Chapter 49: Godhood

Hearing shocking news about the origin of the V-22, Vony then ask tons of question to Arishka. The question are mostly about the V-22 and other power that Eldia might have. Arishka, who doesn't have any reason to witheld such information, then answer Vony's questions. Arishka also warn Vony about Al's immeasurable strength, and Emma's real identity.

Few minutes after Vony give all information that she got form Arishka to her superior, she got an order from the high commander, to bring both Al and Emma to the castle. They say the king of Krisna, wish to meet the King and Queen of Eldia. They also reminded Vony to treat both of them with great courtesy.

After the Krisna men finish moving the supplies, Al, Emma, Arishka, and Vony then board a car like vehicle from Deora continent, and then heading toward the castle. On the way, Emma, Arishka, and Vony then talk about the prior attack.

"I'm sorry to say your majesty, that's just not posible. A gathering of top people, not only from both faction, but also from Sistine kingdom, is your highness sure that memory isn't from before the war?" Like Arishka before, Vony doesn't seem to believe Al and Emma information about the golem pilot's memory.

"Well guard captain, unless humans in this continent only look younger than their age, that 20 years old looking girl, is surely born when the war already underway. Well enough talk, the rest should be handled by your superior, or your king." After she said this, Emma then lean her head to Al's shoulder.

Al then ask Vony. "Guard captain, how much longer until we arive at the castle?"

"It won't be long, king Alphonse. Around 10 more minutes."

Al then nod, and start thinking about the information that Root, Slaine and Cratos gave to him, about the mastermind that Emma saw. Few hours ago, after the attack, Al called out to Cratos about the golem pilot's memory. Al's conscious were then transfered into the god space. There he saw all three god gather around him. Al then immediately ask Cratos a question. "Cratos, do you see what happen? Who is the man that Emma saw in that pilot memory?"

"Yes Al, I see him.... and I still don't belive it." Al then realize, all three of them have a sour look on their face.

"The one that Emma saw, is none other than the Evil god." (Root)

Al was surprise to hear this. "You have an Evil god?"

"Yes. Actualy Evil god is not of this world. He was a god from another dimension. Around 6.000 years ago, that man.. no.. that monster, he decided to eat his own world to become more powerful. But even after that, he still hunger for more power. He then come to a random dimension, kill the god in that dimension, and then eat the core of all the planets in that dimension. When he finish eating a planet core, the planet will then die, and became a giant unhabitable rock." (Root)

Slaine then interject "He's basicly a genuine moving Apocalypse."

"All of the gods, from many dimension, including us, agree to temporary work together in order to destroy him. We can't no longer stay silent, for one of us might be the next target." (Root)

"We decided to create a being that strong enough to destroy the evil god. Your original world gods also participate, they created 5 legendary creature. I hear the Japanese called them Seiryuu, Suzaku, Byakko, Genbu, and Kirin." (Cratos)

Hearing this, Al realize something, and Root next word confirm it. "Yes... on our side, we created six legendary great dragon, one of them is Emma, your wife."

"By combining our god power, we then create six legendary great dragons. After that, they and the other legendary creatures across the dimensions then fought against the Evil god. And after 500 years of non stop fighting, they finaly manage to destroy him." (Cratos)

"After the legendary creatures manage to beat the evil god, the other gods decided to then destroy their own legendary creatures. The main reason is that, the legendary creature are to dangerous for their own world. On our side, we were also planing to destroy the dragons, but then we change our mind. Instead, we decided to add intelligence to them, and then make them this world guardians. We also put an order on their subconscious to protect this world." (Slaine)

"But enough of all that, we should think about how to kill the evil god. Al, can you make a plan to do so?" (Root)

"Do any of you have an idea what his end game might be?" (Al)

"This is just a guess, but we think he is trying to become a god again, and then destroy us after he manage to become one. When the legendary creatures destroy his body, somehow his essence, his soul, must be manage to survive the blast. But a soul is only a soul, the most he can do is enter a human body." (Cratos)

"There are only 2 way that we know of, for a person can become a god. The quick method, is that one must release his own soul, and then insert it into a body of a god. Of course, in order to do that, you will need to find a body of a dead god that still intact, and that it self is almost impossible task. The only way for a god to die and leave his own body intact, is to let himself die. But of course, your own soul need to be strong. If not, the god body will destroy your soul instead." (Slaine)

"In all our years as a god, we only hear it happen once. A god name Grimis, he was very old and powerful god. Until one day, after more than 5 million years he lives as a god, he decided to retire. He destroy his own soul, and then reincarnated as a mortal. But that also leave his soulless body to drift around inside the god space."(Root)

"After that, many powerful entities try to harvest his body however they can. Until one day, one of them manage to merge himself to Grimis's body, making him an instant god." (Cratos)

"While the second method, is the natural way. He need to gather enough follower that worship him. And from the information that you got from that golem pilot, he's must be using this method." (Root)

"I see... Then, do you know how can I destroy him? I figured it is not an easy thing to destroy a soul of a god." (Al)

"No, it is not. The only being that can kill a god, is another god and the legendary creatures. It won't work even if other being were the one that killed him. His soul will just float away and then enter other person or being." (Cratos)

"That's why Al, you will need to made the god seal from the time you beat Slaine up. But this time, you need to made it bigger. You better use permanently tatooed it, rather than using the temporary one. I will show the picture of the seal to you later." (Root)

"Wait a minute, if I permanently tatooed the seal into my body, won't I be a walking god killer?" (Al)

"No you won't. The seal is acting like a battery, and the power will come from us. So, if we didn't put our power to the seal, it will be just a regular tatoo." (Slaine)

"Ok, I understand. Then, the first thing that we must do, is to find out whoever worship the evil god, and put a stop to it. And based on what just happen, one or maybe some of the king, must be his apostle. We must find out which kingdom. Fortunately, I have a easy way to do so, but I will need your help."

"Tell us then Al" (Root)

"First, I will need to meet with the King of Krisna Kingdom. Then..." (Al)

"Wake up dear, we have arive at the castle." Suddenly, Emma's voice wake Al up from his reminiscence dream.

When Al exit the vehicle, he saw around fifty men in full combat gear plus a dozens large guards such as minatours and centaur. The Krisna kingdom done this as a precaution against Al and Emma. Little they know, both their number and equipment are not enough to stop Emma or Al when they alone, not to mention when they together.

The castle giant door then open. On the other side of the door, a butler can be see bowing down toward Al and Emma. The butler then speak "Welcome King Alphonse, and Queen Emma. My name is Tian, I will be your personal assistant while both of your majesty in here. If there your majesty wish for something, please don't hesitate to ask." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Al give slight nod to the butler and then say. "Then, I like to meet with your king as soon as posible. I have something important to talk about with him." Al's plan is starting to roll.

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