Chapter 57: The Jackal

When everybody starting to exit the meeting room, Al called Vista and began to ask him. "Professor Vista, about what I order few months ago, how is it?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

After a few seconds, Vista then understood what Al was talking about. "Oh... that one is it! Yes, yes, yes it is done. It's currently at the lab. Do you want to see it now, your majesty?"

"Yes, if it's possible."

"Of course you can. Let's head to the lab then."

Al, Vista and Emma then head toward the lab, using Al's presidential limo. After 15 minutes drive and few security checkpoints inside the lab, Al finaly get the thing that he ask for.

Vista then put a briefcase in front of Al, and open it. Inside it, there is a large glossy black handgun. "This is it, 13.97 mm or 55 caliber semi-auto combat handgun, the Jackal. Length 38 cm. Weight 13 kg. Maximum round is seven, and plus one in chamber. It's no longer something a human can wield, your majesty. Even a strong demi-human such as Minotaur or Centaur crack the bones in their hands while trying to use it."

Al just keep smiling while rubbing the gun. He then ask some question about the gun. "How about the round? Is it explosive tip or adamantium tip? What kind of steel you used for this gun?"

"We have both the high explosive tip, and the adamantium tip. For the slide, we use pure mithril imbeded with a cooling spell, so the gun won't overheat. The barrel and the recoil spring were made of vernium, so those parts can withstand the blow from each round. We also use the elven wood for the grip, so gun can be well balance. While the rest, we made it using chimeradite, making this gun practically almost indestructible."

Al is checking the gun, while Vista said all that. Al load the adamantium tip round and then look at Vista. "It's perfect, professor Vista. But still, I don't know we have some stock in Chimeradite?"

Chimeradite. It is a rare ore that can be found in the mines that have mithril, orichalcum, and adamantium deposit all in one spot. People called it chimeradite because of how it was formed. It's a case when a mithril ore grow on top of an adamantium ore, that also have some orichalcum particle inside it. This is rarely happen, and if it does, finding it will be like one in a million chance.

The chimeradite is stronger than anything, even stronger than vernium. But the only one that can process it, is a magical blacksmith. The blacksmith will need to constantly provide the chimeradite with mana while he/she hammer it, to made it easier in shaping it. It is a tedious work. But a sword made by it, can even cut an ancient dragon skin with ease. And a shield made by it, can even withstand a blow from Emma's dragonic form attack.

"While the Chimeradite is hard to find, we do have some in stock. Do you want to try the gun, your majesty?"

When Al nod, Vista then take him and Emma to the firing range. There, Al test the gun by firing a row of a dozen of 5 mm thick vernium plates. When Al shot the adamantium tip round, the bullet manage to punch through eight plates with ease, and then stuck at ninth plate.

After that, Al switch the bullet with the explosive tip round. He then shoot it at a human torso shaped balistic gel. After the bullet enter the gel, it then exploded, destroying the gel from inside to outside. The explosion force is equal with the frag 12 shotgun shell.

Al is very satisfied with the end results. He then ask Vista. "How many do you made?"

"Only two."

"I'll take both of them."

"Yes, your majesty. Also before that..." Vista then rummage through his workshop, until he found what he's looking for. "This is it. It's a pair of costum made thigh holster for the two Jackal."

Al then put the thigh holster on, and holster the Jackal. He then move around a bit and do some tactical movement. "Good job professor. It's fit right in, and didn't hinder my movement."

"Thank you for your compliment, your majesty. I will also send both ammunition type that we have, to the white castle."

After Al say his thanks to Vista, both him and Emma then head back to the white castle. After arriving, both of them then change their clothes. Al change to an all black, rather light, combat clothes. Emma on the other hand, choose a rather skimpy outfit. She change into a green stringy dark blue backless top, so she can let out her wings and a hot pants jeans, just because she liked it.

After Al and Emma finish changing their clothes, both of them then move to the next room. It was Al and Emma's personal armory. Inside, there are large variation of weapons from a handgun to a bazooka, and a knife to a greatsword. Al grab a twin kerambit and then strap them on his back waist. Emma on the other hand, grab four dozens MP9, a vernium chainsword and a chimeradite katana, which she then store it on her personal infantry type storage space device.

When they finish their preparation, Al and Emma then head back to Krisna using the gate magic.

DonSKun DonSKun

This is the last finished chapter on my draft. I'll try to write as fast as I can for the next one.

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    Keep up the good work.

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    Thanks for the chapter

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