28.35% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 19: H.A.U.N.T.S.

Chapter 19: H.A.U.N.T.S.

SpecOps Commander Faust POV: My name is Faust. I am the commanding officer of a Special Operation group, hand picked by the Prince himself, even though I am demi human, a Cat people. I was one of the lucky few that got picked. At first we don't know why are we being chosen. But after the training we finally knew why. Almost all of us are jack of all trade in the millitary, and our training is to make us master of all combat tactics. But even after all that sniper training, CQC training, Night combat training, demolition training, and that special training we still haven't gone on a single mission.

But suddenly, today, we got a mission. It's a rescue operation. There is a defector from Seren Kingdom, and that man ask the Prince to rescue his wife from Seren Kingdom. Hearing that I then gatter my men.

In the meeting room my seven men already stand by, waiting for my briefing. "Alright men I have good news. Today we will begin our first mission." I can see that they become excited. I then calm them down and continue the briefing. "Tonight we will infiltrate inside the Seren Kingdom capital, and rescue a women. We have no visual ID of the target, so the husband will do that for us, using our action cam. The plan is for the eight of us to HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) jump on to the target building. After that we will bring the target to extraction point, and then fly directly to Fei Kingdom. Any question?"

Feli then raise her hand. "What kind of gear can we bring?"

"Stealth gear and the wire gear, our objective need speed and silent. So use silencer on all of your weapon. Any other question?"

Conrad then raise his hand. "Any intel about the site."

"None, only satelite photo, but we have drone suport, so we are not completely blind. But that is also the reason we need to do this silently. At least until we have the target. Okay, anymore question?" After making sure there are no other question, I then continue "Alright ready your gear we'll move out at 2300 hours. Dismiss." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Me and my men then ready the necessary equipment. Right now I'm checking the wire gear. At first the prince gather ten men for this squad, but one of us die when special training, and the other one quit because of it. The special training is a training for us to use the wire gear. It's a gear that allow us to swing around using wire, like a spider using it's web. The Prince himself who invent it. It's a combination of magic and science. Create a new metal wire using science, and then using magic to shot and retract the wire. We need good balance to use it.

When we first training using this equipment the Prince said we will be the one that help him develop this gear. The first generation team that use this kind of tactics, what an honor. Now we will use it for the first time on a real mission. Because of this gear The Prince called our squad H.A.U.N.T.S. It's stand for High Altitude Urban Night Tactic Squad. There are only eight of us. I as the commander. Then there is Gwen, an elf as my second in command. The other are; Oman a wolfman; Feli a Rabbit woman; Mindi a catwoman; Conrad, Yuri, and Logan are human.

At 2250 me and my men already board the C-17 and waiting the go permission. 10 minutes later we have a go and taking off toward the Seren Kingdom. One hour later we almost arive at the jump point. I order my men to do equipment check. After all clear the loadmaster then open the back door and the red light is turned on. Not long after that the light turn green and then we jump out.

We jump from the altitude of 7.000 m. At 500 m we openup our parachutes. All of us manage to steer and then land at the targeted mansion. We then begin our infiltration toward the mansion. My men spot some guard. That's a good thing, it means that they are a chance the wife are here. When we inside, the husband told us using the radio that he have a painting of his wife in the living room.

Hearing that we then stop by to the living room first. Luckily there are no guards in there. After taking picture of the wife painting, we then split up to expand the search. We also use thermal vision google to speed it up. Suddenly Yuri called us to gather at the east wing stairs. After all of us arrive, he showed us a room being guarded by two people. Yuri already check using the thermal google, there is a person inside. Oman also smell a perfume from inside, indicating the person inside are probably a woman.

Hearing that I order Gwen and Logan to shoot the guards using tranquilizer. After the guards knocked out, we enter the room and bring the unconscious guards inside. We saw a women inside. It's the target. When the wife saw us she almost scream. But thanks to Feli quick dash she manage to cover her mouth. The wife got scared, but then I put earphone on her and let the husband talk to her, using video call.

"Rebecca it's me Sullivan. I'm defecting to Eldia kingdom. This people are here to get you out of Seren. It's alright, just do what they say." (Sullivan)

Because we afraid that she'll scream we keep covering her mouth. But after the video call, we ask her to not scream and just follow our order. She nod, Feli then release her. After that she start asking us.

"Where is my husband? Is our daughter alright?" (Rebecca)

"Both of them are alright ma'am. Right now they are at the Fei Kingdom. In exchange for your husband defection, he ask to get you to him." (Faust)

"I understand, I will follow you as my husband say. What is your plan?" (Rebecca)

"We will escort you to our transport. They will pick us up outside the city, near the west city gate." (Faust)

"It should be around one hour walk from here to west city gate. We should take a carriage." (Rebecca)

"No need ma'am we have a better way, it should take us around ten minutes. But it will be a tough ride for you. That's why you should drink this liquid. It's a drug for motion sickness." (Faust)

"Alright" (Rebecca)

Miss Rebecca then drink the drug. But I lied it's actualy a sleeping drug. After she drinks it she began to wooble and then passout. Oman then catch her before she hit the floor. We then strap her to Oman's back, because he's the strongest from us all. We then told the command that we have her.

After we secure Rebecca, we then quickly exit the mansion using the wire gear. The guards heard the wire sounds, and realize that the Madam is in our hand. They try to stop us, but with us fly around the buildings at 50 km/h even a horse wouldn't be able to pursue us. We then head straight toward the gate, flying from building to building using the wire gear. There are some soldier, stationed in a watch tower or some roof trying to shoot us with arrows. But we shoot them first using our gun.

In just 5 minutes we arrive at the west city gate. On top of the city gate, after we kill the guards there, I told Logan to deploy the balloon. We then connect our wire to the balloon and let the balloon fly up. After that we all stand on the edge of the wall. Then we heard an airplane sound. The same C-17 that drop us up, snatch the balloon mid air and us with it.

Luckily there are no obstacle in front of us. If we hit an obstacle, we would have died instanly. They snags us at around 150 m, it's a very dangerous thing to do. But we are elite, it's part of the job. They then pull us in quickly after snaging us. After that we check Rebecca's vital sign. She's alright, with no wound spoted. Our first mission is a success, and it only take us less than an hour to complete.

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    Thanks for the chapter and more chapters

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    Let me guess... That Wire Gear is that was a The omni-directional mobility gear from Kyojin right??? Wich one is it?? Origin one that used by survey team or second one that using gun as main weapon??? But from what i think of it must be the later huh.?? Nice one to put in the story... Thanks and keep it up.. 👍👍👍

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