46.26% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 31: Public Trial

Chapter 31: Public Trial

12.27. After 6 hours and 27 minutes from the go order, the war has ended. King Thomas has been arrested, along with his top ministers, nobles and comanders. From the Seren Kingdom side, there are more than 50.000 soldiers died in this war, about 80.000 soldiers surrendered, while the rest are wounded. From the Eldia side, 37 Infantries and Paratroopers were killed, 9 airplane were down, with all of the pilot survived.

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Right now, Al is resting on Emma's lap, in one of the palace guest room bed, while his men are keeping the capital under control. At first, the men were short handed, but, at 12.55 the ground force is finaly arived at the capital. Al quickly told them to help the others. With the help from the ground force, the capital were now completely under Al's control.

After that, Al start visiting the ministers, nobles and comanders. He introgate them one by one, about they deeds. No good deeds unrewarded, and no bad deeds unpunished. He also ask Emma to help him. Al and Emma, use their memory reading magic, to distinguish, whether they were innocent or guilty. Out of 57 ministers and nobles, 20 of them were innocent, while only 2 out of 10 commanders were innocent.

Al then begin to carry out his latest plan. He was planing to held a public trial, at the square, tommorrow. He also ask Sullivan and the other kingdoms officials to join him when the trial start. Al then began the preparation for tommorrow trial, like building the platform, and making an announcement about the trial.

At night, Sullivan and his family, also all Princesses from the Order of chivalry has arrived safely here, using the Ospreys. Al then used this opportunity, to introduce Emma to the princesses. Among them, Celestine and Lulu seems to realize, who Emma realy is.

In the afternoon of the next day, around 12 PM the trial has began. Al then went up the platform, while the guilty officials were tied on a pole. Al then began addressing the Seren people. There he introduce himself and then give an explanation to the citizens, the reason why he attacked this country. At first the, crowd still look sceptical. He then show, records of crimes committed by officials, using the giant screen behind him. A scene of a small childrens being tied up then appear. Suddenly.

"Mia!!" One of the woman spectator then sream. Hearing this, Al pause the video, and called out to the woman. After the woman arrived, Al pull her up to the platform. He then ask her about the child. The woman then explain, while a little confuse about how to use the microphone. "Th-this girl is my daughter, she was missing, more than 3 years ago." The woman then ask Al. "Yo-your highness do you know where my daughter is?"

Al can only hung his head and close his eye. He then play the video again without answering her. This time, more and more people scream their acquaintances or family name. Then they watch, how the ministers, nobles and comanders of their kingdom, torture, ****, hunt, and kill the citizens. Their neighbor, family, even child were killed just for pleasure.

Horror scream and cry, erupt at the squre. The women beside Al, gone limp as she watch, how one of the nobles, torture her daughter to dead. Al then continue the trial. He then explain, "I use my memory reading magic, to find out what kind of person is the ministers, nobles and comanders in this kingdom. And what I found is a horrible scene."

He then point at the guilty party and continue. "Those people over there, were the culprit of the scene you just watch! They were the one who's torturing, raping, and even killing your neighbor! your family! your child! Just for the pleasure of it!" The citizens then look at the officials with rage in their eyes. Al then ask the crowd. "I ask you then, People of Seren! What do you want from them?!" The crowd then speak in unison. "REVENGE!!!" Al then look at the guilty party and speak to them. "Well then ministers... nobles... comanders... Your kingdom has spoken."

Al then lift up the women beside him, and point her the noble that kill her daughter. Al then give her his Ōdachi Katana, and say "Do what ever you want with him." Hearing that sentence the women then clench her teeth while tightly griping the sword. The noble beg her for his life, but the women don't seem to care and stab him in his eye.

The other noble beside him curse at the women. But what answer him is a man hitting him with a brick in his hand. The man action causing the others to join him. One by one the crowd picked up any avaliable weapon to punish the officials. Rocks, kitchen knive, hammer anything that they can find are then used to hit the guilty officials. It doesn't stop until all of the guilty officials stop moving.

After the people calm down, the guards then clear them out, so that they can check the officials condition. Almost all of the guilty officials are dead. A man manage to survive despite his face got destroyed, but the guard then shot him. Al then approach the woman, and take away the sword. While doing that, Al also say his condolences to the woman. The woman then cried while hugging Al. The guards wanted to take her away, but Al stop them. Al then console the women, until she release him.

Al then make a gesture to his men. The guard then bring one more man to the platform. This man has no legs nor arms, but everyone in the square know who he is. It was the king of Seren kingdom, Thomas Seren. Al then speak again. "Citizens of Seren, I suposed all of you know who this man is." Al made a short pause and then continue. "But, what all of you don't know is, that this man also take part in torturing, raping, and killing your acquaintances and family! Not only that, he force you to a war, that none of you wanted nor needed! Why?! Because he just want to! Regardless that war was necessary or not! Now, he will suffer for the decision he made."

At the final moment, every one will become fear for their life. Only a few, that capable to embrace death, King Thomas was not those few. Seeing Al approacing him, with the Ōdachi Katana in his hand, he begged Al to let him go, etc. Al then torture Thomas, using old triad way. He made 100 carefull cuts on Thomas body, avoiding his vital organs. After Al finished, Thomas were unable to move, he just sit there with no arms nor legs and a body full of cuts. He will die in a few minutes, because of masive blood loss.

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