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Chapter 45: All According to Keikaku

In Sistine kingdom capital city of Quatro, the news of Al's fleet has arrived. Of course they were sceptical. A warship large enough to be called a floating city made of iron, followed by six other iron warships, which originate from a country across the ocean that no man able to cross. The news then considered to be a joke message, even if it comes from Pima, who is a decorated captain. None of the officials seems to belive it. But then, few hours later, the people from the harbor town of Perak saw these fleat of iron ships. Seeing this, the harbor town officials then send the news about the fleet. The higher ups from the capital then send a small pegasus cavalry to confirm it.

After two hours flight, the pegasus cavalry, led by a female commander name Arishka, finaly saw the fleet with their own eyes. Suddenly, a sound can be heard trough the manacom brought by one of Arishka's men. It was Pima, "To the pegasus cavalry flying above the city of Perak, this is Captain Pima speaking. I'm now on board the ENS carrier Queen Eliza, of the Eldia kingdom navy. Please identify yourself." Arishka then head to the manacom and answer it.

Pima then continue after Arishka identify herself "Commander Arishka please be at ease, I learned that this people are here to establish a diplomatic relationship. You may land at the Queen Eliza, the largest ship in this fleet. The Eldians and I will be waiting there." Hearing Pima's message, Arishka deemed the Eldians are not hostiles and decided to land at the carrier. When approaching the Queen Eliza, Arishka saw two men waving a pair of glowing stick. She then guess that it meant that she can land in the direction of their wave. Because the runway is so wide, even three of the pegasus can land side by side.

After Arishka and all 20 of her men has landed on top of the carrier, she then introduce herself to Gerard, while saluting Sistine Kingdom style. "Commander Arishka Duran of the Sistine Kingdom 21st flying cavalry." Gerard then salute back using Eldia style, which was the same from earth. "Fleet Admiral Gerard Hughes of the Eldia kingdom western fleet, pleasure to meet you." Arishka nod, and then ask for their purpose their country for this visit. Gerard then anwer with Eldia's wish to establish a diplomatic relationship with Sistine Kingdom. Because Arishka doesn't have any authorization for diplomatic negotiation, Arishka then told Gerard that the Eldians diplomatic envoy to join her and head to the capital.

Arishka was going to give the envoy a ride in her pegasus, but Gerard then ask Arishka wait, while order his men to prepare the blackhawk. The side elevator then rise up carrying two blackhawk helicopter. 2 minutes later the blackhawk rotor is spining and ready to go. The envoy including Al and Emma then board the blackhawks. Gerard then told Arishka that the envoy will follow her using the blackhawk. Arishka confuse after seeing the blackhawk, but doesn't seem to care, and order her men to move out. After Arishka and her men take off, the two blackhawk then immediately follow.

At the capital city of Quatro, Sistine kingdom foreign minister Faldi is currently waiting for the envoys from eldia. When he saw the blackhawk, he became alerted. He thought that the blackhawk is chasing the pegasus cavalry. But suddenly someone ask him, "What are those things?" When he turn around, he was shock after realizing, that the one who ask him is his king. King Mordin Sola, the current king of Sistine kingdom. He then told the king about the ship, and the envoy, and the likelihood that those things are from Eldia. Hearing all this, the king become excited and told him to bring the envoy to him.

After Al's group landed, the Sistine kingdom officials then took them to the throne room. This makes Al confused. Usualy, the minister should be the one who will meet them first. Only if the negotiation didn't workout, the minister will ask the king. Before Al's group enter the throne room, the guards frisk them first. After the search ended, the guards then allow Al's group to enter the throne room. Inside, the king is already there waiting for them. "Your majesty king Mordin, I present you the envoy from Eldia Kingdom."Al and his group then bow down. After Al's group give their salute, the king suddenly say, "I wish to buy your flying mount."

The lead envoy doesn't know what to say, and can only look at Al. Al knew that this is his cue, and head forward. "Nice to meet you, your majesty King Mordin. My name is Alphonse Silvario, the king of Eldia Kingdom." Hearing this, the hall become restless. They never though that the King of the Eldia himself were present. Al then continue, "For your request to buy our helicopter, I'm afraid it's not that easy. We may sold you the helicopter, but then you have no one that able to fly it, and there is no way we will, give you our own pilot. It also need periodic maintenance. So if you still want to buy it, you will need to provide some men. My pilots will train your men how to fly and maintain the helicopter. It will not be a short time, at least six months to train both pilots and engineer."

But the Mordin only smile, "Excelent, I wish to buy ten of this helicopter. We will also provide the men needed for to become the pilot and engineer." Hearing this, Al knew, that instead of dealing with a ruler, he was dealing with a wealthy merchant. For Al, Mordin is a merchant that have both the brain, and the resources to made profit. 'No wonder this kingdom prosper, they have a Howard Hughes for a ruler.' Al though.

"Before I agree to sell you the helicopter, King Mordin, I am not a ruler if I didn't ask you this question. What will you use the helicopter for? If your answer didn't satisfy me, I am sorry but to say, that this meeting is over."

"You say that you are the King of Eldia, but how do we know that it was true! And even if you are a king, you are just a King of an unknown Kingdom! So shut up and give us what we want!" Minister Faldi suddenly say those words to Al.

Al then stare at Faldi "We come here in peace, but that doesn't mean we are weak. This is a talk between Kings. You are just a minister, hold your tongue." While saying that Al also release his bloodlust. Al's bloodlust is to strong, Faldi and the guards felt like a ton of weight just drop on top of them, making them kneel all four. At this moment, Faldi knew he just made a huge mistake. Faldi can feel, that the person he sneered a moment ago, is a dangerous person that have the power to destroy him, and everybody here with just a snap of his finger. The only one that doesn't fall down is Mordin, but his face turn serious. He realize the only reason he didn't fall down like the others, is because Al didn't point his bloodlust towards him.

"Apologise, king Alphonse. I know my minister is in the wrong for taunting you, but please let him go." Mordin then stand and bow down while say that. Seeing this, Al then remove his bloodlust, making Faldi and the others felt the weight on top on them vanish. "Now king Mordin, what is your answer for my question?" Mordin then clear his throat, and answer Al. "I will use it for two things. First for my personal use. Second is for sending provisions."

"In that case your highness, may I recommend you, instead buying the one outside, my country have other model of helicopter that more suited for those two reason." Al then took one of the paper bag from his men and quietly summon a picture of V-22 Osprey and C-17 Globemaster III, and show it to Mordin, while Faldi and the guards still trying to get themselves back in shape. Al then told Mordin both aircraft pro and cons. About the C-17 large payload but it need a runway, and the V-22 low payload but can take off vertically so it can land anywhere with enough space. Al also told Mordin about the nuclear fuel, it's danger and how hard to make it.

Mordin look delighted after seeing and hearing about both aircraft. "What a wonderful invention. For now I will buy the V-22, later if possible, I will also buy the C-17. About the fuel, I will buy enough to made my aircraft run for 10 years, and if possible I want to buy the schematic how to made these nuclear battery."

"For the nuclear battery, I'm sorry to say that it was not possible, even if you offer me your whole kingdom money. But if you let me search your land for the nuclear battery raw material, I will sold you the battery 90% off. How about it?" Mordin think for a few moment, and then answer. "Alright I accept, but if you found nothing, I wish to still get those 90% discount. Also I want to see these V-22 in action, by sending some provisions to another kingdom in this continent."

"Which and where is the kingdom you're talking about?" Mordin then order his men to bring him a map. He then point and say "This kingdom, the Krisna kingdom, around 3.000 km from here." Al turn his head to the side while say 'all according to keikaku' in his head. "It's a deal then." Al say this while reach his hand out for a handshake. Mordin then took Al's hand to finish the deal.

DonSKun DonSKun

Welp, sorry about this. I suddenly got a tons of work projects because of christmas and new year is coming. So I'm sorry to say that my release will be reduced, or even stop. I'll try to still publish one or two chapter per week. Again to my dear readers, I'm sorry.


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    You sell your weapons to others when you can have the advantage by keeping it to your self!!!! SIGH.

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