Chapter 8: Who Is He

His name is Thomas Seren. The current king of Seren. A very dangerous king that have unlimited thirst for power, but also brain for backing it. From young age he already have a big ambition. He wanted to become the greatest king of all time, what ever the cost. He become a king in young age by killing his own father and framed his innocent older brother for his father's dead.

After he become the king he began to make plans for his main goal 'Complete rule over Namira continent'. For starter he starting to increase the strength of his army. He done it secretly so other nation wont realize it until it's to late. He began to conscript men to his army. Training them to fight, to ride wyvern or horses, and ordering them to tame dragons. All in the name of his ambition. But he also using his brain to prospering his subject, making them loyal to him.

After he successfuly gather the maximum number of military power he can make, he began to send small portion of it to attack Missel Kingdom. Like Alphonse predict he plan to make Missel Kingdom a checpoint also to increase the maximum number of his army. He doesn't send wyvern rider or tamed dragons because he think those are unnecessary for attacking a weakening kingdom.

Now it's almost a week since he send his army to take Missel. "It takes 3 to 4 days to march to missel kingdom, then a day to war preparation like building battering ram or catapult. Fighting against Missel should be over by now." Thomas thinking to himself.

Suddenly a soldier entering his study room. "Your majesty there is unknown flying object heading here! The wyvern rider are unable to intercept it because it's to high up!" Thomas then stand up. "What!?"

Thomas then run outside and saw the flying object. "It's color is black and looks like made of metal." Thomas murmuring to himself. Suddenly something came out behind it, it then began to fall but then a cloth starting to open up and making it fall slowly. A wyvern rider then check the thing that fall out.

"Bring me that thing, i want to know what is it." Thomas then ordered his men. Not long after that Thomas shocked to find out that it was Brutu that fall out from that flying thing.

"Brutu what happen, and what is that thing that drop you off."

"Your Majesty i have lost. There are unknown army that suddenly attack us. They destroyed us using magic and flying mount that i have never seen before. Every time they pass over us our men below will definitely die. Almost all 5000 of my men died, the rest either captured or manage to retreating. That thing that drop me off is one of those flying mount. But the shape and size different from the one that attack us."

Thomas frowning after hearing Brutu, he then ask Brutu again. "Why did they release you? Do they interrogate you? Do you know anything about them." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Brutu then lowered his head down. "Yes they interrogate me. But they only ask the reason for the attack and how strong is our kingdom. The one that interrogating me is smart. He immediately know your majesty plan after i said that our goal is to make Missel checkpoint. But strangely after i answer his question about how much is our military he doesn't seem surprise or become afraid."

Thomas then began to touching his chin, thinking how smart this man is. "Do you know his name? And why he attacking us?"

"I don't know why he suddenly attack us, but i do know his name. His name is Alphonse Silvario. He also have a message for your majesty. He said 'every time your majesty try to attack other kingdom, he will destroy the army we sent. And every time that happen he will only return the general, like me, dead or alive.'. From the way he speak he's probably the highest general of that army."

Thomas then become silent. He think that this Alphonse Silvario is very smart individual. Alphonse able to immediately know about Thomas plan, and that is propably also the main reason for him to attacking Thomas. "He fear that my army will become to powerfull to him to handle if my plan succeed. So he prevent that by attacking us before that happen. Next question is, where is he come from? And why we never heard of them? Is it possible he doesn't even from here (this continent)?"

Thomas then stand up from his chair and walk to the balcony of his study. "Well That doesn't matter for now. The only matter is he bravely challenging me. This is going to be fun." He then look at Brutu and began to smile. "Well Brutu your failure is understandable, with sudden attack from unknown parties it's very unlikely for you to win." Brutu began to smile but.. "So... just cutting off one of your finger is enough. You're dismised."

Brutu smile vanish, replace by gritting his teeth. He then take a sword of a guard and cut his left ring fingger. The fact that he did not pick the little finger was proof that he was a veteran. When humans held bat-like objects, they used the little finger to stabilize their grip. Losing the little finger was third only to losing the thumb or index finger, and it would make life very difficult. He then get up and exiting the study.

Thomas didn't even bat an eye on brutu. He only ordered his maid to clean it up an feed the fingger to the dogs. He then began to smile "If I manage to beat this Alphonse, all of his power those magic and flying mount will be mine. And with those thing I will become unstopable."

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    They don’t have any nukes...

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    just nuke them end of story.

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