Chapter 32: Next King

The guards then clean up all of the dead body, excluding Thomas. Al order, was to keep him there, until his last breath. After the clean up is done Al then disperse the crowd. The public trial is over. Al and other higher up, are then returning back to the palace. But because the roads in the capital is to small for a car, they have to use horses.

At the palace, Al called out to Sullivan and the other innocent officials. At first, Sullivan got scared of Al. Watching Al cutting Thomas like that, it's hard not to. Later in the evening, Sullivan and the others then arrived at the Palace meeting room. Inside, All and Emma already waiting, along with All member of the Order of chivalry.

After everyone has arrived, Al began explaining his plan. "I want to make an announcement. I was planing to made one of you, the next king of this kingdom. And the candidate I chose is you, Sullivan. But if the others don't agree with my candidate, I like to know who is the best person in your mind. There is no need to rush in deciding it, I will be here for a week. The only criteria is, the Order of chivalry must accept that person. That is all, the rest, I will let all of you discuss it." Al and Emma then exit the room.

All person inside the meeting room were confused. They always think, that Al will make Seren kingdom become Eldia's domain. But now, a new problem has arise. With the largest kingdom territory in this continent, the other kingdom, will surely won't accept the new king easily. Even if they do, they will propably take some territory for their own. Princess Celestine then began to speak.

"Because we respect Prince Alphonse, we the Order of Chivalry will agree to accept, whoever will be the ruler of this kingdom. With a certain price, of course. But that will be decided later, first, all of you must determine, who will be the next ruler." After saying that, all the princesses then exit the room.

Then, all eyes look at Sullivan. All of them knew, that Sullivan is basicly the only candidate. He have a magnificent record, knew the previous king, know how to be a good leader. And the most important thing, he has history with Al. There is nothing else to be discussed, Sullivan will be the next king. Knowing the others, Sullivan also knew, that they will choose him. He have no other choice but accept the throne. He then start preparing the negotiation with the others. After that, Sullivan search for Al, to ask him a question. He then found Al in the balcony, smoking.

Sullivan then ask Al for his reason to not take control of Seren kingdom. While smoking Al begin explaining. "My kingdom, is now controling a whole continent, almost four time the size of this kingdom. And big part of it, are still empty. Why would I want another territory, which across the ocean. I have no plan to colonizes other, nor I want to. Maybe in another 500 years or so, when my continent is full, my descendant maybe will do just that that. Who knows. But you can be sure, as long as I'm in charge, my kingdom won't do any harm to yours." Al said that while offer a cigarettes.

Sullivan then smile while taking one cigarettes from the pack. Al light it up for him. Sullivan then caugh, because it's his first time smooking. "Thank you, Al, for helping my friend kingdom. Even though we bring his child back to him, i'm sure he won't mind. Considering that child is the one who killed him."

Hearing that Al made a wry smile. "Well, good luck running this kingdom, Your majesty, king Sullivan. You can always ask for my help, for a price of course."

"Same to you, your majesty, Prince Alphonse." Sullivan then get back to work, and discuss the 'price', for all the trouble that Thomas made, with the Order of Chivalry.

While Al still smooking, his father video called him. When he answer his father suddenly got angry. "Hey!! I told you, don't smoke!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Al then put out his already half way smoke. "Yeah, yeah.... So, what is it dad?"

"Oh right I have news for you. When you come home, you will be a King."

Al then froze. He then ask with a contemp look in his eye "Why...?"

His father then cheerfully answer "Because I had decided, if this war is over I will crowned you king."

Al smack his forhead and ask again. "And you didn't bother told me because...?"

His father made a wide grin and answer. "Because I know if I told you, you will try to made some plan to run away from it." Al then made 'giku' sound. "Also, the important reason is, I want you to take Emma as your queen. It means marry her. So... to avoid raising a death flag, I didn't told you."

Al then snap "Forget the damn flag Dad!! No one is stong enough to kill Emma or Me!! huhh..." (Just when I thought I can take it easy...)

"Well that's true... but you never know. Anyway it's already been decided, so, when will you come home."

Al then grumble while answer. "What if I say, I won't come back?"

His father then smile evily. "If that's the case, I will tell Emma. I'm sure she's enough to force you home."

Al have no where else to run. "Alright.... I will back a week from now. But even as a king, I still want to go to front line, OK?"

"Well.. our family always in the front line, even as king, I don't see why not. Beside if you become the king, no one will refuse your wish."

"Alright then Dad, I will tell this to Emma and the others. Maybe they will want to come to both ceremony."

"OK. Take care Son." Erwin then end the video call. While Al just got a masive headache. In next week Al will become the next king will arise.

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