40% Akatsuki System in Another World / Chapter 1: Prologue

Chapter 1: Prologue

Ryu 'Jack' Baptise, the product of a Japanese-American mother and a Hatian-American father. He was tall, lean, and handsome, but his other habits halted him from social dominance amongst those of his age, that didn't mean he lack popularity; he was a phenomenal athlete, but his reading always were a priority.

He happily exited the Comic shop. Clutched in his had was the current issue of Naruto. He casually strolled down the sparsely populated sidewalk. He was contemplating what could happen next after the cumulation of the fourth great Shinobi war.

Jack Jackson resided in Chicago, Illinois, the largest city of the state. The beautiful city was unfortunately dubbed Iraq of the West: Chiraq.

In his wonderment he missed the lights flash on on a car that was parked illegally across the street.

Currently a young mother and her squabbling daughter exited the local Starbucks. In addition another group of unsavory looking teens were huddled closely swaggering down the block carelessly.


The sound of car rapid acceleration across asphalts squealed.

Jack felt a cold pricking sensation on the nape of his neck. He stopped and scanned the area.

He saw the mother and child. The woman lovingly watched the child stuttering walk. He saw the group of teens eyes bulged and start to scatter. He saw the car pull around and rapidly, windows down, Black protrusion poking out.

His perceptions slowed before it almost halted altogether. He The teens attempted to scatter and flee, fire erupted from the car utterly slow, he could clearly see the bullets spew from the car. He eyes roamed the youths, they were clearly not the target, he saw the woman arms outstretched to grab the child, who eyes were starring toward the noise.


He step forward, it was like moving through molasses. He took another step, it was like treading water, his third step, it was explosive; he didn't think, he simply moved. He felt hot iron enter his body and then molting fires slowly sped through his system.

The world popped and time came back to normal. He starred ahead as voice screamed around him. In his hand still clutched he Naruto manga.

He felt teas fall on him and the young mother standing over his head screaming, the little girl was held tightly by a elderly woman. Men in black suits had their gun out and he heard the sound of ambulance in the background.

He smiled at the woman, never would he know, he save the life of President grand-daughter and that of his great-grand daughter. He coughed and in his final thoughts he saw his shorty stature mother loving face and the towering smiling face of his hard nosed Marine father.

He closed his eyes, and passed away.


Divine Star Continent, country of Holy-Flame Empire.

In the center-most area of the continent there was a expansive Magical Beast Forest which was filled with terrifying ferocious beasts. This place was paradise for many thrill seeking adventurers hoping for lucky chances and fortuitous encounters. Since this Magic's beast paradise was in the center of the continent it always held its neutrality, cities, towns and many establishments backed by these small and large forced populated the forest more tamed areas.

This lucrative forest was so massive only a small percent of it has been mapped. Forces explored this are for incalculable reasons, mainly because they could hunt high level magical beasts and become rich overnight. This was something adventures without strong familial ties longed for, a high-level beast could give them funds to lay ground work for generations in their names. Sadly, there were also countless youths, and season veteran adventurers who would forever remain slumbering inside forest because of they lacked strength.

Inside a beautiful Everglade of the Magical Beasts' Forest, there was a small youth, his age couldn't be more then twelve, he was wearing magnificent clothing. This youth has deep tanned skin, sword like brows, and unblemished skin, the sparse rays flowed down on this youth, the sunlight was seemly absorbed by this youth skin.

Suddenly, the hands of this youth slowly moved, then he slowly opened his eyes, he looked around him with a puzzled expression. The last surreal seconds of his memory came back to him. He laid their astounded at what happened and what he was able to accomplish.

"Where am I?" He said softly. His voice startled him. "Didn't I die, how is this even possible?" He patter himself down remembering the hot molting pain he experienced.

He slowly stood and began to look around his surrounding. "How did I end up here." He said in exasperation. The environment was towering trees, mushy colorful grassland and cacophony of strange noises.

"Ah...." He gripped the side of his head and rolled along the ground as scene after another flashed through his mind. Life he didn't live, a life of old inhabitant. He screamed loudly, his howl mixing in with the wild nature of sounds surrounding him.

After hours of pain, he stopped his loud screaming it stopped. He managed to sit up a saddened smile was on his face. Tears unceasingly flowed from the handsome youth face.

Divine Star Continent, Holy-Flame Empire. My name, Aido Hwedo, scion of the Hwedo household. He bitterly laughed whilst tears constantly flowed. "To think a pipe-dream of mine would come to past. I actually transmigrated. Ah. But, Aido, for you, no us, to endure so much. Wuuwuu. He cried loudly uncaringly of face. He rubbed his reddened face and swollen eyes and said loudly. "I, Aido didn't die. I Aido of Divine Star country happened to merge with my other-self of earth, thus we are one in the same, since Ryu problems are yesterday' issues, I'll look for tomorrow, that's your problem Aido, our problems. I Ryu just happened to take frontal control of this body," he said breathlessly as he patted his chest tenderly.

"Truly lamentable after being chased this far and believed to be finally safe from your pursuers, that your own men would be the ones to assassinate you..... And left here, after the bastards looted your corpse of all its treasure, to slowly die without care. I, Ryu of Earth May helmed this body now, but I will wash away the humiliation and guilt that has been levied, those people will have to pay costly tax for their misgiving and abuse, I daresay utter eradication is still letting them off." Said Ryu standing with slight trouble.

"Divine Star Country be ready for me! Ryu hasn't forgiven you yet!" He roared into the sky.

Ryu Jackson was no longer on Earth, but somehow transmigrated in the world called Divine Star Continent, and miraculously merged with the other him, Aido Hwedo of this world, of the great clan Hwedo.

Hwedo one of the four major clans in this Holy-Flame Empire. Hwedo of this world was a individual who lacked spiritual Root, which meant he couldn't cultivate; nor could he bring forth the inheritance of the Hwedo clan, a clan of Dragons.

The absurd thing is, his mother was a member of the imperial clan, the ruler of the Holy-Flame empire. How could such a thing befall Aido so easily? Who who dare act against his Emperor? He racked his mind but unfortunately he couldn't come up with anyone so daring; also Aido only had limited understanding of the country, his whole life was one of misery, even though his mother visited him and talk to him, there wasn't really love in her eyes. Last year he happened to sneak out and glimpse how she treated her other children. This cause him untold sadness and he had many tearful nights.

And his father, the master of the Hwedo House, Bastion Hwedo, had never entered his courtyard, never had he visited, he only knew his image from photographs around his old abode.

Ryu leaned against a formidable tree. He was seeing what his circumstances were, unfortunately he couldn't cultivate. This meant he would lack personal power, he couldn't actively ring the approval parties neck it seem.

In this world their was three types of power. Illusion, Magical, Warrior. Since he lacked a root all of these were snatched away. He face contorted and he fist impacted his hand. That action made him yelp in pain. "Ah..... stupid, I'm so weak I cant even take my own punch." He face palmed. But he did it lightly, he was afraid of giving himself a self inflicted black-eye.

He was a simple plebeian, a mortal by the world standard.

Ryu was studying this information in his brain.

Suddenly his mind roamed back to those he left behind on earth. He sighed and said a few world and hoped they wouldn't take his death heavily. He hoped to see them one day again.

Anything was possible, this was a world of Gods and Demons, whose to say that their not away to move through space? He took a deep breath, drawing in his old problems and aspirations and exhaled, letting the past flow from his Lips, this wasn't forgetting himself, this was calculated response, he had to worry about this world and problems he inherited.

Ryu smacked his lips, and extremes bout of thirst hit him. He glanced around the glade, having seen stream previously. Eyeing the source of water he struggled from the support of tree he leaned on like a crutch. After his weak body managed to pull together near the stream. He was about cup his hands enjoy to crisp looking water but he saw his reflection. He starred at himself in the small stream for god no how longer. His mouth opened and closed unknowingly.

He was undoubtedly handsome, extremely so. But what caught his attention wasn't his godly good looks. It was his pair of scarlet eyes, each eye having a single inverted magatama.

"How did I managed to get the Sharingan?" He screamed loudly. "Is someone fucking with me?" He cupped the water unceasingly and drunk it, but his eyes managed to stair at his reflection.

"This is to much. I transmigrated to a cultivation world, and somehow obtained the Dōjutsu: Sharingan...." he fell back on his bottom and just couldn't believe everything that was happening. He absolutely knew that Dōjutsu didn't exist here.... Aido didn't know much, but he was avid reader and have an encyclopedia like mind when it pertained to inheritance, bloodlines, Magical beasts.....

Ding.... Host has been located.

His face became utterly paralyzed and he froze. "What the fuck was that shit?" He said looking around himself. He heard a voice, and he didn't won't to admit it was inside his head.

The voice continued. "Scanning... Scanning completed! Host bestowed the 'Akatsuki Shinobi System'

"Akatsuki! The fuck. Who gave me this, I'm not the antagonist . Quickly come out!" He said in alarm.

Suddenly a wave of pain exploded inside his mind.

He bolted up disregarding his physical health. and started to yell. But he slowly stopped his shouting. He realized he was inside a dangerous area, and he was defenseless. Also there was no one around him. Only the Everglades, and the formidable tall trees.

"Host Ryu don't panic. I am the administrator of 'Akatsuki System'. I need you to calm down. Ryu calmed as the soothing voice assuage his prior feelings sigh a few words. "Thank you Host. Please close your eyes and concentrate ton my voice.... Perfect!" Said the emotionless feminine voice. "In your mind, you should be able to locate the interface...

Ash was extremely nervous, he chose to listen because he really didn't have a choice, also he subconsciously trusted the mechanical woman voice in his head.

There inside he sea of conciseness he saw the 'Akatsuki System'.

The computer like interface had five tabs. He zoned in on these tabs in astonishment. 'Inheritance System', 'Ninjutsu System', 'Store System', 'Doujutsu System', 'Summons & Bijuu System' and 'Mission System'.

"This is to much" he said aloud.

"Host shouldn't panic, I'm here to help you through everything. Think of me as your administrator or secretary.

"But this Akatsuki System... Am I destined to be a villain." He said feeling wronged by the world.

"Host path is free, your choices are your own. Im aware of the host thoughts on the Akatsuki... I'm afraid the host is wrong, and is only based his observation on assumption and small measure of point of view." The mechanical woman said.

"I'm wrong my ass. Akatsuki are deviants and villains. How am I wrong? You must haven't read the manga. Please come again." He fired back at the voice.

"Akatsuki (暁, Literally meaning: "Dawn" or "Daybreak") are a group of shinobi that existed outside the usual system of hidden villages. Over the course of several decades, Akatsuki took different forms and was led by different individuals. Though each iteration is viewed as either subversives or criminals, all seek to make the world a better place through their own means." Said the voice, as if reading a script.

Ryu roared. "You dare quote wiki! Your argument is based off of wiki. Akatsuki were terrorist. Quickly exchange the system for a Naruto Uzumaki exclusive one."

"Host possibly has brain injury... implementing Brain surgery...."

"Ah. No! Wait. I'm sorry. I'll take what I can get." He said sweat dropping down his back. He felt a cold knife on his brain a minute ago.

"Assessment from the System has miscalculated." Said the mechanized voice.

Ryu swiped his forehead. "It's fine, it's fine. So I'm evil?" He said falling down on the ground uncaringly.

"Host is still mistaken. Akatsuki sought extreme means to bring about peace. There only mistake is that Yahiko passed away and Nagato was misguided by Black Zetsu. Host might have the 'Akatsuki system' but host must rember this is not the Shinobi world. This is Divine Star continent, far worst organizations exist here... Host overall mission is to bring forth change on this world by any means at his hands, which is the whole entire might of the Shinobi world ." Explained the mechanical voice.

Ryu thought about th system words. He did know Yahiko wanted change, Nagato was tricked by Obito, who was then mislead by Madara who also fell to Black Zetsu centuries of schemes. He tapped his chin. Akatsuki was kind of the bad kind of cool.

"Technically I have everything of Shinobi world in my head?" He asked.

"From now on host can learn whatever he wished that had appeared in Naruto world."

This is to much. He was still quite shocked to see those things in his consciousness, but he knew that he obtain clear understanding of it, so he started to ask.

"I am just an A.I. I'm sure you know what that is. I'll be yiur helper, silent partner. The 'Akatsuki System' is wholly automated. My measure of control is limited. I cannot later missions, or cost on purchases. Think of me as your first member of Akatsuki." Said the mechanical woman voice beating him from asking, and reading his mind uncaringly.

"What is this, some kind of mutant ability? You mind reader. Ryu quickly t thought of terminator and X-men having a baby.

"Host and Akatsuki system are connected. Host don't have to physically speak. I'm only here to assist. I can not cause harm nor lie to you which could lead to harm."

"Why has this system appeared in my mind?"

"Heaven has rewarded the Host. Host dreams has always been to transmigrate to another world. More concrete reason are unknown."

After hearing the answer from mechanical woman voice inside his conscious he pondered on everything. he was lost in his thoughts for a long period of time.

Although he didn't exactly know why this 'Akatsuki system' had appeared before him, he had to admit this was a good thing.

In this world strength was everything, it was paramount to have personal strength, to have a stable footing. In the end one can only truly depend on their own efforts. It seems Aido Hwedo, not being suited for this worlds ways wasn't a curse, it turned out it was a blessing.

"Since I can't cultivate, does that mean I can use charkra? If so, what th differece of this world essence and charka?" He asking rubbing his chin nervously.

"Host is correct, you can't cultivate this worlds essence. The difference isn't neglible, charka and world essence is the fundamentaly the same, just different names. While Shinobi strength increases as he trains, and master Jutsu. Cultivators have to directly absorb Qi, learn laws, train skills etc. Those methods of this world is trash compared to the system in your hand."

"I see...." He said aloud.

Author's Thoughts

Twilight_Hermit Twilight_Hermit

I wanted to write a fan-fiction that basically had some Akatsuki aspect intwined into the story. Basically, he will be doing Akatsuki type shits

I was strongly inspired by: In a different world with the Naruto System. I suggest those who haven’t read the epic fic add it to a must-read list when possible.

My updates may be slow since I’m also writing fictions elsewhere and that’s when I’m not busy at work.

Thank you!

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