82.08% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 55: The Meeting And Problems (1)

Chapter 55: The Meeting And Problems (1)

After Alveil told the three head the truth about the war, they look genuinely shocked. Unless one of them is as skilled as Mordin at faking their facial expresion, this indicate, that Mordin doesn't realy have complete control over his subject's mind, and that not all noble that serve him have a clue about his plans.

Alveil then continue to tell the three head about the situation. "Also, this is only my conjecture, but I suspected that King Mordin wanted to made this city into a war zone, with the citizens as his soldiers."

"What would make you say that commander Alveil. Even though he's the king, he can't made us something that we won't do. Especially the adventurers and mercenaries that won't be moved without payment." The guild leader Cuze ask Alveil this.

"Actualy, when my men clearing one of the warehouse near the harbour, they found a large number of weapons, such as guns, swords, spears, and warhammer enough to arm the entire city. Think about it, we attack this city, someone killed, his or her family wanted revenge, they attack my army, my army fight back, the city fighting back using the weapons in the warehouse, and the next thing we know, all citizens is against my army. Finaly, there's two possibilities, either my army will be killed by the citizens, where king mordin will be delighted by it, or my army killed everyone in the city, where king mordin won't have any problem with it."

Countess Dia then say her deduction. "I see. I understand where this is going. The king must've planned to made the entire city into a throwable pawn."

The three of them is convinced by Alveil's conjecture. The mechant Nauro then ask Alveil. "Then, what do you want from us. I'm sure you're not invite the three of us here, just to tell us about the situation."

"I want your cooperation. I need the three of you to prevent the citizens and adventurers from attacking us, and you will have my word, no living person in this city will lost their lives. But mark my word, if the people of this city killed even only one of my men, don't expect any mercy from us."

The three of them suddenly feel a chill, and then nod in understanding.

Alveil then continue. "We will let everyone who wished to leave or enter the city to do so. Of course we will check their luggage first before entering or leaving the city. We will also hire the adventurer to do some miscellaneous job. The last thing is, we will ask the citizens to follow a few rules from us. You can relax, all of it is for their own protection, like a curfew and not allowed in a certain area. Except all that, we wish for this city to do it's daily life normaly."

After Alveil said that, the three leaders then talk about it with themself. Few minutes later they then nod, and walk toward Alveil. "We understand. We have a deal."

Alveil then made the contract, and review it with the three leaders. The contents of the contract are:

1. The citizens of Perak who killed or harm, any Eldians military personal, will be considered as spy and will be executed immediately. Unless the killing / harming are justifiable defense, none shall be pardoned.

2. The Eldians military personal are prohibited to kill, harm, steal, or plundering in any kind to any citizens of perak. If found, the personel will be striped from their ranks. Depending from the crime, the punishment can vary from either punishment by whipping to execution. While the victim family will recive compensation.

3. The citizens of Perak will not be allowed to enter some restricted area, and the city will be put under a curfew. No men is allowed outside above 21.00. If found, the preperator will be interogated.

4. If the citizens daily life is disturbed by the restriction and curfew, they may ask for some leeway.

Then the four of them sign the contract, while being recorded for evidance.

The next day, the Eldians then starting to bring a large numbers of equipment toward the city, such as the portable sniper tower, the mobile command office, alarm speaker, and LED lamps. Alveil then ask the adventurers to help the engineer with instaling alarms, street lamps, and search lights all across the city and the defensive line. All of the lights, and alarms is powerd by a portable nuclear generator, that was instaled inside the mobile command office.

At first, there's a slight problem. The farmers are mad, because the Tsujigiri and the Escudo is destroying their fields. Left with no other choice, Alveil had to ask Nauro for some loan, to reimbursed the farmers for the damage.

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Then, the next problem arise. This time is the adventurers and the city guards. After hearing about king Mordin's plan, they wanted to take revenge by helping the Eldians on the defensive line, while still getting paid. They're basicly forcing Alveil to accept them as mercenaries. Of course Alveil have no other option but decline. Although the Alveil only have less than 500 men in his disposal, it's still enough to guard the whole defensive line. And the biggest reason is, the fear of treason. A man who's moved by money, and have no combat discipline, is almost sure to run away in the first hint of trouble.

But despite those problems, and few other minor one, the city manage to turn normal again. While on the defensive line, the defensive is steadily going stronger.

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