After a while, Marcus came upon a cave in the side of the cliff face.

Marcus looked into the cave and a feeling of danger coming from the inside. But before he could leave be heard loud stomping that was come fast and was getting louder as it came closer.

Marcus immediately rushed to the nearest tree and climb it. But it was too late. A gigantic beast came rushing out of the cave.

{Rock Horned Bear lv11}

Once Marcus saw the level of the bear he almost shat himself. He tried to hide in the tree but the bear must have smelt his sent. The bear stared right at the tree that Marcus climb.

He became charged at the tree. Once it hit the base of the tree it shattered. The rest of the tree slowly fell down. Marcus jumped from the tree landing behind the bear the. Now that Marcus was on the ground he could get a good look at the bear.

The back half of the bear look almost like the back half of a grizzly bear but double the size. The front half was completely different tho. Its face and shoulders have rock-like scales all over it. On top of the bear's nose was a three-foot-long horn that almost looked like a rhino horn but made out of stone.

The bear turned around and immediately charge at Marcus. Dodge to his right and the bear ran by right into the cliff face pulverizing the wall, leaving a crater.

Marcus realized that if he was hit it would likely be a one hit kill. He took up a stance with his daggers preparing himself for the bear.

The bear turned around and was staring daggers at Marcus. It charged again at Marcus. Marcus sidestepped the bear and use his dagger to stab in the side of the bear. The momentum of the bear caused the dagger to cut all the way down the side of the bear leaving to deep and long cut along the side of the bear.

The bear turn around an immediately charged back at Marcus. Marcus didn't have Tim to fully dodge ad the managed to hit marches left arm breaking it. His at hung limply by his side.

Marcus screamed in pain the pain was almost unbearable but Marcus knew he had to focus on the fight or this would be the end of him. When the bear turned around to charge back once again Marcus had a plan. Who the bear got within a few feet of Marcus he jumped on to the bears back. Latching on with his dagger by staging to the bear.

Marcus bit done onto the bears hide. Once he had a good grip with his mouth he took the dagger and started to stab the bear's spine. After a few stabs with the dagger, the back half of the bear went limp.

Marcus had severed the spinal cord of the bear once he did that the bear could no longer charge an crashed on to the ground. This caused Marcus to be flung off the bears back.

Marcus got back on his feet as fast as he could worrying that the bear would still crawl to him. But he realized that the bear's front half couldn't move the full weight of the bear causing the bear to be a sitting duck. Marcus switched to his spear and began to stab the bear in the neck slow bleeding it out. Thirty minutes later the bear let out its last breath.

{User leveled up to level 10. Evolutions available}

Before Marcus looks at his evolutions he decided to begin eating the bear. Because if he was a higher level monster he felt like he wouldn't get the same benefits from it. It took Marcus a couple of hours to consume the bear. Once he was done he wondered to himself where all the bear went.

{User gained passive skill Stone Hard skin, User gained Charge skill, user gained +10 in strength}

{Charge: allows users to do the same amount of damage running into people as of user strength}

{Evolutions available

Royal Goblin

Magic attuned goblin


Marcus looked at the evolution options. He decided against the orc because orcs are usually dumb and only know melee fighting

And the magic attuned goblin sounded like would be a mage goblin. So, in the end, Marcus chose Royal goblin.

Marcus mentally said "Royal Goblin". Marcus then black out.


once Marcus awoke he immediately notice changes for one before he evolved he was about 2 to 3 feet tall now he was about 5 to 6. He also had much more muscle. He wasn't skinny like a typical goblin. His skin was almost pitch black. He even had three horns growing from his hairless head a 6 inch on in the middle a two 3 inch horns on the side.

His stats also had changes to them as well.

{Name: Marcus

Race: Royal Goblin

Level: 1

Hp: 50/50

Mp: 40/40

Strength: 40







Points to spend: 21

Active skills: Weaponsmithing lv 4, Armorsmithing lv 1, Fire Magic lv 1, Charge lv 1.

Passive skills: Consumer lv 1, Quick learner lv 1 Stone Hard skin lv 1.

Race perks: +5 Dexterity.}

Gage2000 Gage2000

Heres chapter 4 enjoy

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  • aXionPingu


    how about chapternames instead of 1,2,3,4.... and good novel so far, keep up the good work man :D

  • Gage2000


    hope everyone enjoys the chapter

  • aws


    Th ks

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