76.11% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 51: The Scariest Battlefield

Chapter 51: The Scariest Battlefield

Mordin's statement made Otus angry. "Heh, that's not possible. How do you even feed an army of that size. If you're trying to made a false statement king Sola, I sugest you made it believable!"

"You can, if you put them to sleep. Under my castle, I put all of my 2 million men to sleep. When I need them, I just need to snap my fingger and they will awake. And thanks to the businesses that all of you here have done with me, I'm now have enough armor, golem, guns, swords, and other weapons to arm them all. Sadly, looks like I won't be able to get that helicopter." Mordin say this while looking at Al.

"What kind of men willing to be put to sleep like that?" Brantano interject.

"I only say 'men' not 'human'. My army is an army of uruk-kai."

"Uruk-what now?" Not knowing what uruk-kai is, Al say this.

Surprisingly, Mordin answer Al's question. "The Uruk-kai. It's a hybrid between ogre, elf, and human. The power and size of an ogre, the precision and magic power of an elf, and the intelegence of a human, all of the best aspects of the three species were combined into one, and it give birth to this perfect soldiers, the uruk-kai."

Hearing Mordin's explanation, the other kings turn pale. They can't imagine what kind of devestation the uruk-kai might bring, if Mordin send them out. Seeing the others kings become pale, Mordin then continue. "No army, no kingdom, not even your kingdom, king Johann can stop the uruk-kai if I unleash them. So, here is my offer, why don't all of you here just surrender to my god, and serve him just like I did. I'm sure he will spare your kingdom from the certain doom."

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All of the kings looked complex. They are angry at Mordin and Damian for starting the war. But on the other hand, if what Mordin said about the uruk-kai were true, there is no doubt that he can destroy the 4 kingdoms with ease.

"I refuse." Al suddenly speak up. "Don't you remember what the three gods said about Atomos. He destroy his own world for power, killing his own worshipers in the proses. What guaranty he won't do the same to this world if he manage to become god again? I don't know about you guys, but I rather stand and fight for a certain future, rather than kneel and surrender for a possible apocalypse."

"I will join you king Alphonse!" Alexander suddenly scream out. "I to will never surrender to you Mordin! Especially to you Damian! If I surrender, you will definitely take Elza. I will never let anything happen to her!"

"So will I!" This time it's Johann. "The three gods were the ones who protects this world, so we living beings can live in it. A god that destroy his own world for me is no god, I called that a demon. I will never betray the three gods for the likes of demon. Besides, what kind of brother I'll be if I didn't protect my own sister."

""Nor will we"" Brantano and Otus also give their answer.

"We are the descendant of the ruler of the three kingdoms, Mark Kaiser Wiseman. His main teaching, is to uphold justice. Damian, your conduct has bring great shame to our forefathers." (Brantano)

"You accuse king Alexander, saying it was him who's hurting Queen Elza. This lie of yours is the main cause of this war. And now, you betray your own family by taking side with a god that seek our world destruction." (Otus)

""Just as the great Mark K. Wiseman said, 'Let justice be done, though the heavens might fall.'"" (Brantano & Otus)

Hearing this, Damian let out a mocking laughter. "HA!HA!HA!HA!HA! What kind of army do you think can match the uruk-kai, for you to say that to me hah!"

The other king understand this and began to waver for a bit. But Al then cut in. "My army."

All of the kings then looked toward Al. They don't know if Al is bluffing, or serious.

Mordin can't help to let out a chuckle after hearing Al's statement. "That's a rather bold statement, king Alphonse. Well.. you are coming from the other continent, so it is possible that you have a large amount of soldiers at your disposal."

The other kings that have no information about Al then looked surprise, but also happy. If Al do have large number of Army at his disposal, this battle won't be too one sided. But Al's next statement made them despair once again. "Nah.. my active military personal is only around 700.000 soldiers, with the reserve around 250.000 soldiers."

Different from Damian mocking look, Mordin instead looked confuse. He's thinking, why would Al boldly state that he can face Mordin's army of 2 million uruk-kai and more than 100.000 regular troops, even though he only have an army less than a million soldiers. "Are you mocking me king Alphonse? What made you think you can defeat my army, with an army that have even less than half the number over my army?"

"Because you never see my battlefield."

"Your Battlefield?" Mordin couldn't help to ask what Al mean by 'his battlefield'.

"Unlike your battlefield that use overwhelming number to win, in my opinion, my battlefield is a cruelest but also the purest battlefield. In my battlefield, there is no pity, no mistrust, and no matter for personal history! Soldiers number, fighting spirit, honor, pride, all of that don't mean shit!! All that exist, IS THE LAWS OF GUN AND STEEL!!! Either you have the better mind, better gun and the better steel, or you're dead!! And you can be sure, that all of my men is highly trained in this form of 'HELL'!!!" Al say all this with a huge evil smile on his face.

Mordin became intimidated by it. He saw what Al is capable of, when he came to Sistine, and became scared after remembering it. Mordin then began to think, what if Al's soldiers have something that can made them have the upperhand, if not even more superior when fighting the uruk-kai. Mordin also remember the helicopter and began to think again, what if Al's army have something more dangerous war machine than the helicopter.

Al's next statement made Mordin even more scared. "Even my fleat that currently near your harbor, can destroy your king city (capital) by themself! All they need is my permission!" After saying this, Al calm himself down, let out a big sigh and then continue. "You see, Mordin.. in this game called civilization, I am the biggest cheater. But what I am not, is a villain. Even if my fleet can destroy your king city (capital), I will never give them the permission do it. Because unlike you, I will never drag in common people in this power struggle."

Hearing this, Mordin then let out a wicked smile. "What did I just hear? Are you saying, as long as I hide myself behind a commoner, you wouldn't attack me? That, is what I called weakness king Alphonse."

"For me, desire to protecting someone is not a weakness, for me it is a strength. But, if you push me to much, king Sola, like a cornered wild animal, you will see me attack indiscriminately. I just hope, it won't have to turn that way."

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    How about tactical nuke? When the enemy marches out then use it.

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    When the enemy marched out, the last thing they heard was 'TACTICAL NUKE INCOMING!!"

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    Thanks for the chapter

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