44.77% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 30: I am A Cheater

Chapter 30: I am A Cheater

Al then borrow an AA-12 from one of his men, while approaching the trolls. After Al is in the trolls attack range, the trolls then began to raise their giant mace. But while the trolls raising their weapon, Al quickly run toward one of the troll. Al move so fast, he's like Kenshin Himura when Kenshin use his fastest move. Al instantly arive at the troll feet. He jump and then appear in front of the troll's face. Al then shoot 10 rounds of FRAG-12 ammunition, point blank, at the troll face. The troll helmet and his head, are gone, and the troll fall backward because the force of the bullet.

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Hearing the gunshot, the other troll then saw Al killed his friend. After Al landed, he quickly shot few rounds at the troll's left leg, causing the troll to lose his balance. While losing balance, the troll quickly cover his face using his left hand. Seeing this, Al know that he doesn't have enough bullets to penetrate the troll's hand. Al then throw the AA-12 back to his men, and then summon an Ōdachi Katana. Al then jump to the troll's mace, and then use the mace to make another jump toward the troll's right side neck. Al then swing his Ōdachi Katana, and cut the troll head and hand clean. The troll head and hand are then fall, followed by his whole body that turn limp, and then fall forward.

Al then summon a scabbard for his Ōdachi, while his men are preparing to breach the throne room. Al then give his men the breach order. His men then blow the breach charge, and then enter the room. The team saw, one man sitting on the throne seat, with no one else detected. Al then approach the man, with Emma followning behind him.

"Your Majesty King Thomas Seren, I presume?"

The man then stand up and then walk toward Al. "Correct. I presume, you are the man that Brutu talks about? Alphonse right?"

"Yes, we finaly meet with each other."

Al then told Emma and his men to clear out. He then seal this room with a sound barrier. Al also use the memory reading magic on Thomas. In a minute Al manage to watch, all of Thomas memory. What Thomas has done, can only be describe as horror. He killed his own father and relatives to make sure he get the throne. After he become king, although his citizens look prosper, they become a plaything for him and the influential people.

Like how one of his minister likes to torture children, or how one of his commander likes to hunt people for sports. The worse part is, not only Thomas doesn't stop them, some time he even join them. He make a kingdom, where the citizens only a life stock for the Nobles. Al grip the handle of his Ōdachi, wanting to cut Thomas to pieces, but he then calm his heart down. Thomas then ask a question to Al.

"Who are you exactly? And what did I do to make you attack me?" Thomas ask Al while crossing his arm.

"My name is Alphonse Silvario, Prince of Eldia kingdom." Al walk toward the window while continue talking. "And before I tell you what's the reason for my attack, I need to ask you a question. Do you know anything about the gods in this world?"

"A prince... well, that's a surprise. And for your question, what does it have anything to do with your reason? But, I will answer. There are three gods that I knew exist. First, the God of creation, the all colored dragon, Root. Second, the God of life, the elven, Slaine. Last one, the God of death, the human, Cratos. Now that I answer your question, will you answer mine."

"Before that, do you know which god is worshiped by the 7 kingdom alliance?"

More and more Thomas got confused, but he still answer Al's question. "The God of life, Slaine. Why?"

Al then look at Thomas. "That is the wrong move you made. Apperently, although Slaine is a lazy god, he still care for his worshiper. He send me to stop you from enslaving his worshiper."

Hearing Al's answer, Thomas begin to laugh. "Don't bullshiting me! A god, sent you, to stop me!? Just tell me your real reason. For land right!? Don't deny it!"

Seeing Thomas doesn't believe him, Al then put his hand on Thomas's head. Al use the memory reading magic to, in reverse, sent his own memory to Thomas. Al reveal his memory, of the day he meet the god of life, Slaine, to Thomas.

After Thomas saw Al's memory, he begin to laugh again. "HA! HA! HA! The even a god afraid of me! It's settled, I am the greatest king in this world!!!"

Because Thomas is screaming, Al close his ear. Then he burst Thomas's buble. "He doesn't afraid of you. He just care about his worshiper enough to protect them. Although, it doesn't stop him from being lazy."

Hearing this, Thomas then draw his hidden gladius, behind his back, covered by his cape. He then attack Al with fast multiple attack. But with Al power, he easily dodge Thomas attack. Thomas then took an Axe from the wall, and continue attacking Al. Al draw his Ōdachi and then chop Thomas's Axe. The Axe blade were flying and then stuck on the wall. Thomas then swung his gladius down, but Al easily avoid it, and even manage to counterattack. Al swing his sword horisontaly and manage to cut Thomas right hand that holding the gladius.

Because of the shock of losing his hand, Thomas then kneel down, and hold his right wrist, using his left hand. Thomas screaming in pain, while looking at his cut off hand, beside him. He then look at Al and ask him. "Why are you stronger than me?! Why do you have this power instead of me?! WHY?!"

Al then smile at Thomas and say. "You know why. Because I am a cheater." Al then do a quick four slash, cutting both of Thomas's legs and arms from the joints. Seeing the state he is in, Thomas then fainted. This war is now officially over.

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    Nah man.. I don't realy like harem. But if everybody protesting about it. Maybe, I will turn it into one

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    good answer because I am a cheater hahaha

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    Thanks for the chapter!! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

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