29.85% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 20: The Great Golden

Chapter 20: The Great Golden

Alphonse POV. At midnight I have confirmation that the mission is a success. Right now they are heading toward here. But I order them to change their destination to Hydra base. The base between the Fei and Ur kingdom hasn't ready yet. I can't show them that I can also summon building. Alicia and her people will fear me more. Now, my plan is to take Sullivan and Helena to Hydra base and meet his wife there. Alicia is also coming with me. She think she still wary of me. Because she said she want to hear Sullivan information directly. I have no problem with that.

In the morning, I took a shower, then change my clothes to a cassual black shirt and blue jeans with a brown leather jacket. After that me, Alicia, Sullivan and his daughter Helena leaving to the Hydra base using the black Osprey. Alicia also bring some of her guards.

On the way I saw my men flattening the road using bulldozer toward Missel and Fei Kingdom. A road already exists from Missel to Fei, so my men job is only to widen and paved it with asphalt. Alicia also saw it and ask me about it. I answer all of her question about my road making plan. Sullivan also listening. Not long after that we arrived at the Hydra base.

When we exiting the plane Alicia, Sullivan and Helena saw the base and become speachless. Alicia and Sullivan want to ask me about the base. But before they can, a figure suddenly hugging Sullivan. It's Rebecca. Because she wearing a uniform, Sullivan doesn't seem to aware it's her. Propably because there are no other change of clothes here. Sullivan and Helena then realize that the person is Rebecca. They then began to hugging each other.

After that I saw Faust walking towards me. He then salute me and give me the "Damsel" operation report. It's not a surprise Rebecca were angry at Faust for lying to her about the drug. After She wake up this morning, Faust got attacked by her. But after Sullivan and Helena arrive she completely forget about it. I then ask Faust to get informations from Sullivan and let Alicia hear it. Also to provide every thing that Sullivan family and Alicia ask for.

After all of that has been taken care of, I told them that I am returning back home to Eldia. Hearing that, Alicia then looks at me wierdly. She propably wonder why I am returing to Eldia in a time like this. Actualy my main reason to come back home is.... a new game. A new game from earth are coming out. I can't wait to buy and play it!!! Screw the war!!! This is one of the things that I will not miss even if the world are at stake!!! Except my old man, I will leave all behind if he's at stake. You can call me a weird person, but I have right to become weird person!

Anyway. I then ask my men to prepare the 'Blackbird'. My previous co-pilot want to try fly with me again, but I didn't allow it. I need him to stay here, for he is the best pilot after me. He understand and stay behind. But before I taking off I decided to create a new skill. Ultimate Magician skill. A skill allow user to become unparallel magician that capable to use even the highest level of magic.

When I'm in the air, I use the newly created skill to remove the wind in front of me. This allow me to travel even faster, because there are no more wind drag to slow me down. I can even travel at mach 7 while on earth. I decided to travel at 200 m altitude, just for fun. I can see the water split open when I passing by.

Suddenly I seem to hit something, it looks like a barrier or something. It making my plane to wobble around and I can't control it. I figure this plane is done for, so I ejecting out of the plane. But because I was going too fast, my leg and back bone got broke while ejecting. Fuck that hurt!

While parachuting I saw an Island. It seem the whole island is surrounded by a visual barrier. And that barrier is the one I hit. I quicly cast a healing spell for my broken bones while on air. I landed at the sea, so I cast a water magic to travel to the island.

It looks like a volcano island, in the middle of the ocean. It's between the Eldia and Namira continent, but still closer to Namira. Using fly magic I look around the island. It's a small island with no single soul, only small creature like bugs etc. But no other creature, not even birds.

After I finish looking around the island, I the check the volcano. Inside it I found a mountain of gold coins. This much gold are enough to make every citizen of a small kingdom become a rich person. Seeing this I began to check the gold coin to find out which kingdom is it from. I found out it's from various kingdoms. I see the allience gold coins, Seren's gold coins, even the Deora continent gold coins, but none of ours. I then take some of the gold coins to ask some of the Princesses about this.

But suddenly the golden mountain scattering around, then I saw a giant eye appear from it. And then a golden dragon apear from the golden mountain. It then roar at me.

"Who are you!? How dare you steal from me!!"

An ancient dragon, crap. From the sound of the voice it propably a female. This is going to be pain in the ass to deal with. I better explain everything to her. "I am sorry! I have no intention to steal from you! I just pick some of it to study it. Also to ask why is there are a mountain of gold here to my acquaintances!" I hope she understand that this is just a misunderstand.

"You think you can fool me!? What else do people come here for!? Many already try to steal from me! None of them succeed, and neither will you!"

She suddenly use a breath attack at me. I quickly dash to the side to dodge the attack. Shit, now I have no other choice except to beat her. I then summon a Mk 153 SMAW rocket launcher and shoot it at her.

BOOM! The rocket hit her thigh. Due to the Neumann Effect, even the tough dragon scales were unable to resist the blast. The blast damage exceeded the Hugoniotic elasticity limit of her armour and broke through, blasting a hole clean through it. Her whole left leg was blown off.

Because of that she fall down and wailing in pain. But even with that she doesn't stop and began to fly up using her wings. She then continue to shooting at me with multiple huge fireballs. I then use my fly magic to chase her. I also summon another SMAW to shoot her again. Seeing me carrying another SMAW, her shot became more intense. I then shoot again, but miss. I realize that long range are no longer possible.

So I then fly straight at her, while she dodging the rocket. When she realize that I was at her face, it was too late. I punch her down with both hand using body strengthening skill and body strengthening magic. She then plunges down towards the gold. A small tremor occur because of it. I then fly down toward her belly and punch it. The punch appear to make her unconscious.

While she unconscious, I better heal her cut off leg. After I finish healing her leg back to normal, I then return her gold coins back. I can't just leave her alone. So while waiting for her to woke up I start fishing using a fishing rod that I summoned. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

An hour pass and I manage to catch some striped bass and bluefish. When I turn around, I saw the golden dragon already up and in a sitting position, quietly watching me. I then speak to her. "Like what I say earlier, I have no intention to steal your gold. I just took some of it, to find information about this island."

"....." She just keep quite while look at me with smile on her face.

But then a light suddenly envelop her. The light then disappear and I saw her form change from a dragon form to a humanoid form. She have scale on her legs and arms, but her hand have five finggers. She also have a pair of wings on her back and a pair of Qilin(wiki it) horns on her head. It's like a dragonewt, but with scaly legs, clear face and a pair of horns.

I quickly close my eyes, because right now she's naked. I then turn around while summon some random clothes and ask her to put them on. Then I can hear her walking toward me. I thought she would wear the clothes I got for her, but it turns out she actually hugging me while still naked instead. I can feel her giant boobs touching my back. It makes my head spining.

She then speak to me, with a seductive voice beside my ear. "I was called with many name, The Golden Dragon, The Precious one, The Great Golden. And I have been looking for someone like you, for a very long time. Strong but also compassionate, fearless but still have a cool head. A person who has both of a seemingly opposite character. I want you to be mine, in exchange I will be yours."

DonSKun DonSKun

I change the title because of BlaqueLyte review.

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  • DragLord


    The dragon is smaug from the hobbit who likes gold

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    Harem com as princesas e o Dragão heheheheh😍😍😍😍

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