100% My System Is Broken? / Chapter 1: The End… Or Not
My System Is Broken? original

My System Is Broken?

Author: LordDarkfor

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Chapter 1: The End… Or Not

A lone desk rests upon a floating platform that loftily rests within a hazy void. There is no source of light and yet strangely all is calmly lit as if no shadow could ever exist in this strange place. Yet this desk was not alone for long as a blue wisp appears before it.

"I'm not dead?" the wisp cried out.

No that can't be right. This place most certainly does not look like any place that could exists in reality or at least not without some serious special effects. However the latter is impossible. I doubt anyone would take someone who was shot and bring them to some weird movie set…

Wait a moment. Why can't I feel anything?

I quickly try to touch my body only to realize I don't have hands… or any other body part for that matter. In fact when I tried to look down to check what I saw was the image of a blue wisp reflecting off the floor.

I guess that confirms whether I'm dead or not.

As time passed by and nothing happens I start to get really bored.

This place is quite bland for the afterlife. I guess this could be some weird version of hell. I mean, who would want to be alone for eternity with a desk

"I apologize if my desk is not to your liking"


Before I even get the chance to respond a flash of light brighter than that which mysteriously lights this room appears.

When it recedes, what remains is a woman that can only be described as a goddess.

Not because she is wearing something what one would think to be god like clothes, in fact she is wearing a business suit with a tight skirt, but because she exudes this godly aura on top of her stellar looks.

After that dramatic entrance she summons a desk chair and situates herself comfortably before she takes a look at me.

"So I guess you're the special case?"


She doesn't answer as she continues to stare at me inquisitively. She then smiles knowingly as if in on some great secret I won't ever find out.

With a flick of her hand a clip board appears and she finally gets down to business.


The woman glances at me.


Wow, this is awkward. I feel like I'm at a job interview

"That's not entirely incorrect. It's more like a life interview or reflection of sorts."

"You heard that?"

The Woman chuckles

"Well there is no real difference between your inner and outer voice at the moment given your current soul like existence"

Oh… I guess that explains the bit about the desk.

"So, what is this place?"

"You are taking your death extremely well… but to answer your question. This is the place where souls with special circumstances get their life review before their fate is decided."


"As in what their afterlife will entail. Will they get to go to a heavenly after life, be punished for their sins for a period of time in what you might call hell, or be allowed to reincarnate within one of a multitude of worlds."

"I see. And what will my fate be?"

"Patience. That is what this whole thing is for. Is what I should be saying, but your record here states that your fate has already been decided. Shame really. If this went normally you would have gotten to go to the heavenly world. I mean despite the sins you committed, they were all pretty minor. And since you died trying to save a random strangers life, you would have normally been sent to the heavenly world. However it seems your fate was decided before you even died"

Wait What? Did I just get kicked out of heaven before I even got there?

The woman laughed when she heard my inner thoughts.

"No you are not being kicked out. Rather someone is forcing you down the reincarnation path. Even if you were the greatest sinner that there ever was. You would have still been forced to reincarnate"

"Then what is the point of this whole thing? Wouldn't it be better to just reincarnate me right away instead of rubbing it in my face?"

"So you don't want your gifts I take it?"


"What gifts? Are you saying I get to have some wish granted to take with me into my next life?"

"Sort of."

The woman flicks her hand again and a box appears

"Within this box is a gift for you in your next life. You will only be able to open it right before you reincarnate. However, the state this gift is in when you open it will depend on the nature and gravity of your wish or wishes"

"So you're saying I could get greedy now and potentially ruin a valuable gift from a god or I could waste my wish and hope whatever I receive in that box is worth it?"


"I didn't know the gods were fond of watching mortals gamble."

"Not all of us and most certainly not me, but the one who arranged your fate seems to be. In any case what will your wish or wishes be?

That's a tough decision. Well I Guess there are some wishes that are par for the course like keeping my memory and since she didn't say I get to keep them when I reincarnate, I'm guessing I don't.

Hmm… I got it.

"Are you ready to state your wishes?"


"Then please state them."

"I wish to retain my memories from my previous life into the next one. I wish to have the ability called Perfect Recall. Just these two."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I am"

"Very well"

The woman then straightens her back and puts on a more professional front.

"I, Perennia, Goddess of Love, Flowers, and the Fey races herby grant this soul currently known as Ciel the two wishes he so desires. Upon the moment he opens his finally gift he will be stripped of his name and identity and henceforth live a life in the next world"

As Perennia gave her speech, the mist surround the place tinted pink and flowers began to appear from thin air. As they bloomed, a wispy energy came out of them and condensed into two wisps smaller than my own. They then shot into me and fused with me.

"It is done"

"So my wishes are granted?"

"Yes. And now you only need to open the gift and reincarnate into your next life"

Perennia passes the gift to me and smiles

"I hope you can make the best of that gift. To be honest. No matter what you wished for, the contents wouldn't have changed, but the same god that decided your fate decided that I had to do this."

She cracks a wry smile

While that smile slightly unnerves me, I guess I don't have to worry about find a broken holy weapon in this box because of my wished.

When I unwrap the box and open it I find another small wisp inside.

"I do hope you can make the best of this. I can't believe she would give you this as a gift."

The wisp then shot into mine and fused just like the other. However this time a voice appeared in my head.

[…System Installing]

[...System Installation Is Experiencing Errors]

[…System Bypassing Errors]

[…System Base Installed]

[Hello Host. I am your personal System. Do to missing data I was unable to install correctly and may experience errors. Please die again so I may try to reinstall]


And then a flash of light appears and the last words I hear as I reincarnate are of the Goddess saying she will watch over me and the system continuously asking me to die.

LordDarkfor LordDarkfor

Thank you for reading all the way till here. I hope you enjoyed what little I wrote so far. I don't know how often I will upload, but I will endeavor to continue writing this story. Criticism and suggestions are also very welcome. Thank you again!

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