73.52% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 50: The Main Puppet

Chapter 50: The Main Puppet

10 minutes later, Al can finaly meet with the Krisna's king. When Al enter the throne room, the first person he saw is an Adonis of a man.

'With that age, but still have a face like that, is one of you 3 gods give him some special skill?' Al thinking like this, because he calculate that this man age is should be around 50 years old. But his face, looks like a man that still in his 20's. With his beautiful long straight water like blue hair, his handsome face, and enough muscle to support him, Al immediately flag him as enemy.

Next to him Al saw the rumored wife. The previous princess of Alteria that almost kidnapped by the king of Windel. Based on Al's spies, her fiery red hair, is supposed to be the symbol of Alterian's Royalty. Everyone with Alterian's royal blood have this red hair. Surprisingly, just like her husband, she also look young for her age.

When Al and Emma stop in front of them, both of them suddenly bow down. ""We welcome you, Great golden dragon.""

"My name is Alexander Alstorm. And this is my wife."

"Elza Alstorm."

After both of them stand up, Alexander then look at Al. "Of course we didn't forget about you, King Alphonse."

Al understand the king and queen sarcasm through their movement, that basicly saying 'your wife is the real ruler, so we didn't need to respect you.' But he just dismiss it and ask a handshake to Alexander.

When Alexander accept Al's handshake, he suddenly jolt back, like a man possesed until he fall over. Seeing this, Elza then help Alexander to get up while asking what happen to him. She then look at Al "What have you done to my husband!?" and head toward Al to attack him.

"STOP IT ELZA!" Alexander loud voice then stop Elza in her tracks. He then look at Al and bow down to him with full respect. "Thank you king Alphonse, my kingdom are indebted to you."

"You can thank me after we destroy the army of uruk-kai." Al said this while patting Alexander's shoulder. "I must go to prepare my men, I recommend you do the same." Al and Alexander then bow at each other. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Seeing Al and Emma has gone, Elza who doesn't know what just happen then ask Alexander. "Dear, what did that man do to you with that handshake. And why are you suddenly become respectful toward that young king."

Alexander then look at Elza with terror in his eyes. "Dear, what I about to tell you, is all true. It's not an illusion nor hallucinations." He then take a deep breath and began to tell her what just happen in that split second.

Few moments ago, when Alexander held Al's hand, suddenly both of them got teleported into the god space. There, beside Al and Alexander, the other kings were also there. King of Alteria and Elza's older brother Johann Scarlet, King of Sistine Mordin Sola, King of Kaiser Brantano Kaisermark, King of Dowa Otus Dowamark, and King of Windel the King that try to take Elza all those year ago Damian Windelmark.

When Alexander see Damian, he immediately draw his sword. Except king Sola and Al, everybody draw their weapons. At first, they began to berate each other until the heat reach the limit. After that, Johann and Alexander began to move to attack the three kings. But then, they were stoped by a loud voice.


The kings weapons then dissappear from their hand, and return back to their respective scabbard. All of them then look toward the origin of the sound, then realize who is it, and immediately kneel on all four. There are no person who doesn't know the three of them in this world. Their statue is on every church, in every continent. It was the three gods.

Root then start speaking to the kings. "I have an announcement to make, for all of you mortal kings. It's about the your war. Usualy we don't realy care much about power struggle between you mortals. We only care if that struggle causing damage to the natural order."

The speaker then change to Cratos. "Now, your war is causing just that." Hearing this, emotion of fear appear to all of the kings. But Cratos next word shocked them even more. Cratos then began explaining them about the Evil god. His origin, main objective, and the possibility that he's the one who put the idea to king Windelmark to kidnap Elza, forcing both Kaisermark and Dowamark to move in order to protect him.

After few minutes Cratos's briefing about the Evil God, Al suddenly disappear, making cratos stop his briefing. The other King realize something wrong and realize that Al is gone. They then become panic, presuming that the god is punishing Al for something. But then, Al reappear while standing infront one of the king.

"So it's you. You are the Evil god main puppet, weren't you.. king Sola."

Mordin's serious face then turn into a smile. He then stand up, clap his hand a few times and ask Al. "May I ask what give me away?"

"The expression on your face is perfect. That shocked expression, and that panic face, you manage to decive me with that. Even your memory are clear, I can't find anything that linked you to the Evil god. But what give you away, is your heartbeat. Human heart tends to beat according to his mood. Using body enchantment magic to strengthen my hearing, I began to listen the heartbeat of every person in here. Your heartbeat king Sola is indicating the feeling of joy when the Cratos say that the gods have no clue about the Evil god location, and anger when Cratos say something bad about the Evil god."

"Bravo King Alphonse, bravo."

"But it wasn't just you." Al then look toward another man. "You're also one of his puppet, weren't you king Damian Windelmark."

Unlike Sola, Damian turn panic and try to make an excuses. "What are you talking about?! Didn't you hear what the death god Cratos just say, I was manipulated by the Evil god!"

"He say it's a possibility, not the truth. When Cratos said that, I can hear your heartbeat are indicating the feeling of relief. You are glad that the gods think that you were being manipulated. In reality, you realy wish to kidnap queen Elza weren't you?"

Hearing Al's deduction, Damian gnash his teeth, while looking at Al in contemp. Knowing that Al already push him to the corner, Damian then gave up. "You're right. That perfect speciment of a woman, I want her! Not only she beautiful, she's also the princess of Alteria, the strongest kingdom in this world!" Damian then point at Alexander. "But she rejected me for him, a king of a small kingdom. I can't except that!"

King Otus suddenly grab Damian's colar. "Damian!! You lied to us?! That time you said that queen Elza were forced to marry king Alexander! Making her ask for your help! This 30 years of nonsense war is all because of YOU!! Are you telling me, the reason many of my people died is because of your ego?! We are family! Both of us trusted you!"

Damain then shove Otus away, a smile apear on his face. "Both of you are fool. To trust someone just because they are family, no exacly because we are family I can easely use both of you."

King Brantano suddenly draw his sword and try to slash at Damian. "DAMIAN!!!"

'Ding!' A loud sound of something snap can be heard. King Brantano sword is broken off.

"I see... god protection." Slaine said this after seeing the barrier that manage to block Brantano's attack and even break his sword. "Even though he's already fall from godhood, he can still use some basic god previlage, such as the devine protection to his worshipers."

"That's right, Damian and I is under protection of the suprime god Atomos. But you know, you damn three gods. All of this wouldn't happen if you just intervine, so it's basicly the three of you also at fault." Mordin said all this with a mocking tone.

But Al then interject. "Nope, actualy the one who are at fault is only Cratos."

Cratos then look toward Al. Seeing Cratos looking at him, Al then say his reasoning. "What? It is your fault. How the hell you, a 'god' can't detect any presence of Atomos."

Hearing this Cratos can only scratch his head. "Well.. that is true. If I manage to detect that damn god presence, I probably can stop this sooner. It is the continent that I manage."

Seeing a god admiting his mistake made everyone surprise, especially Mordin. "Don't be surprise." Al interject. "You see Cratos here, is the most human like god between the three gods. Heck he's the only human shape god between the three gods. That makes him a great god, he admit his mistakes and learn from them. While Root, he's the wisest and make almost no mistake. Even when he does made mistake, he's capable of fixing it without problem."

Hearing Al say all this, a smile appear on Root and Cratos. While Slaine who knew his turn is up already have a smug face. But reality is harsh. "While Slaine..... Sorry I can't say anything good about him. He have double standart, child like personalities, and no remorse what so ever about his mistakes. (But he still a good god that willing to send someone to help his followers.)"

Al just realize something 'Crap my though and what I supposed to say got reverse.'

"OI AL!! What you though and you should've said got reverse!"


"Your face doesn't look sorry at all!!"

"Anyway.." "OI!" "You're the one who have a plan to destroy the whole world. In my book, that is much worse than a mistake that made 50 million live lost, especially if you're the reason behind those lost. Beside, you're just a puppet. Where is Atomos?"

Even though Mordin still confuse with the gods and Al's comedic act, he manage to calm himself and answer Al. "What leverage do you think you have on me, for you to ask the where about of my master. Now that the cat is out of the bag, you will face my army! HAHAHAHA!" Mordin then led out a histerical laugh.

"You and what army. We all know the combined forces that you have are only 100.000 men at max. Even if you recruit your regular people and adventures, you can only add 500.000 cannon fodder." king Johann said this with certainty. Al also remember that his spies around Sistine also reporting this number.

But Mordin next word shock everyone including the three gods. "2 million. I have 2 million men under my command."

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