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Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World

Author: DonSKun

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Chapter 1: Blackmailing the God

Today is a same old peaceful day as ever. I was driving my motorcycle to back home from work, well i kinda speeding a bit because my favorite manga finaly ending and I want to read it fast. On the road, a pickup truck in front of me loaded with steel pipe is a bit slow so I want to overtake him. Suddenly those steel pipe fall of in front of me. I instanly stomp and grip on the brakes but because i going to fast a steel pipe is about to hit me straight to my face, I close my eyes waiting for the pain to come but it never did. I slowly open my eyes and realise that everyting turn dark, at first i thought i was blind, but i can still can see my body so where and what is this place?

"Hey". Suddenly i hear a sound calling me. I turn around and there i see him, a man with a pointy ear basicly an elf sitting on a chair and making a hand gesture telling me to come closer to him. My mind is still blank but i walk closer to him anyway.

"Welcome my name is Slaine and i'm the one that killed you." Suddenly he say that.

"... you mean i already dead? Are you god or something?" I was shock but try to remain calm.

"You are surprisingly calm. And what make you think that i'm a god."

"Because i already read a lot of light novel and manga where the MC is summoned to other world either by God or King from other world. I'm not in a throne room or other human or other humanoid creature made structure. So either i'm in an isolated room or this is some kind of god space, also the fact you said i'm already dead made me believe that you are a god."

"Bravo." he smile while claping his hand. "But you wrong about one thing. I'm not summoning you i want to reincarnating you, that's why i told you that i'm the one that killed you. I need you to save my world from an impending crisis"

"I see. Do you already have permision from the god of my world?" I ask him that to drag out more information.

he suddenly stunt. "How do you know i need permision?"

I see, so he's one of those case where he's try to use the easy way to solve his world trouble using otherworlders power or knowledge. "I don't." I answer, "So that means you will be in deep trouble if my world god find out."

He then look at me angrily but then he smile mischievously, "But to bad your world god will never found out. Now i will reincarnating you and give you minimal power to save my world."

Before he can do something to me i say to him, "If you send me now not only i will not save your world i will also helping to speed up it's destruction." He then stop his movement.

"What did you say, YOU DARE TO DEFY ME!!!!"

"You killed me because you to lazy to do your job. You take me away from my family. You make me unable to read light novel and manga anymore. SO YEAH I WILL DEFY YOU EVEN IT COST MY LIFE!!!"

Seing me like that the god Slaine then back off. "What do you want?"

"You say you will reincarnating me, so i take it if i return to my world all that waiting me is the reaper. so i will help your world but i want to chose my own power, so show me the skill list."

"Alright" Slaine then wave his hand and suddenly a skill list appear beside me. "You can only pick 3 skill. If more than that, it will take a toll on me."

I read carefully, but then i have an idea. "I can't see the skills that i want so can you make it to me?"

"Yes i can i'm a god afterall." He answer smugly.

"Then first i want "Skill Make" basicly a skill that can make me make other skill" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"What!? I can't make you that! You'll make my world law upside down!" He start to sweating

"Then can you just make some restriction to what kind of skill i can't make, also make detail one. If i can't make some skill that is not in the restriction list i will take it as a breach of agreement and start the destruction of your world." This kind of guy realy need to be given a lessons if not he will always do as he please with out thinking the repercussion.

He look at me angrily again. Then he give me the list of what kind of skill i can't make

1.Give skill: skill to give other people skill

2.Other world teleportation: Teleporting one self or other to the other world

3.God skill: skill to become a god

4.World skill: skill to control the world it self

5.Turn time skill: skill to turn back time

I guess this fair enough and those 5 skill is pretty dangerous.

"Okay i agree then second skill.."

"Hold on you already have "skill make" what do you want from me again."Slaine Protesting.

"To make skill i need mana or something right, so to make it easy i want that something become infinate."

"Alright so you also want "Infinate magic power skill" right?" Slaine ask with tired face.

"Yes. Also those two skill are enough."

"Great so with all that end i will send you to my world."

"Wait!" before he can send me i stop him again."What kind of trouble is your world has."

"Oh right i didn't told you yet." He then start to

Comments (8)

  • BlaqueLyte


    Should of asked for the skill to steal others skill. Or at least edit their skills. So people who cause you troble or are after you can be stripped of their skills (evil laughs)

  • Vitamorte


    You need an editor or edit the chapters you write yourself. Also. reread your synopsis it may turn people off due to mistakes made. With them thinking, if you made such mistakes on the synopsis, who's to say that the novel isn't riddled with those kind of mistakes.

  • JustAUser


    "I want max leveled Skill Steal which allows me to steal skills from anything" God snaps his fingers "Done" Uses Skill Steal on God

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