53.73% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 36: The New 'Recruits'

Chapter 36: The New 'Recruits'

When Al and Emma arived at the meeting room, all other official already waiting for him. After that, Sullivan begin the meeting. "Ladies and gentlemen, shall we began this meeting." All of the participant are then sit down, while Sullivan men give out a piece of paper. But not like the brown parcement, this paper is pure white, provided by Al for this occation.

On the distributed paper, at the top it is written, "The Peace treaty" It turns out, this meeting is to check the treaty. The condition is.

1. Seren kingdom must admit, it's guilt for starting this war.

2. Seren kingdom must compensate, for all damage caused by this war worth of 5.000.000 gold coins. Especially to the Fei kingdom and Missel kingdom that was attacked by Seren kingdom.

3. Seren kingdom must return the territory that they took during this war. While give 5 percent of their own territory to the other kingdom.

4. Seren kingdom must provide necessary plot of land, to build Airport and Embassy for Eldia kingdom.

5. Other kingdom will only take territory that touch their own territory.

After reading this, all concerned party seem to have no objection, and approve this treaty. After that Al took out his own document. It's the trading treaty that he previously made. The contents are.

1. Eldia will open up a trade of civilians goods and food, to all kingdom in this continent. In exchanged of local food and magic ores.

2. Eldia will have permission to do a survey of resources in this whole continent, with supervision from local kingdoms.

3. If the discovered resources were needed by the kingdom on this continent, such as platinum, gold, diamond, mythrill, orichalcum and adamantium, silver, bronze, copper, ruby, emerald, saphire, iron, obsidian, coal and clay, Eldia will give the information of the mine to the land owner, and take 5 percent from the mining results, as finder fee.

4. If the discovered resources were not needed by the kingdom on this continent, Elida will then take them all, and will pay the mining tax to the local kingdom.

5. The duration of this treaty is one year. If all parties do not object, it will automatically renew itself.

At first, it looks like no problem with this treaty. But then the High Elf Princess Celestine ask Al, what are the uses of the 'not needed resources' to Eldia. Al can only answer "It's clasified." Al's answer make the other lose some trust of him. But Al doesn't seem to care about it. For him, it is necessary to keep his agenda a secret. Knowing she can't make Al give her the answer, Princess Celestine then back off.

After approving both treaty, and the others has left the room, Al then began chating with Sullivan. "You see Sull, I need more men back home. I'm sorry to say, the reason is clasified. While you need money. That's why I have a proposition for you. A large amount of slaves, paid using gold and silver bar. 5 kilogram bar of Gold for 25 slaves, and 5 kilogram bar of Silver for 10 slaves. With this price, I basicly helping you a lot, considering the situation of this kingdom."

What Al say is true. With Seren's current financial problem, any price will droped, even slave price. The price offered by Al is close to the regular price. While the current price, can get Al twice the number, of what he offer to Sullivan. Of course Sullivan quickly agree.

In the morning of the next day, Al go to the edge of the city to check the slaves. More than 2.000 slaves gather at the edge of the city, and this is just the first batch. Al also found out that the slaves are mostly demi-human, and the variety is more than Al imagine. He can see Elfs, dwarf, satyr, siren, warewolf/wolfman, cat people, minatour, bigfoot/yeti, lizardmen, dragonewt, monoeye, cyclops, oni, centaur, ogre, arachne, dryad, kobold and four arms species. Seeing this, Al become happy. Because some of them are not exist in Eldia. He also spot some female only demi-human species, such as bunny woman, harpy, and lamia.

After making sure all document is clear, Al then order his men to gather the slaves. After the slaves gathered, he then give an announcement to them. "Good evening to all of you. For some of you that doesn't recognice me, my name is Alphonse Silvario, prince of Eldia. I am the one who buy all of you." The crowd then become wary, some of them thought "who knows what he might do to us".

Al then continue "Tomorrow, my men will send you to the base, to then began your training. What kind of training you ask? Of course, it's military training. All of you slaves here will become my soldiers." Hearing this some of them become limp. The one who gone limp, are those who no longer has a strength to go to the battlefield.

But Al still continuing. "But fear not, some of you who is to old, unfit to duty, or have knowledge in medication, will be placed either in the kitchen, workshop/garage or infarmary." Hearing this, all of their faces then become bright. "Thank the gods" sound can be heard here and there.

"Also, after this, all of you will be given a health check, to avoid any possible infectious diseases that you might have. Then we will send you to the temporary tent, at the edge of the city for you to rest." Murmur sound, become louder. Some say "He provide us a place to rest?" or "With that alone he can be considered very generous."

"And the last thing is, if you don't make any kind of violation in my army, after 5 years of service you will be a free men and women." This last announcement made silent. All that could be heard was the sound of breathing until someone suddenly shouted, "Your Highness, is what you said true?"

"Of course, I has no reason for deceiving all of you. After 5 years I hope I can call all of you, my people."

"Your Merciful Highness," someone could not help but shout gently and soon there was cheering which quickly became louder. "Long live, Your Highness!"

A slave in the first row started to kneel down in front of the cheering crowd, following by the second and the third. Until suddenly, all of the slave were kneeling, the cheering sounds continually growing. The voice of the people finally combined into one rhythm. "Your Merciful Highness!" "Long Live, Your Highness!"

He clapped his hands and ordered his men behind him, "Begin the health check."

His men then order the slave to line up, and enter the 5 make shift hospital. Inside the tent, the docters and nurses then began taking blood sample, checking the skin and genetials.

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After finishing the health check, the slaves are then told to get their food in the kitchen. In the kitchen they then provided a tray, and told to grab the food by themself. But because the slaves got a little shy, one of the guard then demonstrate it to them. He take a tray, then put it in the railing. He then scoop up some rice and then slide to the next. He then scoop up some vegetables and then slide to the next until at the end he pick up a bottle of water.

The menu is made of rice or bread; peas, carrot, letuce, and corn salad; chicken soup or corn potage for the vegie only species; and fried fish. The guard also demonstrating how to open the water bottle, considering this is the slaves first time seeing a plastic water bottle. After eating, the guards then show slaves the tents location, where the slaves will sleep for tonight.

DonSKun DonSKun

I am very sorry for the another long delay.

A good friend of mine from junior high school, was found dead at the Roa Roa hotel, after the tsunami hit.

For those of you that have the power to help Palu and Donggala, please do so. For the only thing I can do for them is pray.

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  • Shadowles_Immortal


    Aw ok thanks for info.

  • DonSKun


    Cyclops is a large size demi human like bigfoot, while Monoeye is human size like in the monster musume

  • Shadowles_Immortal


    Wait isn't monoeye also a Cyclops? Or are they two different things cuz I though mono meant one? Meaning one eye like a Cyclops?

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