37.31% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 25: Plan of Attack

Chapter 25: Plan of Attack

Using the Spy satellite and the SR-71 Blackbird, Eldia are capable to watch Seren kingdom every movement. From the dragon riders new training, to new weapon development, all are recorded. Too bad, even now, Al haven't been able to smuggle spies to Seren, and now the city is on a lockdown. But even if Al only have visual Information, that will be enough. Because Al have Sullivan. With Sullivan's information about Seren, Al manage to locate the key location.

First the Dragon stables. Originaly, there are more than 50 Dragon stables, scattered in Seren kingdom territory. Some are in the mountain post, some are in the border post, and the biggest 10 are on the capital. All stables that on the Seren's capital city are capable to accommodate about 100 wyvern, or 80 lesser dragon. Now base from the satellite picture, there are 10 new big stables outside the capital's city wall.

Second the minister building. All of King Thomas minister are on this building. It sill be wise to capture them. They can search the next Seren king candidate there. Also in the event if the attack doesn't work, it will make Seren's main goverment infrastructure, will be in complete chaos. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Third the barracks. There are 8 barracks in the capital. Each barracks at least have 500 men ready inside. During war time at least 2.000 men max.

Last the Palace. Sullivan have been there many times. With his help Eldia manage to make 3D blueprint. Sullivan point out all of important room. Like the guards room and their pos, throne room, the king's bedroom, king's study room, and any possible room that the king will be in.

With his fast learning skill, Al already knew all things about the art of war. Now using the war knowladge and this four information, Al start making the attack plan for the last month. He also made slight modification of the plan base on enemy movement.

The attack will consist of three parts. Fast bomber attack, Airdrop, and then ground assault. First Al will sent 30 A-10 Warthog to bomb the dragon stables that in the capital, with two F-35 Lightning II escort for each Warthog. The A-10 will be loaded with cluster bombs, while the F-35 will use the air-to-air mission loadout to take out the patroling dragons.

Then, after the sky is clear, Al will then sent out the paratroopers, using the newly summon C-17 Globemaster III from the Hydra base. He will sent 10 Globemaster with 100 paratroopers in each plane. They will be droped near the city gate and start clearing nearby enemy.

After the paratroopers landed, 50 V-22 Osprey will be arrived to send in the also newly summon M1161 Growler with it's crew of 4. The M1161 Growler are the only tactical vehicles that can be carried by the V-22. Al will also send in eight Mi-35 Hind, eight AH-64 Apache, eight AH-6C for air support; and twenty Bell UH-1, ten MH-6C, twenty UH-60 Black Hawk for airdrop inside the city.

While the Airdrop mission is starting, they will also start the ground assault. The ground assault will be made of twenty Tardec RST-V, ten IMI Combat Guard, ten GAZ - 29651 Punisher Troop Carrier, and twenty M1A2 Abrams tank. Each Tardec RST-V also bring in at least, four SMAW. The ground assault will start with destroying the mountain post and the border post. Then they will continue toward the capital to support the paratroopers.

After making the plan, now Al present it to the 3 Eighth tier Generals. The Generals then discussing about the plan with Al and each other. After debating, the plan is slightly modified by the request of The Fleet Admiral. He request the naval force also have a role in this fight. In that request, Al then order all six Zumwalt-class destroyer to do a artillery support for the ground assault. After the discussion ended and the plan is approved, now all they need to do is execute it.

After the surrender deadline has past, it is certain that Seren kingdom has no desire to surrender. Al then declaring that the attack plan is a go. All necessary equipment are ready the attack will start in the day after tommorow.

Comments (3)

  • DonSKun


    You know spy satelite has a weakness. If there is a thick cloud, it can't see anything, unless using thermal image. That's why I also add the Blackbird

  • User388



  • User388


    why would he still use the SR 71 if he has a satellite, that is literally the reason why the SR 71 was decommissioned

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