62.68% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 42: His last days as a Prince (4)

Chapter 42: His last days as a Prince (4)

The next morning, Al head to the WMST R&D facilities. There he met Vista and Linus to talk about the alternative fuel. When Al arrived, he was welcomed by all of the head researcher. All of them including Al then head toward the testing ground. There Al saw the prototype mana engine. It's just like a normal engine, the different is, it was three times smaller, the exhaust is at the front of the car that instead blowing out it sucking in.

After that the test run began. Al can immediately tell the biggest flaw this engine has, It's power. Al then told the researcher this problem. Fortunately Linus already have the sollution. "If one engine not enough, how about put three engine." Linus explanation, is that the engine is basicly like a horse pulling a carrige. If one horse not enough you just need more horse. And like a horse, the lighter the car, the faster this engine can made it go. Hearing this Al then admit, that his request has been granted. Al told Linus that he will be handsomely rewarded, for his work.

The second thing, is Vista's Nuke battery for the war machines. Al look at the battery and thought "Isn't he just copy the battery from the fallout series!?" But then Al figured "If it works, what the heck." He then ask Vista about the battery lifespan. Vista then show Al an Abbrams tank that rool out of the garage. Al was shock, the tank is twice faster than the normal one. Vista then explain "From our estimation, one battery is enough to move the Abbrams tank non-stop at least a year. And because we basicly change it to an electric motor, it doesn't made any pollution what so ever." Al was happy hearing this.

Seeing Al's reaction, Vista then smile and then continue "We also try to use the battery to a jet. But unlike the tank, a regular jet like A-10 Warthog, F-35 Lightning II, F-22 Raptor, and F-4 Phantom II, will use up a Nuke battery, if they fly non-stop for a month." Al smile grew wider. Good news is keep on coming. He then ask Vista "How about the large airplane like C-130, Antonov An-124, B-52 Stratofortress, etc." Vista answer didn't disapoint him. "A large airplane have more than one engine, that's why one battery will use up after a few weaks. But if we put one battery for each engine, we estimate a C-130 or B-52, will be able to fly non-stop for around three to four months."

"Congratulations, professor Vista, you just made Eldia become the strongest millitary power in the world." Al didn't exaggerate in saying this. A millitary that capable to move a large amount of soldiers and it's logistic without stoping, is an unstopable one. Vista then salute Al as a sign of gratitude. But then Vista ask Al his idea about how to prevent a nuclear explosion, in case of accident. Al then explain his plan, it was simple. They just need to encase the place to put the battery, with adamantium casing, considering it's the strongest material in this world.

The only bad news for Al is about his third request. Vista and the rest of the researcher, is still unable to made the portable storage space. Many researcher tried to made it, but no one succeeded. All of them had the same trouble, they didn't have enough knowledge about the space and time magic. Al then though "Man... I wish doc Brown was here."

Al then make do with what's already avaliable, and then ask the resercher to begin the mass production, both of the mana engine, and the Nuke battery. After that, Al return back to the white castle, where he then spend the whole day preparing a meeting with the guns rejector leader. Al was planing to talk this out, before the whole thing even start.

In the next day afternoon, Al meet with the leader of the guns rejector group, in the white castle meeting room. His name is Raju Jugei, a human. He's that one in a billion person, that manage to reach a god level swordmanship. His main weapon is a sabre. But he can also use other weapons, such as the knight sword, or a trident, even the woodsman axe. Also, surprisingly, Jugei love to watch Rurounin Kenshin. He even ask a sakabatou (reverse blade katana) to Al, and other video about samurai and vikings and other warrior from earth. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Al has a lot of respect for this man. Al even ask for a few sword leason with Jugei. Unfortunately, like all human, age catch up with him. But, a lot of people still respect him. Jugei is an honorable man, that doesn't like bloodshed, and always trust the truth and the truth only. That's why Al ask for him.

Seeing Al enter the room, Jugei then stand and salute him. "Good afternoon, my prince. May I ask, what is the reason for this meeting?" Al then ask Jugei about the plan to attack the Titan Base, and if he's aware of it.

"I have no information about any plan to attack, your majesty. Besides, to attack our own military that protect this kingdom, is something that I will never stand for. Do your majesty know, who the main culprit is? If you do, please do tell me. I will stop and punish them." Hearing this, Al become relieved, that Jugei has nothing to do with the attack. Al then told Jugei about the rumors, that the attacker is a group of young people.

After hearing this, Jugei couldn't help to curse at them. Jugei then remind Al, about what Al said to him few years ago. "I likes to think that the guns rejector group, is literally and figuratively the Eldia hidden blade for defense. And when the times come, I hope that all of you will pick-up your weapons, and defend our home until the end."

"When your majesty say those words to me, I couldn't agree more. All of the other member also knew about your majesty word. That's why they keep practicing. So when the time come, they can defend not only Eldia, but also their own family. But now, the attack plan from those young one. For me not only it is dishonorable, it will also made our group lose your majesty trust."

Al then smile, and give Jugei a piece of paper. He then told Jugei what is in his mind. "Jugei, I actualy plan to recruit a minimum of 2.000 people from your group. As you know, we recently made peace agreement with all the kingdom from Namira continent. And because the war, the situation in there, is dangerous. Bandit start poping out, lawless area here and there were made. That is why I was planing to send the guns rejector group, that are the expert in this kind of warfare, to stabilize the region. That paper is an order letter, should you accept. So, what do you think?"

Jugei immediately stand and salute. "Thank you for this chance, your majesty. We will accept. Whatever the mission, we will carry it out." Al salute jugei back, and say. "In that case, I will leave the rest to you, master Jugei. If you need provisions, vehicle, or anything else, please ask."

In the following day, Al got a news from Jugei, that the mastermind of the attack plan is captured. After Jugei interogate him, it turns out his goal is fame, just as Al thougt. And another good news, the number of men that answer the call, is nearly 10.000 men. Hearing this, Al become relieved. Now, his only problem, is about the portable storage space.

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