45.2% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 33: New God, New Problem

Chapter 33: New God, New Problem

After that, Al began gathering every one up, to give them the news. At the meeting room, Al then told everyone what his father has said. Of course, this cause everyone to congratulate him. He then invite them to the coronation ceremony. After that he also told them in few days after the coronation, he will held his wedding ceremony with Emma. Hearing this, Emma then jump into Al's body, giving him a hug and kiss. Seeing this, Alicia quickly close Prim eyes using her hand.

After that announcement, Sullivan told Al, that the negotiation is already finish. It's decided that, all kingdom that targeted by Seren Kingdom, will each recive, 5 percent of Seren's territory. Also for Fei and Missel kingdom, both of them will receive compensation for the attack on their territory. Hearing that, Al become rather sorry for Sullivan. But Sullivan doesn't seem to mind it.

After all finish, Al and Emma then return to their room, where Emma immediately strip Al naked after they arrive. Emma then push Al down to the bed, and take Al's hand to her breasts. Al then gently squeeze, Al become more aroused, in each time he squeeze. Al member had gotten so monstrously big. He then told Emma to have her take it. Emma rolled down on the bed and spread her legs.

Unlike her explosive chest, she was rather modest down there. The lips were faint, the hair was thin, and only the meat bud wrapped in skin was slightly large. Al start roughly kissing her hole and inserting his tongue and finally the time came. Al put his thing on Emma's belly, and slid it down.

"I'm going in" Al guided his meat rod to the magnificently wet hole. Al's overly enlarged D forcefully pushes apart Emma's hole and on the second stroke it forcefully open up the entrance of Emma's womb. Emma enjoy it so much she was drooling. Al buried his face in her pillowlike breasts and sucked on the nip, and finally came with both hands pressing her breasts together.

"Ah! Inside! Come Inside"


After 10 rounds ejaculating, Emma's belly swelled out and Al was going to pull out. But Emma bound Al with her legs. "If we get a child then you're going to take care of it forever, right?" Emma means that, Al should properly take care of any child should one come out. Al then kiss Emma in respond. When Al pull out, large amount of semen gushed out, and small moaning sound escape from Emma. Both of them then sleep soundly in each other embrace.

Suddenly, Al awake in an complete dark room. He then remember this place. It's the gods place.

Al POV. Why did he summon me again? To congratulate me? Don't think so, he's to angry at me for blackmailing him. But then, I can see someone approaching me, even though his feet doesn't move. He then spoke to me.

"Greetings, should I call you Al? Or are you prever the your previous life name?"

I can see his face now. It's a very handsome man, but why he's wearing a suit and sunglasses like in Men In Black? "Al is fine." I answer him. He then remove the glasses and introduce himself, while give out his hand for a handshake.

"Alright then, Al. My name is Cratos, God of death, nice to meet you."

I shake his hand while thinking, 'I knew it'. I then ask him, why he summon me here.

"I have another j.." "No." Before he finish, I already turn him down. He then act friendly while putting his hand over my shoulder. "Come on. I didn't even told you what's the job yet. I will properly reward you for the trouble." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

I then ask him again. "How do you know about me anyway. From what I learn from Slaine is that, he have no permission to send me to this world. So there is no way for him to told you about me."

"That's right. He even prepare that body for you, a body from this world, so that no anomaly can be discovered. But he forgot the most important thing." He then flip his hand, a light ball then appear. "This, is the soul of the body that you currently use. Unlike Slaine I take my job seriously. I found out, that a soul has left his body, but his body is still moving. So, I do my job and try to find out, what is possesing the body. Some kind of ghost or wraith." That make me smile. That shity god forgot to hide the evidence huh.

Cratos then continue "But then I found out that, another soul, that wasn't belong to this world, is inside that body. I then ask Root and Slaine about it. Fortunately, Slaine is a terrible liar. So, Root and I immediately knew it was him. With the help of Root's 'gentle' questioning, Slaine spill it all out." Man... I wish, I can see the look on Slaine's face.

"After that, me and Root supposed to return you back to your original world. But, that damn Slaine is pretty thorough for a lazy ass. He destroy your whole body in that motorcycle accident, making us, have no way to send you back. Sorry." Wow, a god that ask for forgiveness. I wish the suspect were the one who apologizing. Well, he's seems nice, I'll make and acception.

"Alright then, Cratos, I willing to listen for your request, but the matter of accepting is another story."

Hearing that a smile appear in his face. "Thank you, I realy appriciate it. I have similar problem as Slaine. You see, we the 3 gods, each managing a continent. That is also why there only 3 continent in this world. Each of us made a continent, and then left it to the nature. But some time, if there is a posible armagedon, or a war that is too destructive, we will intervene. Sometimes, by giving a skill to the right person, or giving them some direction to victory, or making some catastrophe."

"I see. But why Slaine not do just that?"

"Because that Thomas man is actualy also his doing. He give that man a conqueror skill by accident. That skill allow him to have neccessary luck, power, and skills, to dominate others. So none in this world, can stop him. That's why he need someone outside the box. You. We can remove the skill, if he ask Root. But he want to escape the lecture from Root. So he take roundabout way to deal with it."

""What a kid...."" Both of us protest at the same time.

"Anyway, my problem is, I got a checkmate. At my continent, Deora, there is a long war there. I plan to stop the war, after around 5 to 10 years. But some unexpected calculation appear. Now It's already occuring for 30 years. The unexpected calculation is, the new weapon that arive. They manage to invent some kind of new magic element, that obey the will of it's user. Using that new magic element, they manage to made a... Gundam, is it? They called it a Golem. Because this thing being invented, the war just keep heating up. What I need from you, is to stop this war."

A Gundam like weapon... This is going to be hard.

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