Chapter 28: War (3)

Emma and Al are currently in one of enemy barrack. They easily destroy it. Emma turn into her dragon form, and slam one of the building into rubbles. Al on the other hand, use gravity magic to destroy his targeted building, pressing it until it become a flat land. They then continue walking leasurely, toward the castle.

On the other hand, near a dragon stable, 5 infantry units are currently engaging enemy cavalry, a dragon cavalry. Some of the soldiers manage to shot down some dragons using the SMAW. But the dragons number are just to much for them. Leaving with no other choice, the units leader then ask for fire support.

"Specter this is Unit1. We have large number of dragons in front of us, north east dragon stable, requesting fire support." Specter is the call sign for the AC-130 that currently flying around the city. "Copy Unit1. Fire support granted, clear out." The AC-130 pilot then performs a pylon turn, flying in a large circle around the target, therefore being able to fire at the target for far longer than in a conventional strafing attack. Then the gunners shot their 25 mm GAU-12 Equalizer cannon, L60 Bofors 40 mm cannon, and 105 mm M102 howitzer at the dragons.

The M102 have enough firepower to melt a tank. Even Emma will have a rough time when shot by this weapon. When the shell hit one of the dragon, it completly engulf the dragon, and even wound the nearby dragons. The GAU-12 and L60 also shooting at the dragons. But unlike the M102, both of them are automatic cannons. With their higher rate of fire, the dragons just keep on falling from the sky.

One of the rider realize where the shot come from. He then try to attack the AC-130, but the L60 quick shot are impossible to evade continuously. The dragon manage to dodge 2 rounds, but the third round manage to hit it right on it face. The dragon's head are completely gone, and the rider then fall to his dead. The AC-130 keep on shooting for nearly half an hour, until no more dragons sighted. "Specter this is Unit1. All enemy is KIA, Thanks for the help." The dragons are cleared, now the infantry can continue clearing the way.

On the other hand, far from the capital, on the north west border post. "Commander Gil, a messenger from the north border post is here. He said the north border post is under attack, Commander Nix of the north border post are requesting reinforcement." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Commander Gil and Nix are brothers. Both of them were appointed as border commanders by king Thomas, as a gift for their loyalty to him. Hearing his own brother is in danger, of course he's not going to just stay silent. "Prepare to move, we will immediately go after the men ready. It's 2 hours ride form here using a horse. Sent the dragon riders first, they should be faster. Also get all information about the enemy from the messenger."

Gil's right hand men then run off and start assembling the men. In just 10 minutes all the men are ready, proving the great discipline that this post has. According to Gil's order, the men then begin to move out. The gate guards open the gate wall, to let the cavalry move out. But when the dragons crossed the defensive wall, suddenly multiple explosion erupting on the dragons. Shocked by the explosion, Gil then stop his horse. He saw 4 dragons and their rider, died simultaneously.

While Gil still wondering who or what is the cause, another explosion erupt. This time it happen on the gate. The explosion causing the gate collapse, killing the people that happens to be under the gate. Gil then saw 4 giant metal box, moving toward the post. It's the M1A2 Abrams. The Abrams then start shooting at the cavalry. Gil then realize that his brother Nix is already dead. It is not possible, that his brother would let enemy go trough him, unless he's dead.

Anger start swelling within Gil's heart, he then charge at the Abrams. But, in a few moment after he move, the 120 mm high-explosive anti-tank warhead (HEAT) round from the Abrams, hit his horse. The round then exploded on impact, Gil and his horse are completely disintegrated. The only thing left of Gil, is his helmet that flew off. In just an hour the post has been captured by Eldia. The enemy that surrender or escape are left alone. The ground force then continue toward the enemy's capital.

On the south west, south, and south east border post, the situation is still peacefull, but not for long. These 3 border post are near the sea. The 6 Zumwalt-class destroyers, is preparing them self to enter the war. The Fūjin and Raijin are targeting the south east border post, the Kotoamatsukami and Sarutahiko are targeting the south west border post, while the Tenjin and Tsukuyomi are targeting the south border post.

The 6 Zumwalt-class destroyers use the spy satellite to accurately target the posts. Inside the Tenjin, the Fleet Admiral made a small speech. "To all ships, this is the Admiral speeking. Today the war has begun. Now, in accordance with orders from the prince, we have a job to do. Now, let us begin the operation."

All of the captains then give an order. "All units, stand by! Target, enemy border post! Ready the naval gun! Open Fire!" The XO on each ship then relay the captain order trough the radio. The weapons officer in the CIC on the Tenjin then execute his captain order. "Target, Tango one. Elevation zero six zero." The cannon then began elevate to 60 degrees position. "Naval gun, start firing!" The two 155 mm naval gun then began firing.

On the south border post, the enemy are tense. They're waiting for any possible of Eldia attack. Suddenly, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Four explosion erupt inside the post. A few moment later, another four explosion erupt. One 155 mm gun can shoot with an average rate of fire of ten rounds per minute using a water cooled barrel. In just 2 minutes, and almost 250 LRLAP (Long Range Land Attack Projectile) round, all three border post are gone. Leaving only large amount of craters, and some body parts. No man, horse, dragon, or even a mice survive from all three border post.

Comments (5)

  • Orcanaman


    in these novels magic is usually used to supercharge science where they use it to leap any logic gaps they can with it.....however they SERIOUSLY weakened magic in this story cause for example a Dragon would need at minimum 100 years to mature and they would be able to take a tank solo easy ht with flying, fire breathing, body reinforcement, minimum intelligence of a five year old, and whatever other abilities the get the beings described in this story would at most be wyverns

  • lightnovelfan


    this might turn out to be the fastest novel ever XD

  • lucifer_brightest


    But where all the magic. It's mostly tech

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