25.37% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 17: Killing Field

Chapter 17: Killing Field

After listening to Princess Celestine prediction, I then say my good bye to Princess Celestine. After that I taking all of the kingdoms higher up back home, other than Princess Chloe. When on the way I take change to get along with the other Princesses. I learn a lot about them from this conversation. Like Princess Lulu's abnormal age, Princess Kaguya's Shintoism religion that allow her to use Onmyōdō magic, and all of the kingdoms histories and previous wars.

At midnight all of the Princesses are successfully been escorted back to their respective kingdoms. Right now I'm at the Fei kingdom, walking on the city wall, observing the soon to be battlefield. I soon spot a problem, direction of the arrival of the Seren's troops are from the woods next to the villagers houses outside the wall. The houses block our shoot and sight, but we can put our soldiers inside. But if the enemy manage to enter, my men will be traped. I also can't cut down the woods, the villagers use this woods for a living, for gathering herbs and other forest products. It also will ruining the element of surprise. I then have an idea, but I better talk about it with Alicia first.

In the morning of the next day, I then speak with Alicia about my plan. First I need her permission to destroy the houses. She agree but ask me to rebuilding it after the fight, I guess that's fair. Second I ask her permission to build a tower on four section of the wall. She also agree. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

After the agreement, I then call my soldiers to come here with the necessary equipment and parts. I also told them to bring eight Sniper team and some other surprises for the enemy. Alicia then told the villagers to evacuate inside until the battle ended. After my men arrive, they began building the four gun towers. I order some of my beastmen scouts with the highest jumping and agility to station themself on the rooftop with the best vantage point, while the sniper teams to ready themself in the gun towers. When the nightfall all of the preperations are completed. Now all we need to do is wait.

Tonight there is no moon so it's pitch black right now. I order Alicia's men to not lit the braziers or any other light near the tower that's includes patroling. Suddenly at 03.00 the perfect time for a night attack, my scout spotted the enemy using night vision gear (NVG). They silently marching from the woods toward the village. With no moon if my men doesn't have NVG they wouldn't be spotted.

I then order my scout to pull back and proceed with the plan. The enemy troop was seen entering houses, maybe they want to kill the villagers so they can't alarm the guards. But after finding that the villagers are gone, they realize that this is a trap and began to run toward the wall. But then...

"This is POE, scout team is in safe position, blow them up."

"Yes SIR!!"


Six row of houses, five house each row exploded. I order my men to plant C4 plastic explosive in each house. More than 500 of enemy soldier died, but there are some unlucky one are still alive. I say unlucky because even they're alive there sould be some shard entering their body or even cut them of. Next.

"All unit open fire!!!"

All my men then begining to shoot. I order the two sniper team on this site to not shoot the enemy commanding officer, just the enemy soldier that near him or her. As I promise like before I plan to send back only the commander. I also instal four minigun turret on the wall, and these minigun are tearing the enemy to pieces. I on the other hand operating the MK-19 Auto Grenade Launcer, keep bombarding the enemy with high explosive. I shoot from left and right, not caring there is an enemy or not, my men also did the same. All of my men has been taught one important thing 'when the prince are on the same battlefield they may shoot wildly'. Because if I'm around I can just summon the ammunition, if not they will need to wait for ammo drop.

The shooting doesn't stop even after one hour, but the minigun stop for some times for barrel cool down. Then the sniper reporting that the enemy doesn't moving forward and remaining still in the woods. I then order "Cease Fire!! Stop Shooting!!" then the shooting finally stop. All of Alicia men even she herself now looked at us with fear. Can't be helped, they are witnessing a new kind of 'battle'. A battle from long range, where humans or demihuman are easily killed without exception. And my kingdom are the master of this new battle.

The sniper have a new update, they saw a large group of wyvern, about 50 of them. Hearing that I order the minigunner to shot them down when they are close. But it seems the wyvern skin are to tick for 7.62 mm bullet, the bullet just bounce of. If that's the case then, it's time for the AA (Anti Air) gun. I order my men to use the two 'Avenger' that we instaled in flat rooftop. GAU-8/A 'Avenger' is a 30 mm hydraulically driven seven-barrel Gatling-style autocannon that is designed specifically for the anti-tank role. To shot down the wyverns this things is overkill. But like i say before 'Overkill are underated'.

My men then start shooting at the wyvern using the Avenger. The wyvern then fall down one by one. Some lucky wyvern rider got shot as well making them die instantly. The unlucky one are the one that survive or missed from getting shot but ultimately fall to their dead.

When the enemy ground soldiers saw the wyvern cavalry got destroyed, some of them begining to retreating but the commander cut them down. Spoting that I summon a Barrett M82 AMR and then aim at her sword. When she raise her sword to slash her retreating men I shoot. The .50 BMG bullet travel at 853 meter per second with one kilometer distance toward her sword. When the bullet hit her sword, the bullet and the sword shatter to pieces and killed five unlucky people who were in the bullet lane.

She stare at her broken sword, then looking at my way with horror in her face. She then speak to one of her guard. She then also ready to fall back, but I don't have plan to let her go. I shoot again and hit her horse leg making her fall. When other try to give her a ride, I shoot that person horse. Seeing this the other guard got more scared and leave her. They all leave except one guard that suddenly dismounting his horse then waving both of his hand at us. It's a surrender gesture.

After one hour and fifteen minutes battle we have victorious. We also manage to capture the commander and her two men that has been abandoned.

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