59.7% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 40: His last days as a Prince (2)

Chapter 40: His last days as a Prince (2)

On the next day, after he wokes up and clean himself up, Al head toward Sullivan. On the way, some of the maid steal a glance at him and turn red. It's not a wierd thing, considering Emma and him just finish having sex for 5 straight days non-stop. Al also knew, that some of the maid is taking a peek at them few days ago.

When he meet Sullivan, Sullivan immediately scold Al for his deeds. Al quickly told him about Emma's requirement for having a child. Hearing Al's reason, Sullivan then tap Al's shoulder while say. "I'm sorry, it's must be hard for you, also congrats for having a child." Al then tap Sullivan's back as a sign of gratitude. Al then remind Sullivan to pack his bag, because this evening, they will depart to Eldia. Al also ask him to remind the others that want to come to Eldia, to do the same.

After that, Al head toward the camp, to meet the next group of slaves. There, he then told the slaves, the same thing as the previous group. About the millitary training, and their freedom after 5 years of service, also about the exception of elderly people.

Unlike before, Al quickly return to the palace. He was worried about Emma. When he back, a lot of maid is cleaning his room, while Emma is no where to be seen. He then ask one of the maid about Emma's location. The maid then told Al, that Emma is waiting at the veranda, while they (the maids) clean the room.

Al then thank the maid. But after he do that, the maid face is turning wierd. Al keep seeing this face, every time he say his gratitude to one of the maid. He then ask her why they do that. The maid then apologize to Al. It turns out, for them it was rare, for a person with status like Al to give thanks to them. Usualy, the others just brush them off after asking for something. Hearing this, Al let out a small laugh, and explain it to the maid. He was taught from young, that 'One must give his gratitude to a person who help him, no matter who that person is'. The maid then say 'your welcome' to Al while bow down slightly. Al just smile, then give a slight nod before exiting the room.

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When Al reach the veranda, he can see Emma is currently sitting in a sofa while rubbing her stomach. "How are you feeling?" Hearing Al's voice, Emma then answer "I'm fine. I can feel it, a life inside me." Al then lean his head on Emma's tummy. Seeing this, Emma let out a chuckle. From his eye she realize, right now Al need her presence, like a child need a mother. "Actualy, I feel two life." Al then look at Emma with shock "It's a twin?" Emma just nod while smiling. Suddenly, Al pass-out in Emma's lap, but a smile can be seen in his face.

In the afternoon, because they need to depart soon, Emma had to wake Al up (rather forcefully). After he wakes up, Al began double checking the preparation. He also ask around about how many people that will be coming. Sullivan said to Al, he will bringing eight men with him. The others will also bring eight men with them, except Lulu and Celestine. Both of them say they will only bring four men.

Few hour later, Al's men notify him, the new air force one will arrive in ten minutes. Hearing this, Al then notify Sullivan and the princesses. Suddenly a commotion sound can be heard from outside. It's turn out the people outside got scared. A giant thing can be seen flying in the sky. It's the new air force one. The plane then land in a airport, 10 kilometers from the city. Although the it's an airport, it was still under construction. It only have a runway, and nothing else.

After that, the group then walk toward the palace main gate. They then saw two black bus parked near the gate. Al then told the others, that those bus will be their transportation to the airplane. After putting their luggage, the bus then depart. 10 minutes later they arrived at the airport.

Seeing the airplane, Origa then ask Al. "Isn't it look bigger than before?". Al then told Origa that it's a different plane. He thought, each kingdom will bring more than 20 people. That's why he change the air force one, from Boeing VC-25 to Airbus A380, because the Airbus A380 has a larger capacity. The Airbus was also modified to become, basicly, a flying hotel. Inside, there are ten 5X5 meter VIP room on the main deck. While the upper deck, has a seet for 96 men and a small armory at the very back. The lowest level is mostly cargo space for carrying luggage, the onboard food supply, parachute, and other safety equipment.

After the group all aboard, the plane then immediately take off. While on the air, some problem has occur. One of the flight attendance is beating up, one of the Sullivan's men. It appear that the man is harrasing her. Al then explain it to the others, that it's better not to mess with the flight attandance in this plane. Because all of the flight attandance here, is also a elite bodyguard. Trained in all kind of martial arts, capable of using all kinds of close combat weapons, like a sword or a knive even a tonfa.

After they all calm down, Al then take a rest in his room. Inside Al saw Emma is already asleep. Emma also come along with them, instead of just fly to Eldia by herself. Because It turns out, while pregnant, Emma can't turn to her dragon form. She said to Al, that if she turn into her dragon form, there is a high risk that the baby will get killed. In other word, Emma is now stuck in her humanoid form for at least a year.

Al then joined her in bed. But before before he sleep, with his eyes closed, Al called out to the gods to summon him again. When he open his eyes he saw Root standing infront of him.

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