56.71% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 38: The Eldia's Think Tank

Chapter 38: The Eldia's Think Tank

After Al made a call to the Hydra base commander, he then made another call to the Eldia Research and Development, or what he like to say 'The Think Tank'. The head researcher there is Al's father good friend. His name is Vista.

"Good evening Prince Al, what can I do for you?"

"Hello professor Vista. I need to speak with all of your head researcher. Please round them all in 10 minutes."

"I understand." After that, Al end the call, and Vista quickly call out his head researchers. In less than 10 minutes, all of them already assemble, and Vista is now calling Al using the video call. Then, Al face appear in the giant screen at the meeting room. He then began the conversation.

"Good evening all of you, head researchers. I have a request for you." Hearing this the researchers become excited. It's been a while since Al ask them to develop something. The last time was the wire gear, that was used by the H.A.U.N.T.S. Al then continue. "As all of you know the war machine that I summon, have a terrible weakness. They need a lot of fuel to run. I need all of you to solve this problem. Also I hear the elf and dryad can't stand the pollution caused by our automobile. It seems, because the elf and the dryad is a species that close to a nature, the pollution also effect them. I also ask you to quickly solve this matter. If not, we risk losing the elf and the dryad. And the last one is, I need you to made me a portable storage space."

Hearing this, one of the elf researcher then quickly raise his hand. "Excuse me your highness. I might have the perfect solution for the pollution problem." Hearing this Al become happy and quicly ask what is the sollution.

"As matter of fact your highness, I have 2 sollution. The first one, is cheap, but it can only reduce the pollution not remove it. I manage to create a spell, that we can attach to the exhaust. This spell main function is to destroy carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC) that came out from the exhaust. But, a small portion of the pollution are still manage to escape."

Al think for a moment and ask the second solution. "The second, is quite expensive and have possible danger in the future. I manage to made an engine, that can harness mana in the air, and then turn it into electricity. The electricity then become the power for the engine. But as I said before your highness, this way can become possible danger in the future. And that problem is, the mana depletion problem. We know that mana is around us, but we never know how much. If we use this engine, and it turns out it consume all of the mana in this world, then what? Our world can turn in to a magic less world."

Hearing this, Al also confused. How does one make mana? Is it from the nature like oxygen. Or is it from the human and other species, no one actualy know. Al then think, there is probably 3 men who know the answer, the gods. He will need to ask about mana to them and then decide. He then speak again. "I understand. Let us study about mana first, and then decide. In the mean time, I ask the rest of you, to solve the problem with the war machine fuel consumption, and making me a portable storage space. By the way, what is your name?"

The elf then touch his left chest with his right fist, as a salute. "My name is Linus your highness."

"Good job, professor Linus. I expect more things in the future from you."

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"Thank you, your highness."

"Well then, I will let all of you begin your work. We will meet again in a week. And next time we will meet face to face." The researchers then stand up and touch their left chest with their right fist, just like Linus before. Al then nod and end the call. After that, the researchers then began their work. And they work non stop for the last 5 days, until Vista made a breaktrough, for the first problem.

He had an idea to made a nuclear battery to replace regular fuel. Even though it's dangerous, the positive side effect is beating the negative side effect. The first positive side effect in using the nuclear battery is that the consumption. One Abrams tank maximum operational range is 426 km, using maximum fuel capacity of 500 gallons of fuel. If they use the nuclear battery, the Abrams is estimated to be able to move non-stop, for at least a year. Also, because they are running with nuclear power, the pollution made by it, is basicly zero. While the negative side is, when the tank got destroyed, there is high possibility, that the battery will explode into a small nuclear explosion. But they still need to get the agreement from Al. That's why, they have to search for the other alternative option.

Then, 2 days later, Al arrived at the think tank. Vista quickly told him about his idea. But surprisingly, Al agree with Vista idea. Al told Vista to begin mass producing the nuclear battery. Fortunately, Al also had an idea to remove the nuclear battery negative side effect. He plan to encase the dangerous parts with adamantium. Because adamantium is even stronger than diamond, any sort of destruction to the war machine, can prevent the nuclear battery to cause a nuclear explosion.

Also, Al told Linus to use his second solution, the mana battery. At first Linus got scared and ask Al about the mana problem. But then Al told him, "I ask the 3 wiseman. When it's mana related, they have the most knowledge. And when I ask them about mana and how they were made, they told me that mana is created by a soul. So, as long as one has a soul, either it's a human, elf, dwarf, or even an ant and plant, a large amount of mana will be made. They also told me, a mana that constantly released by a person, is enough to run an engine you created." Hearing this, the researchers become stuned. Who is this 3 wiseman. And how they know the answer to the greatest question of all, 'where is mana come from'. At first some of them is sceptical, but then Al told them "How about you made a device to see mana. That way we can study how mana apear."

With that advice, the researchers also began to research a device to see mana. A week later Al then crowned as the King. But his third request is still unable to be solved.

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