31.34% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 21: Promise For the Future

Chapter 21: Promise For the Future

Alphonse POV. Suddenly she teleported both of us back to the gold mountain. She then throw me down and rip my clothes. Right now I am butt naked just like her, with her on top, restrain me down. While on top she lock my head with her hands and forcefully kiss me. It's a very long french kiss. It makes my body limp and my 'son' hard.

After she finish kissing, my mind can only think of how sexy she is. That pure golden iris with cat like pupil and red lense eyes. That silky red hair. That H cup breast and her hourglass figure body with smooth skin that beat even a super model. That alluring face and smile. Every part of her is making my mind blank.

Seeing me like this, she then pull back and then start to licking and sucking my d. Her action make my whole body jolting. When I about to cum, she suddenly stop. She then wisper to me. "You will be my chosen one. The one who take many of my important first. The first to defeat me, the first to hurt me. My first love, my first kiss. My first lover, it has to be you."

"Now come to me, my beloved. Bury yourself in my bossom, and take my first time." While saying her last sentence, she lay herself down and open up her arms and legs, inviting me. I was hypnotized by it, and then, I slowly insert my d to her p. Blood then start coming out. This is my second time I lost my virginity. She also led out a short scream. A moment later she then told me to continue.

I then move my body forward and backward. I can see her face become more passionate in each stroke. When I almost cum, she suddenly say. "Call me by my real name. My name is Emma." For a great being her name is pretty normal. I then comply, and say her name while cumming.

10 hours later, both of us are now panting very hard and unable to get up. Her p are filled with my cum, and my d has gone soft. Right now she is lying on top of me, with her wings acting as blankets for us. But I still wonder about one thing. Why did she choose me?

When I ask her, she answer, "Because I've seen your memory. When you are fishing." I see. Memory reading magic sound usefull, but it has huge mana consumption. And it require a strong mind to cast. If the caster mind not stong enough, the information and knowledge from the target will literally, blow up the caster brain.

She then continue. "And I see that you are a person with big heart. You are forced to come to this world by this world god. He forced you to save this world. You hate and even oppose him. Yet you still help this world, even this world fate has nothing to do with you. On top of that you truly love your family from this world, and the citizen of your kingdom, even though you hardly knew them. A man that have such towering power, but still have that kind of humility, is a man destined for many great things."

Hearing her answer makes me blush. But then she also ask me, "why are you helping this world?" I answer her. "Because I can see how beautiful a world can be, if the war can be ended, even if it just for a short while. And being a Prince makes me realize, This world is a fine place, and worth the fighting for. Even if it's not mine."

She smiled and then kiss me. She then fall asleep and use my cheast as a pillow, while still naked, inside a dormant volcano. I can't move a muscle because the endless sex we just do. Few minutes later I also fall asleep.

Emma POV. When the sun came up I open my eyes, while Al still asleep. When I first met him, I thought he's just another thief or treasure hunter. But not only he manage to cut my leg off, he also beat me with just two blows. But after he beat me, not only he heal me back to normal, he also look sorry for hurting me.

In my 5.000 years of living, I have never knew, or even hear a man like that exist. He is a peculiar man. That's why I use memory reading on him. After I watch his memory, I ask him about it. And his answer only makes me love him more. That is why I decided to take him as my mate.

I then slowly kiss him until he wakes up. After he wakes up I propose to him. "Al, even though we just met yesterday, I realy in love with you. That is why I want you to be my husband. But I will understand if you rejected me." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

He then blush while scratching his head. He then answer, "Thank you Emma for saying that to me. But just as you said, we just met yesterday. That's why I am sorry, but I decline." I expeced that answer, but it still hurt. But then he continue "But It doesn't mean I hate you or something. It's just that, I like it if we get to know each other more. That's why I like you to be my girlfriend first. And if the time come, I will be the one proposing. Are you ok with that?" Hearing that makes me happy. I then give him a hug and a deep kiss.

After that he told me that we better go to his kingdom and explain about us also about his disappearance. He then summon some clothes for me and him. I decline to use it. Because if I change to my dragon form, the clothes will go to pieces. Al say he'll be the one to fly us home, but I insist. I should be the one who will fly us to his home, I'm the one who challenges him and loss. He then understand and give up.

He then ask about the mountain of gold coins. I told him to take it all. My original plan is to give this gold to my marriage partner. Even though we're not yet marriage, I only need to seduce him with my charm, and he will fall for me. He asked if I was sure.I don't realy need money, maybe just to buy for some fancy food in a kingdom fancy eatery and some clothes to blend in.

He understand and then send all of the gold coins to his dimensional warehouse, an advance spell of spatial magic. I also capable to use it, but as I expected of him, to be able to use an advance spell even at such young age. After he finish moving the gold to his dimensional warehouse, we then began our journey to his kingdom, 2.000 km from here. It should take us 2 hours flight with my highest speed. At first I was worried If Al can handle the speed pressure, but it was not needed. He also summon a google to protect his eyes and a scarf to cover his nose and mouth.

When we at 500 km from his kingdom, I saw a couple of flying object heading toward us. It's a vehicle called airplane that Al summoned to this world. Al then summon a device called radio and begin to talk to the persons inside the airplanes. Al then said to me that the plane will escort us to the Kingdom.

Half an hour later we arrived at his white castle. I can see a man and a woman is waiting for us in the castle backyard. The man is Al father the other is a Queen from another kingdom called Missel. From what I see in Al memory, she's also eyeing on Al. But I will not let her take Al from me. After that I landed in front of them. Both of them surprised to see me, especially Al father. He propably knew who I am. I then transform to my humanoid form, and Al then summon a large towel for me. After that I introduce my self to my future father-in-law.

DonSKun DonSKun

Sorry for the delay.

My cousin just got married and I got busy with the party.

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