26.86% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 18: Unusual Detainee

Chapter 18: Unusual Detainee

The three people are then captured and brought in to me. I ask Alicia to detained the Woman Commander and her two underling separately, so they can't synchronize their story. But before I can interrogate them, I still need to clean up the aftermath. I order my men to gather the enemy corpses and check for survivor. Alicia's men and the villagers also helping.

After the clean up finish my men then give me the after action report. I then read it with Alicia in her castle meeting room. Out of 20.000 Seren Soldier only 2.000 of them manage to retreat. And from 18.000 people only less than 100 that survived, but most of them are heavily wounded. Alicia suggest that we should just burn the dead, somewhere near the forrest a little far from here. This is her kingdom, so I just acknowledge it. It sound cruel but it's also to prevent wolf and other corpse eaters to come here.

There is also the problem with the villagers house we destroy. From 80 houses and store, at least 40 of them got completly destroyed. And another 10 near the blast are now uninhabitable. Alicia said to not mind it, but I already promise to compensate them so I will do so. I'll build them a new house.

Now after all of the aftermath problem already taken care off, I'll begin my interrogation. First I interrogate the one that waving at us. My men had searched this man for any possible hidden weapon, and also changed his clothes for safety. In these world it's posible to imbune magic in special type of fiber. Like a skin of a demonic beast, or the most cliché other world metal Mythril. If they desperate enough they may imbune exploding spell or other dangerous spell. That's why if a captured enemy wearing this type of armors or clothes we always strip them and changed their clothes.

I then enter the room and start talking to him. "Good morning sir. Before I tell you my name, I would like to know yours first."

He just smile and answer me. "My name is Sullivan Mars. I already heard about you sir Alphonse Silvario."

"Well that's a surprise, you knew me. Do they spread my name and looks to all of the soldiers?"

"Of course not. But before that, I have a question, is my daughter alright?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Your daughter?"

"Yes, the one that also captured."

"I see. So you are the real commander. She's alright, nothing happen to her, yet. You are the first person I interrogate. So I suggest you answer all of my question, or all of the trouble you take to make her save will be for nothing."

"Brutu is right, you are a very smart person. You immediately know why I made her commander. Also if it for my own children, nothing is to troublesome. I will answer all of your question as long I know the answer sir Alphonse. But I want somethings in return."

"Normaly, a prisoner can't make demands. But I like it this way better. Give and take, yes?"

"Yes. My first demand is, do NOT bring me and my daughter back to Seren Kingdom. Second, I like to ask you to save my wife from King Thomas. She's under house arrest in my mansion. But there is also a chance that she's already been transfered to different location."

"In Other word you are defecting. But why?"

"Me and Seren's previous king are close friend. He may be ambitious like Thomas, but he will never kill innocent to pursue it. Thomas in other hand, killed his own father to pursue his ambitions. And he use fame and glory to brainwash his citizens and soldiers. A leader that use fame and glory as payment to his men, will definitely run out of things to conquer. And when that day come he will pick a fight with the wrong kingdom, and eventually bring destruction to his own kingdom. I will not side with a man that kill his own flesh and blood."

"I see. That's why you surrender yourself to me. You already saw that my kingdom is strong enough to defeat Seren Kingdom. But unfortunately King Thomas already expecting you to do this, and now your wife has become a hostage."

"That's right. I bet on you to get my wife out of the Seren Kingdom. If you succeed, I will give you my life and my memory."

Using my Fast Learning skill, I learn about human emotion. I can tell that he is telling the truth. First interrogation, and I pick the most unusual detainee.

"I understand, I will do anything in my power to keep her save. First I need to ask you about your other men. What should we do with him? Second I need to ask you about your wife, you can follow me." I signal my men to release him.

"Let me talk to him first. If he doesn't want to follow me you can do whatever you want with him."

"Okay. Now about your mansion where is the location?"

"My mansion is in the west district. On top of a cliff, surrounded by tall appartement buildings."

"This is good news. I have the perfect team for that kind of environment. As long your wife still there, it's almost certain that we will succeed. First let's get your daughter. Later we wait for my men to move out."

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  • StressedByHW


    Mc is nice he can just make a skill that takes people’s memory and he doesn’t need the guys life

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  • asdasdanaertuy


    graciaspor traer esta hiastoria, esperando mas cap

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