61.19% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 41: His last days as a Prince (3)

Chapter 41: His last days as a Prince (3)

"It's nice to meet you again, Root." Al say that while bow down.

"Hello, Al. Is there something you need?" Root doesn't beat around the bush and immediately ask what's Al reason to call him.

Al then told Root about the mana engine. He also ask Root, how to make mana or where it comes from.

After thinking a while, Root then decided to answer Al's question. But before that, Root called Cratos and Slaine to help him teach Al. Not long after that, Cratos and Slaine then arrive. The three of them then told Al, all he need to know about mana. About all living things will leek out mana, even plants. About that mana is basicly another type of air that will always there, as long as a living things still exist.

After 6 hours lecture from the gods, Al now have a complete understanding about mana. He then give his thanks to Root and Cratos, while relucantly give his thanks to Slaine. Root just smile and nodding, Cratos just waving at him, while Slaine didn't hide his displeased and turn his head to the side. Seeing Slaine's act, Al just shake his head. When Al blink, his surrounding suddenly changed. He then realize, he's already return back to the mortal world. Because Al feeling tired after the long lecture, he then decided to sleep.

Few hours later, an announcement woke Al up. The pilot announce that they will arrive in 10 minutes. Hearing this Al then woke Emma to prepare for landing. After the plane has safely landed, the group then board another bus, where the bus will take them to the hotel. Unlike Origa before, this time the VIP guest is a big group. Luckily, Al is ready for this kind of case and build few villas around the White Castle.

Because Al have another agenda, he then excuse himself from the others including Emma. Al also told the group, he will provide them a guide. And if they want something they just need to ask to the guide. After that, Al head to the center town, the entertainment complex of Eldia, such as casino, bar, etc. Al then enter a bar called 'Infinite'. To hide his identity, Al wear a hoodie, so low, it also cover his eye.

Al then sit at the bar, knock at the table, and then say. "Give me 'the blockbuster'." Hearing this, the bartender then pick up the phone and called someone. After he ended the call, two ogre bouncers approach Al, and ask him to come with them. The other customers got a little confused, but Al just stand and follow the bouncers. They then bring Al to the manager room.

When Al enter the room, he then see two men, an oni, and an Elf. Both of them then stand up from their seat and approaching Al. After few seconds of intens staring, Al suddenly smile while say. "Man I miss you guys." A smile also appear from both of them, and they began to take turn hugging Al. This two men, is Al closest friends.

The oni name, is Bumi. He's the owner of this bar and few other high class establishment in the center town. Both of his parents is an alcohol lover, and an excellent soldiers. That's why he decided to open up a bar, to provide both of them a perfect place to drink and rest. Bumi met Al for the first time 8 years ago, after Al got drunk and wreck his Bar.

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While the Elf name, is Lionel. He's the second generation owner, of the largest trading company in Eldia, and is actualy a half elf. His father, the first generation owner of the trading company is a human. Nel become Al's acquaintance, after he become a colleteral damage when Al wreck bumi's bar.

After Al got sober, he then talk to them. Apperently the three of them had the same intrest. Like how all of them love to watch mixed species fighting turnament, or how all of them love playing game. And the biggest reason for their friendship, is all of them are big Anime fan. Bumi, is in love with Might Guy from Naruto series. He even try to made a body reinforcement magic that similar to the eight inner gates formation. While Lionel was more into the cooking series, like Shogeki no Shoma, or Isekai Shokudou.

Not long after that, the three of them became close friends. After that, Al then began helping them, in building their business, while both of them become Al's eyes and ears in Eldia. The reason why Al use code when he want to meet with them, is to hide his identity from Bumi's employee and the other guests.

The three of them then began to chat. Al told both of them about the other kingdoms from Namira continent, his wedding with Emma, about his twin child that will born next year, and also about his coronation around next week. While Bumi and Lionel told Al about the things that happen in Eldia, while he's away. Such as, the new trends in Eldia, or about the mixed species fighting match results. They also told Al, that they already knew about Al's coronation because his father already announce it. After few hours chatting, Al then ask for the words in Eldia.

Bumi face then become serious, indicating there is a bad news. "I heard, the guns rejector is trying to prove themself to you. They say that the old way of fighting with swords etc, is still more powerfull. They were planing to do that by taking down the Titan Base." Hearing Bumi report, Al headache re-appear. Titan Base is the Eldia main and largest base, in the country. It was located 10 km west of the capital city, joined with the navy main harbor, and the airforce main hangar. It's basicly, the three military branch central headquarters. The WMST (Weapon, Magic, Science, Technology) research and development building, where Vista works, also located nearby.

"Do you know, when they will attack?" ask Al. "Yeah. I heard they were planing to attack few days after your coronation ceremony." Nel's answer make Al relieved. At least the attack is not immenent, and can be stoped before it happen. Al then ask how may men the guns rejector has. Nel's answer made Al taken aback, "Around 300 to 500 men."

"So little! With this number, unless they're planing to defending in a strategical ground, there is no way they can win." Al thought. Bumi then continue "The one, that attacing, is mostly the young one. Their plan is probably to blackmail you using their victory. But with their number, it's not possible, for them to defeat your army." After hearing all this, Al then understand the main reason for this attack. It's basicly, just an effort from a group of young people, to quickly become famous. And the thing that made Al angry at most, is that even if they lose, they still succeed. After chating again for few hours, Al then give his thanks to Bumi and Lionel, and then head back to the white castle.

When Al return, he was welcomed by Emma's flying hug. After Emma let him go, his father in turn hug him. It was a simple welcoming hug.

After that, Al take Emma's hand and ask her. "Do you tell him yet?" Emma then shake her head. "Tell me what?" Erwin ask. Al then smile "Dad, next year you will be a grandfather."

Erwin got confused at first. After he understand what Al's meaning, he then began to gigle. Erwin then hug both Emma and Al. Tears coming out from him, but his gigling didn't stop. But then the gigle turns into a loud cry of happiness.

DonSKun DonSKun

Dear my lovely readers. I'm very sorry for the long delay. I basicly have no idea what to write for this filler chapters. I will try to publish some more chapter in a few hours, after I double check it

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    Thanks for the chapters. Take your time. Would rather have you not put anything out than for you to ruin a great creation that you amd the readers wouldn't be happy with.

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    Thanks for the chapter

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