Chapter 29: War (4)

At the enemy capital, the fight is still continuing. From the moment he saw the Globemaster droping down large amount of soldier, King Thomas knew that this will be the end of him. Ability to send an army to where ever he want, is just a dream for him. But the enemy in front of him are doing just that. But even so, he still refuse to give up without a fight. He order all of his surviving men to gather, and strengthen defenses around the palace and the inner wall.

On the street, the Eldia soldiers are clearing the streets, block by block. The civilians, do not dare to stop the Eldians. Some of them can be seen, peeking trough the windows. After a while, one of the paratroopers commander sense something strange. He then report it to the others. "This is PT four to all units. The west side blocks are empty. No hostile movement what so ever, only some civilians sighted. I think they are retreating."

The other then answer. "This is PT twelve, roger that PT four. East blocks also the same. I spot some hostile infantry from the barracks. But that's it, no dragons, no cavalry, nor support spoted."

"This is Unit three. Same on the north block. My men also spoted the enemy retreating toward the palace."

Hearing this report, Al then quickly make a call. "POE to Spooky, come in."

"This is Spooky, what can I do for you?"

"I need you to search for any possible enemy position. How copy?"

"Roger that POE. Begining air recon. Out."

The AC-130 then start to decelerate. Inside the AC-130, the gunner then use their thermal vision camera to spot the enemy. At first they can only find some civilians hiding inside the buildings. But then, they found the enemy. They are regrouping at the palace wall. The pilot then contact Al. "POE, this is Spooky. The remaining enemy are regrouping at the palace. Be adviced approximate enemy is around 10.000 plus dragons and heavy weapons. Over."

"Roger that Spooky. Thanks for the info."

"Another news POE. In 10 minutes I will bingo fuel. I need to turn back. We'll try to thin out the enemy first. How copy?"

"Roger that Spooky. Thanks for the assist. Out."

The AC-130 then fly toward the enemy. After the AC-130 arrived at the perfect shooting position, the gunners then began to spend their bullets. They just keep pulling the trigger, like there's no tommorow. The palace wall quickly turn to hell. Some of the auto balista is destroyed. The men near it also killed. Some of the dragons rider are trying to stop the AC-130. But like before, they just can't escape the rain of bullets. 10 minutes later, the west side and the north side of the palace wall, are almost cleared. Some lucky enemy and some auto balista survived the attack.

The AC-130 then turn around and returning to base. The paratroopers and infantries, quickly use this opportunity to attack. They breach the doors and gates using some C-4, killing some enemy behind the doors and gates, and quickly storm the wall. The combined force of the eldia's paratroopers and infantries, is unstopable. Inside the wall one of the infantry then use his under-barrel grenade launcher to destroy an auto balista.

After entering the destroyed gate, a bigfoot infantry quickly run to the top of the wall. He intended to control the high ground. Using his minigun he clearout the enemy on top of the wall. When he saw an auto balista targeting him, he quickly reach out the SMAW on his back using his left hand, and then shoot it at the auto balista. The auto balista and some of the enemy near it then fell off the wall. His action and looks almost the same as the Nemesis in Resident Evil movie.

While some units are clearing the wall, other units continue inside the palace. Al and Emma follow the units that entered the palace. Inside the palace, there are more than 100 royal guard. Every single one of them are dangerous. They wear a full plate mithril armor that boost their physical power. Not only that, they also use magical weapons. Everyone of them were very difficult to kill.

When the paratroopers and infantries shot their M4A1 at them, the 5.56 mm bullet keep bouncing off, leaving only some scratch. SMAW seems to be the only way to kill them instantly, but that's not an option. It's to dangerous to use a SMAW indoor. The AA-12 Auto Shotgun squad then step up.

They use the FRAG-12 ammunition for dealing the mithril armor. The FRAG-12, is a shell that will cause small explosion, each time the shell made contact. It also already proven to be effective against mithril armor. Even the purest mithril armor will dent if they were hit by the FRAG-12. Making whoever inside the armor, died of internal injuries.

Watching Al and Emma guarded by the infantries, the royal guards then targeting both of them, thinking that both of them must be weak but important person. But that was a wrong move. The seven royal guards that attacking Al and Emma, were instead killed by Emma. Emma use her wind magic to kill them, by removing the oxygen inside their lungs. Like a fish lifted out of water, they die slowly, suffocate. The Unit then continue toward the throne room.

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When Al and his team arrived at the throne room door, what awaits them is a pair of trolls. In this world, there are two humanoid creature that was deemed unapproachable or can't be reason with. First is the Devil kind, second is the Troll. The Devil kind is smart, and have tendencies to kill others. They think that the other being is beneath them. While the troll is a 7 to 10 meters tall giant idiot, that will eat anything, or anyone. Despite troll giant body, they were easy to kill. Their weak point is basicly the same as human. Head, heart, genital, etc. One just need enough power to cut trough the troll skin, and that's it.

But the trolls that guarding this door is different. Both of them is at least 10 meters tall, they also wearing a thick armor and holding giant iron mace. Seeing this, Al then make his move.

DonSKun DonSKun

I am very sorry for the long delay.

I got no excuse.

Comments (6)

  • Crazycatladyjessy


    Please go thru with spellchecker and fix your grammar errors. Some words are misspelled or wrong word. Or just don't sound right because wrong grammar was used. But great plot and flow of the story which makes it interesting to read.

  • Nuno


    i Have to say this story is really awsome, just wondering were will it go next.

  • EndlesslyHarem


    I just see something like GATE Anime's

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