54.54% Kael Cor: A Vampire's Awakening / Chapter 159: Rapid Development (VI): Constructions, The Meeting

Chapter 159: Rapid Development (VI): Constructions, The Meeting

I probably should not have come outside the tower, that way I wouldn't look like a complete fool or stranger in front of my own house. But everything had changed.

The first thing that came to sight was the wide and open space, it was more than ten times more from the time that I had the appointment ceremony. But that was not even the half of it.

The ground beneath my feet was actually cobbled, like some street, or a walkway to some Victorian mansion And it stretched for at least a hundred and fifty meters. Till it came to a stop in front of two huge colossal gates made from metal almost four meters thick. The fence had expanded, and they were now as high as fifty feet, and thick enough that six vampires would stand on it shoulder to shoulder.

Of course the wall was actually still being built as I could see wisps of golden brown and yellow earth essence floating over empty space, and automatically the wall would be built from earth and packed hard like concrete. But the wall was white, as if it was not made from ordinary earth, but a sort of polished white stone.

To the left and right of me were empty lots of brown earth, whatever Malek had planned it seems he's not gotten a chance to start anything yet. I turned around to look at the tower and almost screamed in shock at the sight of a rock the size of a building falling down straight for my head.

I was preparing to punch it out of the sky when it suddenly broke into even square pieces, and a metal frame covered it, before it was also covered by the same kind of white stone as the wall. Then the newly formed bricks went to the side of the tower and started building an extension to it.

That was when I realized my tower, no longer looked like it used to be. For one I could see the top now, and though it was still far away, it was not as high as before. The tower was previously estimated to be at least 3,000 feet tall, with individual towers varying from the next.

But the top of the tower was constantly getting shaved off and the pieces used to build a colossal palace made from the same polished white stone. From the base of the tower, it was slowly getting transformed from a tower, into a very beautiful and ornately crafted building.

The entrance had four massively carved pillars, that gleamed under the light of the blue district. About four dozen stairs led up to the entrance that would in turn lead a visitor into the great hall I just left. How the hell did I not notice this on my way out.

I could see the earth spirits of the tower walking around and doing odd jobs from making sure the place was clean, to even giving directions and taking care of the children. There were garden gnomes, and tiny earth golems two to three feet tall walking around, and accompanying them were balls of yellow light that can only be earth sprites.

After the pillars that made up what should now be the new first floor of the tower, there was a second floor, it was still under construction, but I bet when it's done it would be pretty awesome. Everyone seemed to be really busy doing his or her own thing. What I could see now was only a silhouette hidden behind a curtain, but by God it was glorious. And this was only just the beginning.

I called on my soul energy, letting it pool out of my body as fog that gathered around my feet until it seemed like I was standing on clouds. Then I made it compact enough that it could carry me up into the air, it was a lot harder than it looked, but I felt the need for theatrics at the moment.

I wanted all eyes on me, and it seemed I got what I wanted as everyone who saw me raised their hands and cheered as I moved towards the wall that was still under construction. It took three whole minutes to actually get to the wall, and even then I was moving really fast too.

I stepped on it, and almost immediately I felt a connection to everything within a ten kilometer radius. That was the extent of Nefisat's awareness and control. It was a little overwhelming, but I appreciated the feeling of power it gave me. Every stone, grain of sand, person, rat or plant was within my perception. An entire world was being born here, and I get to be responsible for it's creation. It was not a literal world per say, but still...….. this must be what it feels like to be a God.

I looked beyond the wall to see vampires of the Ausolon coven moving around and directing other vampires to construct what I can only guess were residential houses. It was a neat and tidy work, and everyone was working with a cheerful exuberance on their face.

They were happy, it was the first time in their lives where they had to work for themselves, and not have to constantly worry about the guards finding a reason to end their lives of the lives of one of their loved ones.

The residential houses were being built a little farther out, to the east there was an ongoing construction on a huge building, without a doubt that had to be the police station.

To the west was a bigger building with four towers surrounding a domed building. The towers were not as big as the earth origin towers of the pit, but they were still wide enough and tall too. That was the school, it looked really nice.

As I watched everyone working, I saw a ball of flame coming at me from the east, a bolt of lightening from the west, and directly in front of me a spinning cluster of metallic fog. Seconds later Asare, Farina and Malek were standing by my side on the wall, looking on to the ongoing construction after giving me a short bow.

I didn't say anything at first, and just stood there watching over the vampires with a peaceful expression on my face. Then I spoke.

"Tomorrow I'll begin my campaign to bring the whole of the blue district under my rule. Though you're all welcome to give a counter argument if you think I'm being to hasty.

We've run out of time. In other for us to keep on growing safely, someone has to be out there making a lot of noise so that our enemies wouldn't turn their attention here, to our home. So I need a few things from the three of you, since you're all in charge of different divisions.

Asare, I need a specially hand picked squad, Teluna, Kodak, and Gus have to be a part of it. And apart from them I need fifteen more vampires, the best you can offer and spare from the BloodChild, Nosferatu and Shadower rank. They'll be under my command during the duration of this campaign.

Farina, the Warren clan are well known for their information gathering abilities, I need you to get me a detailed list of our enemies. And these enemies are every vampire with significant power and reputation within the Blue district. we're going to be taking them down, one by one. They'll either submit or die.

And Malek you've had a lot of success with all of your projects, I'm sorry to add more to your workload, but we need armors, weapons, and even vehicles. Yes I agree at this point we don't need something like that since we're vampires, but we're making a statement. We need to look the part we've chosen to play."

There was a silent pause as all three of them contemplated over what I've just said. To be honest this was a reckless move, even for me. And with the conference so close by, I felt the need to make sure that I had no enemy behind me, while I went forward to fight against other more powerful vampires.

A united blue district would give me the credibility I need to subdue the other bloodline covens. I was making a substantial move before the council made theirs. At the very least I should be able to hold an advantage.

"My lord I will need at least three days to get such information documented and sent to you. I ask for your patience while I'll get my people on it." Farina said to me with a bow.

I gave her a nod with a smile. Three days was a really short time, I had given a day previously because I wanted to instill a sense of urgency in them. I was not in that much of a hurry.

I turned to Malek who was about to say something. He looked even more disheveled than the last time I saw him. The vampire really was a mole as he really loved to bury himself in work.

"My lord, your request came at the right time. For the past three days I've been working with lady Xaseah and her grandfather the noble sir Dwayne about dwarven blacksmith skills, and the intricacies of her ether smith skills. We've been able to come up with an entirely new forging skill and technique that should be unique to us alone.

We came about this by combining the stunning hard elegance and functionality of dwarven blacksmithing, the magic infusing style of the night elven smiths, courtesy of Xaseah Learning those skills from her mother, and finally the simple yet altruistic style of the ancient vampire blood smiths. We don't have a name for this new style yet, but it's powerful, efficient, and a technique that brings an amalgamation of magic, technology and personality into the world of forging.

We used nanites as the base, with a master nanobot bonding to the magical, mental and soul structure of the host, it would command all of the other nanites into forming the parts of an armor that would be specially tailored to their user's personality and quite literally lived under their skin. Isn't it AMAZING!"

Is it wrong that I felt like running away right now. What the heck was up with this guy? How could he be the leader of a coven of really wise and intelligent vampires considering he looked like a mad scientist right now. I turned to look at Asare, who gave me a shrug and a look that said 'your problem not mine'. The traitor.

"Wow...that's...….that's great Malek. So what else do you need?" I asked with a little trepidation in my voice as I stared at the wide eyed Malek.

"Who? Me?, nothing at all. I just need to begin human...err I mean vampire trials. After some thorough tests, those armors should be ready in three to five days tops. As for weapons, we're still working on something."

He said as he turned and just jumped off the wall and away from me. Probably back to his lab.

[Master that guy's crazy, and very scary. He's also very funny too. In this week alone he's exploded like forty eight times.]

I heard Nefisat say as the crest on my hand flashed to signify she was talking to me. I ignored her and turned to Asare.

"Don't worry, I'll have a squad prepared and their personal profiles on your desk by the end of the day. But Gus is undergoing specialized training that I can't talk about, not in the open at least. So you would have to exclude him from the list, but trust me, it's important and would help our future.

I'll have Kuyait come down with an official report along with the profiles, though since you don't have an office I have no idea where you would keep it. By your leave master Kael."

Then Asare also bowed and turned into a pillar of fire that shot back towards the precinct. Farina also gave me a bow before a loud crackle of electricity sounded and she disappeared in flash of light that left me blinded and my ears ringing. Seriously can't they just leave like normal people.

I huffed and used the minor teleportation skill of the crest, and a pillar of blue rune clouds appeared and whisked me away. Then I realized that the extravagant teleportation was all my fault, after all it was the skill from their power crests. Either way...….what do I do now.

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    Interesting chapter, always liking Kaer's plans, can't wait to see whath the other clans have in store for him. So are you returningin in Gana?

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    Welcome back bro, Nigeria is ur home no matter what happens

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