22.38% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 15: Fast Negotiation (4)

Chapter 15: Fast Negotiation (4)

Princess Alicia POV. I order the driver to land a bit far away from the city. Dar is a kingdom made by Demi human. A lot of it's soldier are demi human with stronger physic than human. I affraid if their attack manage to hit us or worse, shot us down. After we landed I come out and call out to one of the soldier. I ask him to tell Princess Lulu, her friend Princess Alicia are here to see her.

After saying that, the 4 of us start walking toward the castle. Some of the guards seem to know us so they are starting to be respectful. On the way there i saw Lulu walking toward us. That's make things easier. I then start speaking to Lulu.

"Lulu, long time no see."

"Yes, it's been a while. What are the four of you doing here?"

Every time I see her i always have a mixed feeling. She have a body that looks younger than prim. But an age that even older than I am. But she still have that dignified aura to back her authorities despite her looks. Lulu Chepeus The Beast Princess. Although the title say 'Beast' she's actualy a vampire. She's the second oldest member of the Order of chivalry. Enough of that i better hurry ask her to come with us.

"Lulu we need you to come with us. There is a Prince that wanted to speak with all of us. It's about Seren Kingdom true goal."

"Who is this Prince?"

"I will explain everything on the airplane."


"It's the flying mount that we use."

"I see. Alright I shall come with you."

"Thank you Lulu. Also, you can bring some of your men if you want. But don't bring more than 20 men that's the maximum capacity. Also don't bring the centaur they probably wont fit."

"I better bring them. A Prince that capable to bring these airplane is definitely not a simple Prince."

After that Lulu order his best men to come with us. Then we headed to the Ken Kingdom. On the way there I explain everything to Lulu. She agree with Prim that there is high chance that the Prince also has a hidden agenda. It's not posible that a Kingdom mobilize his own troops for other Kingdom without asking for something in return.

After explaining everything Lulu looked tired. Maybe because the sun. Vampire has no problem walking in the sun, but it does weaken them to some extend. Like how they need to close their eyes so the sun, because they are sensitive to light. And how they will become tired faster if gone to long under the sun. I then give Lulu some chocolate bar. She looks like a child while eating it. I guess that means she likes it.

Not long after that, we arrived at Ken Kingdom. This time I order the driver to land at the castle cliff balcony. This castle were built in the hills with a cliff acting as a balcony and watch tower if there's a siege. That cliff is wide enough for two airplane to land. So our airplane and one of empty airplane landed there.

At first we were welcomed by the guards spears. But after seeing it was the five of us that exiting the plane, the guards then put away their weapon. I then apologize for the intrusion and ask to meet with Queen Claudia. The guard then send a messenger to her. Not long after that, Claudia and her husband come here with some extra guards.

Claudia Alma. Like me, she used to be called The Princess Knight. But after she married her husband Joseph Alma, everybody now called her the Queen Knight. She's also one of the 3 founder of the Order of chivalry.

"Alicia, Prim, Kaguya, Chloe, even Lulu. Why are you all here? And what is that thing?"

Everyone asked this question. I even starting to grow tired of hearing it. But then I answer her, like other before. And then ask her to come with us, like other before. She then agree to come with us, like other before. But the difference is, She also like to bring her husband with her. We don't have any problem with that so we agree and then set out to our final destination.

On the way we bring out the drinks for ourself. Apperently there also some other snack on the small cupboard beside the black box. Lulu, Chloe and Joseph are trying the alcoholic beverages. While Me and Kaguya are trying the Cola variety. Prim are eating some chocolate cookies, while Claudia trying the peanut called cashew.

After half an hour flight we can now see the Geof Kingdom. Suddenly a small airplane flying beside our airplane. I can see that one of the driver is Prince Alphonse. I then point him for everybody, so they know his face. I then order the driver to land behind the temple, near the water fountain. Celestine already waiting near the water fountain.

The High Elf Princess Celestine Meméa. She's the founder of the Order of chivalry, with Lulu and Claudia as her first member. She have the strongest skill among us, gifted by the God himself. the Oracle skill. This skill allow her to saw multiple future possibilities a week ahead. But She can only see the future of the person that she knew.

All of us also have some kind of rare skill. My skill is 'Perfect Knight', skill that allow me to master all kind of knight weapon.

Prim have 'Wisdom of Sage' skill, skill that make her smart in everything academic related.

Kaguya have 'Onmyouji' skill, skill that allow her to become master of Onmyōdō, a some kind of spirit magic.

Chloe have 'Ranger' skill, skill that allow her to become a master hunter and master assassin. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Claudia have 2 skill. Like me 'Perfect Knight' skill, the second is 'War cry' skill. A skill that if activated will make all of her soldier to become ten time stronger and faster.

And then the last, Lulu. She also have 2 skill. 'Moon Howler' skill, skill that make her practically invincible while under the moon, so when new moon this skill is useless. And second 'Beserker' skill, a skill that if activated will make speed, power, and all of her senses become stronger like a beast. But it also make her lose control of her self.

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