Chapter 27: War (2)

After the A-10 and F-35 finish their main objective, all of them are returning to base. Unfortunately 2 of the A-10 and 7 of the F-35 are lost because of enemy lucky shot, or air collision with a dragon. But the good news is, all of the pilot safely ejected. Now inside one of the C-17 Globemaster III, a paratrooper commander start preparing his men to jump. "We are jumping in six minutes! Are you fuckers ready!!" his men then answer "YES SIR!!!".

"Alright then, STAND UP!!!". after that all of his men standing. "HOOK UP!!!" the men then hooking up their parachute rope to a wire on top of them. "EQUIPMENT CHECK!!!" after that his men start checking the equipment of the person in front of them. One by one, from the front to back of the plane, the men do a thumb up, indicating all ok. When the men in front of the commander do a thumb up, he then signal the loadmasters all ok.

The loadmasters then open up both of the side doors, and the red lights are then turn on. The C-17 pilot then speak using the loudspeeker. "Speed good! Altitude good! Weather good! Green! Green! Green! Jump is a GO! GO! GO!" The red lights turn green. The commander then say, "Green light, JUMP! JUMP! JUMP!" One by one his men then start jumping out from the C-17. 49 men on the left, 50 men on the right. After making sure all paratroopers are out the commander then speak to the loadmaster. "Opposite door are clear, cabin are clear, I'll see you when I see you." He then also jump.

Outside, the Seren's soldier are watching the paratroopers jumping out of the airplane. They were unable to do anything, because the weapons on top of the wall were destroyed by the A-10 bombs. There are 500 men jumping in front of the west city gate, the other 500 are jumping in front of east city gate. When near the ground, the paratroopers then drop their front bag as an anchor. Some of them got stuck on a tree, but the other quicly help them.

After that, all of them then quickly moving toward the city gate, clearing the enemies there, while shouting them to surrender. If the enemies refuse to drop their weapons, they will be shot immediately. Some of the enemies are surrendering. Enemies who surrender are then handcuffed to a pole or fence and marked their clothes, so the other wont shoot at them.

Not long after that, propeller sound can be heard. It's the aircav, they have arrive. The soldier inside the blackhawk are now rappelling on top of the city wall, clearing the wall.

The MH-6C scatter around and landed on top of random tall building to drop off the soldier there. The soldier then start giving cover fire for friendly that on the street.

The Bell UH-1 are also scatter around. But the difference is, the bell landed on the wide street. Because some of the passenger is large demihuman, like a Bigfoot, or a Minotaurs. This kind of demihuman are usualy used by Al for ammo carrier, or heavy weapon user. But they tend to eat up space. One Bell UH-1 can only bring 2 minotaurs or 4 bigfoot.

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Then the V-22 Osprey arrived. They can't land inside the city, so they devided them self, and land near one of already destroyed city gate. When they land, the back door then open up, and the M1161 Growler are coming out. After the Growler are out, the Osprey then immediately returning to base.

On top of the wall, a team of Eldia soldier are clearing a guard post. They use the cable camera to take a peek inside the guard post room. They then spoted 8 hostiles. First the team leader told the men inside to surrender, but none of them are responding. Because of this, the team leader then order his men to breach the room. His men then stick an explosive to the door. After that, the team leader give the go order. His men then detonate the explosive, causing the enemy inside stuned. His team then entering the room, and kill all enemy inside. After making sure the room is clear he continue to the next room.

Inside the city, one of the heavy weapon user minotaurs are trying to clear a barrack with 3 team of regural sized soldier. The minotaurs are holding modified M134D Minigun on his right hand, and modified MK-19 AGL on his left. He also carry 2 huge metal backpack, containing both of his weapons bullets. And with a special armor he's wearing, it makes him look like a two legged tank.

The enemy inside the barrack are shooting crossbow at the minotaurs, but they just bounce of. The minotaurs then shoot his modified MK-19 AGL at the enemy. Pomf!', Pomf!', the sound of the grenade launcher was a lot less intimidating than the Minigun chainsaw like sound. However, the effect of one shot didn't even begin to compare.

Two shot were fired. Boom!! Boom!! One hit the barracks door destroying it. The other go trough a window and exploded inside. Screem can be heard from inside. But the enemy just keep on shooting (crossbow bolts) at the minotaurs. The minotaurs then continue shooting the MK-19, until the building are almost collapse. Seeing a building easily got half destroyed like that, the enemy in the other buildings are then surrendering. Mean while, Al are currently walking with Emma toward the other barrack.

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