55.22% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 37: The Training

Chapter 37: The Training

The next day, in the morning, more than 250 Type 73 Heavy truck can be seen parked near the tent. Currently, the guards were guiding the slaves to enter the back of the trucks. When a truck full, the truck will immediately move to the hydra base. One truck, can carry around 20 human size demi-human and 3 or 4 large size demi-human.

Around 2 days ago, Al contacted the hydra base commander, to inform the commander about his plans to enlarge the troops. Then he ordered the commander to modify his base, to become a training ground for new troops. The commander then immediately asked the trainers to come, and then guide him, about what kind of modification needed for the new recruits training. He finish all of this, less than 2 days.

When the slaves arrived, all facilities and trainers were ready. Now, the 3 month of hellish training will start. But first, just as Al commanded, the elderly people will be excluded, and become the cooks for the new recruits. Minus the elderly people, the other 1.900 slaves, then began their training. The trainers then devide the slaves, base on their size.

The human sized species like the elf, satyr, siren, cat people, dragonewt, bunny woman, harpy, monoeye, kobold and four arms species, were trained by a human and elf trainers. Also although the dwarf and dryad were small, they to trained along side the human sized species. While the large sized species like the warewolf/wolfman, minatour, bigfoot/yeti, lizardmen, cyclops, oni, centaur, ogre, arachne, and lamia, were trained by a minatour and bigfoot trainers. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

After being separated base on gender and size, they were given a uniforms and barracks where they would sleep. The trainers said to the slaves that they are now called recruits, and they must be assambled again tommorow morning at 5 AM, while wearing their new uniform.

4.40 AM in the morning, some of the recruits already wake up, and preparing themself, while waking up their fellow friends. At exactly 5 AM the recruits already assambling at the field. A few of the tardy ones were then given 50 push up as punishment, also some beating and back as slave threat. They then began the morning exercises as warm up. The trainers also said every morning they will do this.

The first day, is endurance test. They must run a 10 km mountain route, in less than a 12 hours. Also no flying or magic allowed to those who can use them. The trainers also run along side them, while also use a drone to watch over the recruits, to make sure no one is cheating. After 7 kilometer, one of the elf were spoted cheating by a elf trainer. He was using body strengtening magic, to make him have more stamina. Seeing this, the elf trainer give a human trainer a sign. Both of them then approach the cheater, and then kick his legs. They them chew him up, and told him that his meal will be reduced for today. After the marathon, the recruits then eat their dinner. After dinner, the illeterate one, will begin their night study. They were made to study the basic reading, writing and calculation.

On the second day, the recruits were ordered to pass through a obstacle course. First obstacle is the parrarel bars, where they must pick their body up, using their hand, and musn't let their feet tuch the ground. Next, they must crawl trough a mud pool with barb wire over their head. After that, they must jump a low 4 meter wall with the help of a stepping stone, and climb a high 10 meter wall with a rope, while the large size species must jump a 10 meter wall and climb a 15 meter wall. Then, the 25 meter high, rope climbing. Then they must go trough 'the weaver' (google it). After that they must climb a 4-story building, with out using rope or ladder. At the top they must do a 'slide for life' (again, google it) a cross a lake. After that is the spider wall course (goo..). And at the end is the vaults course and the tire or rope course. They must finish the entire course in less than 10 minutes. And if failed he or she must repeat it twice under 25 minutes. After the training finish, they then eat dinner. After dinner they study again until 9 PM, and then go to bed.

On the third day, the trainers are introducing the firearms to the recruits. The trainers show the recruits, all they need to know about guns. How they work, how to clean it, and the most important thing, how to use it. First, the recruits were trained how to properly clean the weapons. Then disassembly and assembly. The last, operating it with and without the accessories.

The fourth to sixth day they repeat the marathon, the obstacle run, and the shooting drills. On seventh day, the recruits taught about the art of war and military codes. They also taught how to use common technology like cellphone etc, and military technology like the GPS etc. At the end of the seventh day, the second and the last group of recruits has arrived. The new group was around 5.000 recruits, minus 300 elderly people.

The new recruits were then introduced to the whole activities. This whole week activities will then repeated for another 8 weeks, for each group. Of course with slight modification from time to time. Like at the morning, even before 5 AM, the trainers wake the recruits with gunshot, and then blame them for not guarding the area or didn't prepare themself for an ambush.

After the eighth week, the recruits were then devided. They then can choose to become a standart rifleman, a sniper, a combat engineer, a medic, a granadier, a demolition expert, a mechanic, or a paratrooper, base on their training scores. Some of them, were also transfered to the airforce or the navy to become a pilot or a sailor. After that they will began another training for 3 month, base on their class and which armed forces. Also, if a 'master of all' were found, he or she will then transfered to the H.A.U.N.T.S. Also, for some reason, the majority of the people who choose demolition expert class, is a former builder.

On the other hand, when the first recruits were at their second weeks basic training, Al was crowned as the king of Eldia.

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