91.3% The Lazy Young Master / Chapter 21: The Origin Key

Chapter 21: The Origin Key

Tian was confused as many others regarding the key. Everyone attentively looked towards Liu Liu, hoping that she would fill them in about the Virtual item.

"Second Life. It is the virtual world that has become a second home to humanity. Everyone can live in this world, as if it is a real world. But no one knows, where the servers of this Virtual world are. There is no scientist on earth, who was able to create something that can come even half as close as Second Life. No one was able to achieve this"

"The creator of Second Life, Doctor Kazumaki Shizu, has left behind a message before his death. That whoever finds the truth behind Second Life, will get to inherit the entire Second Life, as their own property. He has left behind three clues, for us. The Bronze Goat head, the Purple lotus and finally The Origin Key."

"It is said, that whoever gathers all three of these, will be able to uncover the Secrets of Second Life", Liu Liu intentionally lowered her voice and stood there for a moment, looking at everyone present. Then she suddenly waved her hand towards the Origin Key,

"The starting price of Origin Key is 100 Million", many of them went dumbfounded. Tian was even more shocked. But before anyone could even recover, many powerful people had already started their bids.

"200 Million"

"400 Million"

"1 Billion!!!!"

It looked like there was no stopping them when it came to this item. The bid kept on increasing.

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Finally a old man with a long beard, in purple robes gave a loud shout, "15 Billion!"

Everyone went silent. They never imagined that the price would reach such a high level. Even Liu Liu was shocked to find that it will reach 15 Billion. No one raised the bids anymore and old man got the Origin Key. There was a large grin on his face, as if he got the key in bargain price.

Tian realized that the Second Life wasn't as simple as he thought it was. There were many mysteries behind it. He took a deep breath and waited for the cauldron to be auctioned.

There were many items that were auctioned after the Origin key. But they weren't able to reach high price levels. They were all below 500 million.

"The next item is something that all Alchemists seek to obtain. We are starting off the bids for the Green Jade Cauldron with 10 Million", finally the item that he wanted to obtain has appeared. Tian though that he might be able to obtain the Cauldron with 60 million, but looks like it might not be enough.

"15 Million"

"15 Million one hundred", Tian shouted

"20 Million"

"20 Million one hundred"

"25 Million"

"25 Million one hundred"

Tian kept on adding a hundred yuan to whatever the others bid. He was fixated on obtaining the Cauldron today.

30 Million...30 Million one Hundred.....35 Million.....35 Million one Hundred....

After some time, many people stopped bidding. There was only a young man in black robes and Tian bidding on the Cauldron.

The Black robed man looked viciously towards Tian's chamber and continued to bid.

It has finally reached 60 Million, Tian didn't have any money more than that. He kept quiet for a while. The black robed man laughed heartily, thinking that Tian has backed down. He thought that the cauldron was as good as his.

"60 Million one Hundred!", Tian gritted his teeth and continued to bid.

70 Million.....80 Million.....100 Million.....it looked like neither of them were willing to back down.

The young man looked towards Tian's cabin and said, "Esteemed sir, i think it would not do both of us any good, if we continued like this. Why don't you give us, the Black Moon Alchemy Association, some face and back down for now. We will definitely not forget your favor", His master wanted to get the cauldron no matter what. The price of the cauldron has already exceeded, what his organization has provided him for. He will have to pay from his pocket for the additional cost. He hoped that Tian would give up.

"Who are you to me, why should i give you any face? Continue to bid if you want to, else just get the heck out of here", Tian roared towards the black robed man. He will take this cauldron with him today, no matter what

The black robed man was completely infuriated, if not for being in the virtual world, he might have already attacked Tian. "Very well, let's see how much you've got!"

They continued to bid and the bid kept on increasing. 110 Million...120 Million....140 Million....170 Million.....

Finally, when the price reached 190 Million, the black robed guy gave up on it. Even if he scraped up his entire fortune, he might not be able to buy that.

Tian heaved a sigh of relief. But he was completely devastated. He now had to pay the excess money of 130 Million yuan. His heart started to bleed.

Tian called the assistant beside him and whispered something in her ears, then he transmitted some data her. The assistant instantly stood there as if lightning struck her, then she instantly teleported from there and disappeared. After a while she came back with a smiling face,

"Its done sir", she said in a confirmative tone.

Down at the auction area, Liu Liu was about to end the auction, after the bid for the final item was completed. She received some data and had a confused face. She turned towards the audience.

"Esteemed guests, looks like there is a sudden addition to the auction items. There is one more item to be auctioned before closing this event"

Everyone looked at her surprisingly, Addition of a item suddenly at the end of auction is uncommon.

"The item you're about to see is a High-Grade, Mid-Level Potion Formula. The Blazing Spirit Potion!", as soon as Liu Liu announced that it was a High-Grade Mid-Level Potion, the crowd instantly went crazy. It was very rare for even a Low-Grade Mid-Level potion to be auctioned. But now there was something even crazier than that.

"We have confirmed with our Master Alchemists before placing it before you. The Blazing Spirit potion can increase the total Spiritual Qi of a person by 40% for a period of 8 hours! The starting price for the Potion formula is 50 Million!", Liu Liu said in a very energetic tone. This potion was something that every clan would desire. No matter which super power it was, they wanted to get their hands on it.

"100 Million"

"300 Million"

"600 Million!"

A crazy bid was has started once again, All the super powers participated in the bid. This was something that every single person wanted.

Tian has underestimated the difference between a potion and a potion formula. He realized what he had given out was basically a 'power up' for the strong forces out there. He watched the bidding continue to reach heart breaking prices.

800 Million....900 Million....1 Billion.....!!!!!!!!!

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