23.88% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 16: Fast Negotiation (5)

Chapter 16: Fast Negotiation (5)

Alphonse POV. After waiting more than 4 hour Alicia finaly arrive. I then enter my copter and meet up with them midair. I then got a message from the black osprey. Alicia told the pilot to land near the water fountain behind the temple. There I saw a small group of elf, apparently waiting for us. After we land i saw Alicia's group exiting the osprey. I got an update from the pilot that it's actualy a group of Princesses that has been assembled. Alicia then speak to an elf women. It appear that this elf woman have the highest authority among other Princess.

Alicia then gesturing me to come to her. After I approach she then introduce me. "Lady Celestine this is Prince Alphonse of the Eldia Kingdom. He want to speak with all of us."

"Yes I have a vision of this. I also have prepared for the arrival of all of you."

A vision? She's propably have some kind of clairvoyant skill.

"Prince Alphonse, this lady is our leader High Elf Princess Lady Celestine Meméa."

"My lady. It's my honor to meet you." I answer.

"Welcome Prince Alphonse. Please come with us, we already prepare a place for our meeting."

Princess Celestine then bring us to a round stone table near there. I guess the we held the meeting here huh. After that we sit where ever we like. I then introduce my self to other princesses, and they introduce them self to me. Then Princess Celestine told me that the 7 kingdom allience are made because of them. They called them self the Order of chivalry, and Princess Celestine is their leader.

All of the princesses have a very rare skill, and Princess Celestine have the most rare of them all. She have the 'Orecle' skill gifted by Slaine (that a$sh0le god). It's similar to my clairvoyant skill, but mine is only capable to saw one day ahead. Her skill will allow her to saw multiple future possibilities a week ahead. But She can only see the future of the person that she knew. That's way she know about my arrival but not about who I am.

When I about to speak, Princess Celestine cut me.

"Prince Alphonse I agree with your proposal and will also allow you to make base in Fei, Ur and Geof Kingdom."

I haven't even talked about making base yet, but she already approve it.

"Wait a minute!!"(Alicia & Prim)

"Celestine what is this proposal for him to make base in my and Prim's kingdom!? And why you approve it!?"(Alicia)

"That's right! And why should we approve it!?"(Prim)

"Calm down both of you. Yesterday when I use my oracle skill, I saw what will happen with both of your kingdoms. Both of your kingdoms will be perish and both of you will be captured."(Celestine)

"Wha..!?"(Alicia & Prim)

"When will it happen?"(Claudia)

"Day after tomorrow. I already sent a messenger to both of you this morning. but the closest kingdom are 2 days ride by horse. Fei Kingdom and Ur Kingdom distance are only a full day walk from each other. That's the reason both of your kingdom will fall on the same day. But this afternoon I use my oracle skill again and saw that all of you will be here. There is some one that will change the future and prevent the fall of both of your kingdom. After I saw Prince Alphonse I use my Oracle skill again."(Celestine)

"Are you alright Celestine!? You shouldn't use your Oracle skill twice in the same day! It will take a toll on you!"(Lulu)

It appear this oracle skill have enormous magic power consumption.

"It's alright Lulu. It's worth it. I saw that Prince Alphonse and his men will help Fei Kingdom defeat Seren Kingdom army. After that he will ask Alcia and Prim to allow him to build a base, between both of your kingdom. But what is the reason of you build a base here and there?"(Celestine) Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"To attack."(Al)


"Yes. To attack Seren Kingdom I need to stock my army to face not only more than 250.000 men. But also magician, wyvern, fire dragon, earth dragon, and sky dragon that Seren Kingdom has."(Al)

"I see. I will approve it."(Celestine)

"Me and Prim will also approve it."(Alicia)

"Thank you for your higness cooperation. Then I will immediately preparing the necessary arrangement. But before that I need to ask Princess Celestine about Seren Kingdom attack. From where they will attack, etc"(Al)

"Ah yes I also want to know more about that."(Prim)

After that super fast negotiation me and Princess Primula ask about Seren kingdom attack plan to Princess Celestine.

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  • Lord_Snow


    lol he will have all 7 princess just NTR the other one ahahah joke



    New chap

  • Godslayer66


    Thanks for the chapter

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