5.97% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 4: The Cavalry Has Arrived

Chapter 4: The Cavalry Has Arrived

And now the most I'm waiting for, military advancement. This is the list of small arms that I choose to replace the musket:

The Assult rifle = M4 Carbine.

Sniper rifle = Remington 700 and Barrett M82.

Light machine gun (LMG) = M249 SAW and M60.

Shotgun = Benelli M4 and AA-12 Auto Shotgun.

Submachine gun (SMG) = MP9.

Handgun = Glock41 and Glock30.

Other = M32 MGL, Mk 153 SMAW, M72 LAW, M134D Minigun, MK-19 AGL.

I pick these because some of them have same ammuniton, so I don't have to create to much ammo factory.

This one is the list of the military vehicle for land, sea, air, also artillery power I chose:

Small & Medium vehicle = Tardec RST-V, BC Customs S&R Tactical Vehicle, IMI Combat Guard, Force Protection Ocelot, Oshkosh HEMTT, XLR250R & KLX250 Reconnaissance motorcycle, The Punisher Troop Carrier, Type 73 Heavy Truck, Stryker ICV, AAVP7A1 RAM/RS.

Artillery & Tank = L16 81mm Mortar, G6 'Rhino' Howitzer, M1A1/A2 Abrams.

Helicopter = V-22 Osprey, Mi-35 Hind, AH-64 Apache, Bell UH-1, MH/AH-6C, UH-60 Black Hawk.

Aircraft = C-130 all variant, Antonov An-124, A-10 Warthog, F-35 Lightning II, F-22 Raptor, F-4 Phantom II, B-52 Stratofortress, E-2C-I/II Hawkeye AWACS, E-3B/C Sentry AWACS.

Ships = One Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier named Queen Eliza; One Wasp-class helicopter carrier named Amaterasu; Eight Aegis-class destroyer named Ebisu, Hachiman, Inari, Izanagi, Izanami, Omoikane, Susanoo, and Ryūjin; Six Zumwalt-class destroyer named Fūjin, Kotoamatsukami, Sarutahiko, Tenjin, Tsukuyomi, and Raijin.

For the millitary training, pilot training, and driving trining in total takes 10 year to complete. I also make new chain of command based on my world military with slight modification. I make it form tier 1 to 10. First tier = Airman, Navyman, Armymen; Second tier = Corporal; Third tier = Sergeant; Fourth tier = Lieutenant; Fifth tier = Major; Sixth tier = Lieutenant Colonel; Seventh tier = Captain, Colonel; Eighth tier = Fleet Admiral (Only one person), General of the Army (Only one person), General of the Air Force (Only one person); Ninth tier = Moon Class General (Only one person); Highest tier = Sun Class General (Only one person). Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

At this time my kingdom population has growth to about 7 million soul in total. In those year i also suggesting my father to create new ministry from 2 (military and economy) to 8 (military, economy, human resources, development, natural resources, Food, security and justice) so that we can divide other job to the new minister. Thank god my family is never giving any noble title, so we basicly the only ruler in this continent. No other noble equals no protes from other party. The most shocking part for me is there are no slavery in my kingdom. Apperently my grandfather hated it so he make sure no slavery when he build his kingdom.

Now the problem inside the planet is over, it's time to go to the auther space. I lunch 12 Spy satelite to make the world map, When it's done i found out that there are 3 continent in this world; the 9KCont, the new continent we found and then us the smallest one. After that i then order the mobilation of the military to do a recon mission on both continent. We later found out that the new continent we found name is Deora and the 9KCont is Namira from the locals.

Now let's back to the moment 3rd chapter start. I am now 24 Years old for the second time this year. I manage to build the an FOB in the coast of Namira continent near the Missel kingdom. That Slaine haven't mention about this kingdom in his explanation. Maybe he doesn't realy care about this kingdom because they are dark elf kingdom.

After i order some men to investigate this kingdom. I found out that this kingdom will be the first kingdom to fall because the location of this kingdom is between Seren and Fei. Seren kingdom will occupy this kingdom to make it as checkpoint so he can strike Fei kingdom next.

That damn god say the first strike is about 10 more year, but the intel say otherwise. Seren is actualy ready to mobilize their soldier to Missel. The attack will start the next 4 to 6 month. I will not let it happen. I order my men to make preparation to assist Missel kingdom if the Seren kingdom attack.

4 month later Seren kingdom are starting to attack. At that time i order the air cavalry consists of: 2 Mi-35 Hind with 8 soldier inside each chopper, 2 AH-64 Apache, 8 Bell UH-1 with 4 soldier and 2 minigunner each chopper, and 2 MH-6C with 4 shooter each chopper to move out. I also move out using AH-6C that i fly with my co-pilot and 4 bodyguard. For extra spirit i instal speaker to all Mi-35 Hind and Bell UH-1 chopper. When we about 4 minute to Missel kingdom i start my music. (Dear reader please play your own prefered music).

Queen of the dark elf Origa POV. My name is Origa the current Queen of Missel kingdom. I became a queen after my parents died of illness. My mother died when i was 15 year old and my father just few months ago. Because of my father's dead the kingdom are almost falling appart, good thing i have a good subordinate so i manage to stabilize the kingdom, but not for long. I receive a news that Seren kingdom are planing to attack my kingdom. "Those bastard realy know how to pick a good time". My kingdom military is still in turmoil because of the previous King dead.

Right now Seren kingdom soldier are already in front of the city gate. I mobilize my own soldier to defend at the city wall. The only good thing is Seren kingdom soldier are attacking from the bran river. This river is wide and deep so the only way to past the river is via the stone bridge. But that will only delay them. "Oh god why are you forsake this kingdom, is it because we are dark elf".

The fight has started, i also go to the wall so the morale doesn't fall. The men keep shooting with their bow and arrow, magician keep chanting heal and attack spell, on the back the catapult also trowing huge rock. The fight has last for 2 hour, my men are starting to tired but the enemy just keep on coming.

Not long after that the gate has been breach and the fight continue inside the gate. Blades carved into flesh and blood sprayed out. A human head came apart like a watermelon being split at the seaside. The sound of the sword hit echoed around. There were shouts of men facing their dooms and bitter cries of suffering.

Nobody could spare a thought for the overall situation. All their attention was focused on the enemy in front of them while they hacked and slashed with their swords. Of course, some people were cowering on the ground, trying to crawl to a place without enemies, but they were trampled into the ground by horses.

The ground was strewn with corpses and bodies and remains, and the stone floor was dyed a reddish black by dried blood, and the brighter red of freshly-spilled blood flowed from friend and foe alike.

Suddenly i hear a strange noise, it's sound like music. "It's comming from the rear, is the Seren kingdom manage to flank us?". Then i notice black dots in the sky. "What are those thing? it's getting closer." Not long after that, some of those thing throwing some kind of flaming javelin's at the Seren kingdom soldier. Then a huge explosion suddenly erupting at the Seren's soldier.

Comments (6)

  • Ancient0ne


    MC should have invested in warp gates to quickly move his army

  • Ancient0ne


    No ministry of magic in a sword and magic world. no diplomatic corps so clearly a conquest build. Modern ships are cool but unlikely to survive battle with a kraken. No nukes is fine if he had a magic substitute. Why deny himself power.

  • Lord_Snow


    I can't understand a thing about the equipment , car and etc that abbreviate but cool

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