32.83% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 22: Possible Problem in the Future

Chapter 22: Possible Problem in the Future

Erwin (Al dad) POV. My name is Erwin Silvario. The second king in this young but advance kingdom. Like my father I only marry to one women for life, Eliza. She died of illness, when Al still 5 years old. I don't have any sibling left after the unifier war. The war that unified this whole continent led by my father, and the reason he became a king. He also the first person that have an idea to fight the war using firearms, and the reason we managed to win the war.

I still remember the look on his face when telling me war story after I ask him about it. The look of regret. At first blackpowder only used for explosive. He then has an idea to use blackpowder to shot a projectile. And so musket and cannon are invented. After my father saw what a musket and cannon can do, he realize, he has bring a fearsome weapons to this world.

But after I saw the weapons that my own son summon, what my father do is just a small thing. A musket that can shoot repeatedly called rifle. A cannon that can shoot faster and further called artillery. A horseless carriage called car. A flying vehicle called airplane. and many other things.

It's all started after Alphonse wake up from a deep sleep, and manage to obtain this 'summon other world item' skill. Alphonse said he got this power and knowledge from god. He also told me the reason god give him this skill. A powerful kingdom on other continent have a king with evil intention. And he will come here after conquering the entire kingdom on that continent. That's why Alphonse use this power and knowledge, to prepare us for that king's attack.

But what my son has done is just as bad. He made our kingdom so advance, that even I the king, afraid of our own kingdom power. He also keep getting stronger and smarter each year. He even already have enough knowledge and wisdom to become a king when he still 10 years old. As a father, I was proud of him. But as a king, I was a little afraid of what he could do.

But after 15 years, everything I feared, fortunately, did not happen. He did not become drunken on his strength, but also making sure his summoned tools and weapon did not get misused by our own people. He also advancing our kingdom education to another level using knowledge from another world.

But there is one more problem about him, he never sought a mate. I tried to match him with our family friends, when he was 20 years old. But he seemed uninterested in women. First I thought he was gay, luckily it turned out that he wasn't. I found it the hard way.... I found some normal porn on his computer. I tried so hard to match him with any woman, I don't even care even she's a soldier, or even our own maid on that matter.

But then I found out that he would bring a guest, a queen named Origa, I immediately felt relieved. She wanted to thank us for helping her kingdom. But when I checked about their relationship, I became weak again. Just like before he seemed uninterested. I tried to match him with Origa, but again the future looks dark. After that I order some men to keep an eye of his favorite type of woman. After we find that out the rest will be easy.

Now, Al suddenly say he's coming back home with his possible future mate. But after I saw the person, I became more worried. The women he bring is one of six great dragon. I'm maybe the one who say any woman is fine, but the one he chose is just ridiculous. Why in the gods name would he choose to be with a walking apocalypse.

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There are six great dragon in history, symbolized according to their color. The dragon who's more aggressive and brave than anyone, her flame could burn the entire world to ashes, the fiery great red. The opposite of the great red, the always-calm avatar of the sea, who controls water and ice at will, the deep great blue. The dragon who can draw out the power of the earth, with roots plunged deep in to the earth, the mysterious great green. The dragon who controls the growth of living beings and light, the loving great white. The opposite of the great white, the one with the power to bring death to everything. the merciless great black. And finaly the one who currently in front of me, who knows every inch of the skies and even controls the heavens, the heavenly great golden.

And all of them have the power to easily destroy a kingdom in just one day. Even so, Al seems to realy like her. What the hell happen between them, to make Al like this. The good thing is, no person will crazy enough to attack here with her around. But still I can expect some possible problem in the future. Well, in the end, that will no longer be my problem. After Al finish taking care of that problematic king, I will step down and crowning Al as the next king.

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  • Orcanaman


    "YEAH my son has essentially done EVERYTHING that would put me in a grave from stress SOoooooo i'm going to counter by throwing it all back at him when he's distracted"

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    Thanks for the chapter Plz no another POV for the next chapter The story stagne

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