Chapter 23: Bad News

Emma POV. It appears that this old man is Al father. This person will be my father-in-law, even though I'm older than him. Well I am more than 5000 years old, almost nobody is older than me. Anyway, from Al memory I can tell he is a good man, and great father. Not only he believe in Al story, he also helping Al with that damn god request.

That smug looking elf apparently, is this world god. Not only he's not doing his job, he even push it to unrelated people. No wonder this world is in chaos. Three continent unable to contact with each other, because of the ocean monster are too strong. The only vessel strong enough to kill or drive it away are the destroyer class that Al summoned. Any less than that are just not possible. The only way a person go to other continent, is by air. But a wyver are not strong enough to fly faster and longer to reach other continent. That's why many kingdom are trying to control a dragon. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Anyway father (in-law) invite me to come in. Inside he then ask Al to check information obtained from Sullivan, and then ask for me to speak with him in private. He lead me to the oval office. There he ask my reason to courting Al, even tho I am a great dragon. So I told him what happen yesterday, from when Al accidently found my island, to when I make love with him, also about our promise.

Hearing that make him surprised. He suddenly stand and laugh until he choke, after that he thank me for making his son aware of women. I don't know why father said Al unaware of women. But then I remember, Al always working, and while resting he always either sleeping, eating, or play video game. Father must have thought he doesn't have any interest in women because of that. It must be hard dealing with Al as his parent. We then talk about Al past also this kingdom history, to prepare me to be Queen for when Al was crowned King.

When we're talking, Al suddenly enter the room and say "Dad we must speed up our attack." Father then got confuse and ask him to explain the reason. Al then give his father the paper he's holding, and then give him his reason.

"From the information we got from Sullivan, King Thomas manage to capture, then breed a high dragon. They already breed more than 1000 of them, using lesser dragon for high dragon mate. Around 500 to 700 of them already combat ready. If we let them to breed more of dragon, our air force will be in trouble. That's why, we should speed up our base building in Fei kingdom, and immediately attack."

Father then think for a moment and then ask Al again."Then how are we going to speed up the base building. From your report you don't want to use your power to summon the necessary building there, because it can cause fear to Princess Alicia. That's why the new base building will take more than 4 months right?"

"Yes, that's why I propose, we should change the base plan. We will use this base as a car pool. We will sent all of our ground forces from the Hydra base, to this new base. So tanks, cars, artilleries that can't be air droped, will be sent there. We then sent the necessary airforce to the Hydra base. After that we should have the capability to sent ground and air force quickly to Seren."

"Then how much time needed to do that?"

"It should take us around 20 day to build the garage for vehicle maintenance, and 3 to 5 day to send the ground force. Then for war preparation should take us a week."

"So all and all, we can start the war in less than a month... I understand, I will address the kingdom. Al, you begin the preparation. What about you Emma? Will you follow Al or stay here?"

Father suddenly ask me, but my answer is obvious. "I will go with Al. You also can count on me when at war. A high dragon are nothing for me."

Father and Al then smile after hearing my answer. Al then reached out his hand, inviting me to come with him. I then stand and take his hand.

Comments (7)

  • StressedByHW


    Princess already fears him

  • Zabkiel


    eu tenho um monte de novel na minha biblioteca é bem capaz mesmo

  • SucoDeFruta


    Hehehehehe claro os autores demoram demais para atualizar ai eu tenho que procurar outras histórias ne hehehehe ja ja a gente se encontra em outra história hehehhe

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