70.14% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 47: Unknown Forces

Chapter 47: Unknown Forces

After Al give the go order, all H.A.U.N.T.S. men including Mindi then jump out of their respective V-22. Before they set off from Quatro, Al told them to prepare the wire gear, boost gear, and demolition gear, just in case the air cav meet with a hostile golem. When they close to the ground, the boost gear automatically active. A burst of flame came out from their hips and back, enabling them to land softly.

After landing, all of them then take cover. Faust then give an order to his men. "Gwen, take Oman, Feli, Conrad, and Yuri to take out the three golems. Mindi, Logan, both of you with me, we will take out the other two. Scatter arround, don't stay on one spot, and remember, the mission is to capture. Use the demo gear to destroy their joints."

Before moving, Faust and the others load their modified M203 grenade launcher, that was attached on both of their wrists. The modified M203 grenade launcher, is two M203 made into one. Making it look like a larger but also shorter version of a double barrel shotgun. After finish loading the bullet, the H.A.U.N.T.S. made their move while scattering around.

Faust, Mindi, and Logan move toward the two golems, using their wire gear. The two golems saw them and open fire. But the canyon rocks made Faust, Mindi, and Logan hard to shot. Faust, with his wire gear mastery, move so fast, only a glimps of shadow can be seen in his movement. In just few seconds, he already below the two golems. He then jump 15 meters up using his boost gear. While on air, with 10 meters distance from one of the golem, he shoot two 40mm thermite grenade rounds. The thermite grenade rounds, is one of the new invention in Eldia. When the grenade round hit a target, it will stuck at the target, and then burn the target with heat hotter than a blowtorch.

The grenade rounds, hit the closest golem right shoulder and left thigh. The thermite grenade 3.000 °C flame, melt the golem's right shoulder joint and left thigh joint in just 1 second, disconnecting it's entire left leg and right arm. Because the golem lose it's leg, it started to losing it's balance, and fall 10 meters down. The pilot scream can be heard, but with those height, the golem's head is the only thing that got destroyed.

While the other golem pilot still confuse, he manage to calm himself down, and aim at Faust that still in midair. But Mindi and Logan didn't let him take the shot. They shoot four grenade round from behind the golem. It hit the golem's right elbow joint, left shoulder joint, right thigh joint, and left knee joint. Like before, the thermite quickly melt those joints. After the golem become legless and armless, the body part then just fall down. The golems has been successfully captured.

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When Faust want to check in with the other team, Gwen suddenly scream at the radio. "Faust! Hurry check the golem's pilots!" Hearing this, Faust, Mindi and Logan quickly open the golem's cockpit using a C-4 discharge.

Few moments ago, Gwen and her team have manage to crippled two of the golems just like Faust's team. But when Gwen's team want to made a move on the last one, the golem put down it's weapon. Gwen though the pilot is surrendering, so she told the pilot to exit the golem. But after few moment, Gwen had a bad feeling and then scream at Faust over the radio. After that Gwen order her team to open the golem's cockpit using a C-4 discharge, just like Faust's team.

When both team manage to destroy the golem's cockpit door, Gwen's bad feeling is turn out to be true. The pilots has just commited suicide using a poison. But then, "Gwen! This one is still alive!" Feli shout that at Gwen. Gwen and the rest of her team then quickly go toward Feli. Feli said "I can still her heart beating." Rabbit woman ear is very sharp, enough to beat even a cat. Conrad, then check for the woman's pulse. "I can feel her pulse, but it's weak. The poison is about to finish it's job! Quick help me made her vomit!"

Oman and Yuri then pick the woman up side down. Oman hold her legs up, while Yuri hold her chest down. While the woman is in slanting possition, with her head in the lower possition, Conrad then jamn his hand in to the woman's mouth. The women suddenly open her eyes. Seeing this, Conrad then retrack his hand, and then vomit came out. While on Faust's side, they were also lucky. They found out that the pilot of the fallen golem were unconscious, making him unable to poison himself. Faust and Gwen then give their reports to Al.

Hearing Faust and Gwen report, Al quickly told them to bring both captive to him so Emma and him can look at their memories. After Al plane land, Oman and Logan put both unconscious captive to the ground. Al and Emma then begin their memory reading magic. But then, Al and Emma suddenly withdraw their hand. Al then say "I can't see anything... His memory has been removed completely."

Emma on the other hand, found something. "Just like that man, her memory also gone. But I manage to take a quick look on this woman memory before they disappear. I saw a room full of people from different kingdoms. From their uniforms, I can see that they are from Krisna, Alteria, Kaiser, Dowa, Windel, even Sistine, basicly all the kingdoms that's on this continent. But I can't see their face, all of them are wearing a demon mask. I then see them worshiping someone. Unfortunately, her memory is already gone, before I can take a look at that person face. This someone they worship, I don't know who or why, but my instinct just keep on telling me to destroy that person." At her last line, Emma look is simmilar to a Wolf that has just found her prey.

Hearing all this Arishka couldn't help herself to speak her mind. "That's not possible. In this continent, there are no magicians that can use mind reading skill. Besides, a soldier from both the Alteria faction and Mark faction come together... I don't know if your majesty aware about the situation in this continent but..."

Al then cut her short. "Yes, we know Commander Arishka. Before we start our journey to this continent, we already gather enough information about the situation in this continent. The war between the Alteria faction and Mark faction has gone for far too long, it even make the citizen from both faction hate each other, enough to kill. But it's also a fact, that there are some men from both faction, meet each other in secret. This new information make me more sure, there is something wrong with this war. A war that doesn't stop for 30 years, for a mistake of a single man? No... A hidden force is fueling this war. Why? That is something we need to find out." Al say all this while placing his hand on his chin.

Al then continue while turning his head toward Arishka. "We need to move out." then, he order his men using his radio. "Bring the two golem pilots with us, their fallen comrade and their golems as well. We will ask the Krisna kingdom about their unit."

Al's men then do their work. The two golem pilots and the dead bodies of their companions, is carried using an empty V-22, of course Al also asign few guards for the two pilots. Because the golems was to large to be carried inside the V-22, they use a steel wire to airlifts them. Luckily, just like Cratos said, the golem is surprisingly light, at only below 10 ton, making it posible to be airlifted using two V-22, just like in that pasific rim movie.

But, because there weren't enough V-22 to airlift the golem, Al order his men to cut the golems arms and legs, so they can be light enough to be airlifted using just one V-22. After half an hour securing the golems, the aircav then continue their jurney toward the Krisna kingdom.

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