50.74% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 34: Revenge is Served

Chapter 34: Revenge is Served

I then ask him about the golem. "Any information about the golem? Any weakness or how they're being operated?"

"The golem height is around 18 to 20 meter. The golem it self were made of a thin iron as the skin, and that new magic element as their nerve system. Surprisingly they're pretty light, even your tank is heavier. The cockpit was located in center chest. They fight using sword, spear, shield, etc. But mainly they use a gun like weapon. Their gun use the new magic element to powered pistons that compressed air, firing the bullets."

I see. Their gun, rather than use explosion to push out the bullets, they use compressed air. And base from Cratos information, a SMAW, or magic with the same firepower, should be enough to destroy a golem. I then ask about the nations. "How many nations involved in this war? Also what is the cause?"

"There are 6 nations in total, devided in 3 faction. First, the Alteria faction, consists of Krisna and Alteria Kingdoms. Alteria is the biggest Kingdom in my continent, while Krisna is the smallest. Second, is the Mark faction, consists of Kaiser, Dowa, and Windel kindgom. Among this 3 kingdom Dowa is the biggest. The last faction is, the neutral faction consists of Sistine Kingdom alone. The cause of war is the Windle kingdom Royalty. Around 31 years ago, an arranged marriage between Alteria Kingdom Princess and Krisna Kingdom Prince have been matched up. All kingdom royalty were invited. Apperently, the king of Windle kingdom, have an eye on the Alteria princess. He then try to take her. But not only he failed, his attempt was discovered by all. Then, Alteria want to punish him. But then stoped by Kaiser and Dowa, because those three kingdom has the same ancestor. But they don't stop there. Not only Kaiser and Dowa cover Windle, they then strike Alteria, as an excuse of protecting Windle. Then fight between Alteria faction, and Mark faction happen. While Sistine kingdom that have no reason to fight, stay neutral."

Wait a minute.. "Then why the war doesn't stop yet. With that stupid as reason to war, I can't imagine they don't want to stop. Also, can't you just give a proper skill to the right person?"

"After 8 years of war, Alteria faction manage to get the upper hand. But then, some genius from Dowa manage to invent that damn golem. The Alteria faction then, got pushed back. Until, they manage to steal the golem blueprint, and made their own golem. The next thing I know the war just got more heated up. I can't give anyone a proper skill to stop this war, because there are no one worthy. Each time I give a skill to them, it didn't go well. The reciver always ended up dead. If I give them the strong skill, they just become power hungry. That is why, I need a powerfull third party, that can stop this war ASAP."

Make sense. A war this long will made anyone hate each other to much. An overwhelming skill, will only make it worse. "Alright, I can try. But I need your help. Also if things only got worse, I might need to use 'that'."

"Thank you very much for accepting. What kind of help. Also if you mean that 'that', I have no problem. Just properly rebuild later, OK?"

"Yeah I'll rebuild. I need a reason to join this war. That's why, I need you to made one of those two faction, to attack me. If possible The Mark faction one, I don't want to become friend with that rapist king. Also why they call themself Mark faction? Is one of them named Mark?"

"No, because the ancestor name that unite their 3 kingdom is Mark. Also I have a way for you to get attacked easily. I forgot to mention Sisitine kingdom send provisions to both faction, because both faction buy provisions from Sistine. First you must establish a trade with Sistine Kingdom. After that, I will work my way, to make Sistine ask for your help in sending the provisions to Alteria faction. When that happen, I'll make Mark fiction attack that supply delivery."

"Ok, I understand the idea. But can you make it the first time I send the provisions. I don't realy like to wait."

"Alright, I will do so. On the other matter, what do you want for your reward?"

Well this is a hard one. I can always do things with my 'skill make'. But there is still one thing that i can't do. "Can you make me able to punch Slaine for a few times?"

"Hmm.... Let me ask Root first." He then take a cellphone out and make a phone call. After saying a few word, he then end the call and say to me. "In a few minutes you can."

"YES!!!!!" I instantly shouted after hearing that.

Just as Cratos say few minutes later, a dragonoid man suddenly appear before us. Beside him Slaine being tied up to a chair and a gag on his mouth. Root then stick out his hand and introduce himself. "Hi, i'm Root nice to meet you Al."

I then shake his hand. "Hi, thanks for giving me this gift." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Not a problem. He deserve it anyway. Here, you will need this." Suddenly a glowing tatoo appear in both of my hand. "This is the God seal. With this your arms is basicly can hit the Immortals. After you done I will take it back, alright."

Hearing this, I bow down thanking Root with all my might. He just smile and give me a 'be my guess' gesture. I then look at Slaine. The horor in his face, is priceless. I have been waiting for this for nearly 20 years. "They say, 'one must honor the old, and the holy.' But not this time." And finaly, BAAM! BAAM! BAAM! BAAM! I punch him until he bleed, and just keep on punching. I hit him 7.200 times, that's a punch for each day.

After I finish, I give my thanks to Root and Cratos. "Thank you very much for the gift, If there is anything I can do for you, you can ask me."

Root then speak to me. "It's alright Al, you made my continent prosper, I can't thank you enough. I only ask, just keep it peaceful."

Now it's Cratos turn. "Just end the war in my continent, fast as you can. I will return you back to the world now. Good luck Al." Just like before the room then turn so bright I had to close my eyes.

When I wake up, the sun has just arise. Beside me, I can see Emma's cute sleeping face. And I think to my self, 'what a wonderful day'.

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  • Orcanaman


    what i got from this is "there was a war going on i planned to let it fizzle out but instead it escalated to giant robot level and i don't have anyone of sufficient moral level to turn into a hero so i tried to make due but the false heroes kept getting cocky and dieing so then i remembered how "Steve"(yes i went there cause i could) already had an over-powered hero and when i went to check he had just finished his last job so i was like cool can you come fix my problem?" Did i miss anything?

  • PineHeinKyaw


    make some promotion in facebook group and forum ur novel is very good u deserve more

  • 1st_crazy_king


    A das mine

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