86.56% Blackmailing A God. Cheating In Another World / Chapter 58: Impending Crisis At The City Of Toul

Chapter 58: Impending Crisis At The City Of Toul

When Al and Emma arrive at Krisna's castle, Alexander were overjoyed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"King Alphonse! Thank the three gods you are here!"

"What is it King Alexander?"

"I just recive an urgent report! A large number of Sistine's army is currently heading toward our border city of Toul! The army is so large, our scouts can't even estimate their number!"

Al then summon his laptop/pad, and show king Alexander the drone surveillance picture. "100.000. That's the estimated number of that army."

King Alexander became pale after seeing the picture. "He realy have it. King Mordin realy have an army of 2 million uruk-kai. Please tell me king Alphonse, what do we do!?"

Fortunately for king Alexander, Al already have a plan. "Calm down king Alexander, I have a plan to destroy them. We have two to three days before that army arrive at Toul. First thing first, we need to evacuate the people of Toul before they arrive. Also, order them to leave the food and water behind, untouch."

"I can understand about evacuating the people, but why must we leave the food behind? Do you planed to poison them?"

"No. We need to made them stay at that city. A few hours will do." An evil smile appear on Al's face.

Seeing this, Emma then warn Al about it. "Dear, you have amazing evil smile come out from your face."

Al then close his mouth with his hand, and let out an 'oops'.

Alexander slightly scared of Al. But he then told Al about a flaw in his plan. "I don't know what's your plan king Alphonse, but if I give that order, the people of Toul will stay instead. Although it's big, that city is also rather remote because it's inside of a desert. The nearest town that they can go to is the Porta city, 4 days ride away. The mana needed to drive the magic wagon to Porta city, will kill any normal man if they didn't take a rest! And if they do take rest, they will need those food! Not to mention, the number of people in Toul is around 4.000 soul. This plan is just not doable."

Al just wave his hand, and say "Leave those things to me." in a cheery tone.

Al then pick up his handphone, and call Admiral Hughes. "Admiral, what's the situation in there?"

"My king. We manage to destroy the enemy pegasus and dragons cavalry a few moments ago. Right now, we are preparing to occupy the city of Perak."

"That's a good news. But Hughes, right now I need you to send me some men."

"What's the mission sir?"

"Complete evacuation of Toul, and we must do it fast. The civilian is estimated to be around 4.000 people."

"Yes sir. I'll immediately send some Halo."

"What's the ETA?(Estimated Time of Arrival)"

"We are currently preparing the forces to occupy Perak city, so arround two to three hours to prepare the Halo squadron and five hours to reach Toul"

"Good work Hughes, continue your other work."

Al cut his call with Admiral Hughes, and then made another call. This time is to Fuegoleon Carmine.

"Fuego, activate the 'OBI'. I will send you the target's coordinate later. For now, just send it to Krisna kingdom."

"Yes your majesty." Al then hear Fuego ordering his men on the other end. "Please say the activation code."


"Code confirmed. 'OBI' has been activated and will head toward Krisna in the next hour."

"Thank you Fuego. Keep me updated about the OBI's location."

"Yes, my king."

Al then end his call and then look at Alexander. "King Alexander, I need one of your officials to follow my men to Toul."

"What my men need to do?"

"I need your men to persuade the people of Toul to agree to evacuate."

"In that case." Alexander then called one of the men behind him. The one who came is an Arabic like man. "This my most trusted aide, Iskandar."

Iskandar then salute at Al and Emma with Deora continent style salute. "Captain Iskandar, leader of the 34th Golem squad, at your service."

Seeing this, Al then salute back using the Eldia style salute

"He's a native of Toul. I'm sure he'll be able to convince the Toul people to evacuate."

"That's a good news. By the way, is Porta have enough space to take the residents of Toul?"

"Besides Porta city, the city of Ys, Jako, and Frax should big enough to accommodate the people of Toul. If those four city doesn't enough, there is also few villages near them."

"Excelent. As you heard previously, my men will be there in eight hour at the latest. Captain Iskandar, my soldiers will be waiting for you at the eastern city wall, to bring you to Toul using the Osprey, please prepare yourself and meet them there."

"Thousand gratitude for your help, king Alphonse." After giving his gratitude and salute to Al, Iskandar then head out.

H.A.U.N.T.S. Second in command, Gwen POV.

"Listen up! An order has come from his majesty."

Hearing Faust said this, I and the rest of the H.A.U.N.T.S. team then stand ready.

"Gwen, Feli, Conrad, Yuri, the job is yours. The mission is to escorting one captain Iskandar. Because Seren kingdom send an army of a hundred thousand men toward Toul, the King of Krisna have no other choice but to evacuate the people of Toul. Captain Iskandar mission is to give the order of evacuation, persuading the people of Toul and negotiating the exception of the refuge to the leader of other cities. Prepare your combat gears, and quickly depart."

Me and my team then go to our heavy type storage space device and then prepare the neccessary equipment. For this mission we decided to use our usual wire gear, guardian gear, and CQC gear. We also bring our demolition gear in our infantry type storage space device.

After we finish gearing up, we are know waiting the package at the Osprey. Half an hour later, our package finally arrive.

"Captain Iskandar I presume?" When I ask the man, he seem to taken a back by me.


Well, at least he still answer my question. "We are your escort until you finish your mission. Please board the Osprey, we are departing immediately."

After that, captain Iskandar, me and the rest of my team board the Osprey. I then immediately head to the cockpit and ask the pilot about our ETA to Toul. The pilot inform me that it will take around one and a half hour. During our journey, I can't help to notice that captain Iskandar is taking a peek at me for some time. It's annoying.

After more than an hour later, I can't stand captain Iskandar peeking at me anymore. So I ask him about it. "First time seeing an Elf, captain Iskandar? You are distracting me." But his answer is shocking, especially to me.

"Yes actualy. I don't know how is it in Eldia, but here, in this continent, the elf is on the brink of extinction. Worse, they probably already did extinct."

I was speachless after hearing this news, so did everyone in the plane. Conrad then ask how the elf become extinct.

"They reep what they sow. At first the elven kingdom is the strongest kingdom in this continent. In fact, they were the one who invented the piston guns and the magic wagon. Then, 400 years ago, a new elven king foolishly order his army to kill one of the great dragon. The mysterious great green dragon. I don't know which one is the dumbest, the king who give that order, or his people who follow his order happily. Then, the great green dragon who were attacked for no reason become so furious, it then destroy the elven kingdom and the other elven cities to the ground. Some say the great green also hunt the surviving elf, making the other kingdoms afraid to accept any elf in. No one know what happen to the other surviving elf, they were never seen again."

"No wonder the people in the king city looked at you curiously Gwen. From their point of view, you are a living fosil."

"Don't phrase it that way Feli! You made me sound like I'm an old lady!"

"She's right Feli, she still 258 years old."

"Zip it Yuri!!"

"Wait.. wasn't that already half the life expectancy of an elf. Doesn't that made you an ol..."

"Go ahead Conrad, I dare you to finish that sentence." I'm sure he wouldn't, considering my sidearm is pointing to his head.

"Cool it, cool it, cool it. But joking aside, there must be some elven hidden village some where in this continent."

"If there is, they hidden themself rather well. I heard that around 200 years ago, after the great green's anger has quenched, Alteria began a masive search of the surviving elf, but none was found." After answering Conrad's question, captain Iskandar then look at me. "I apologize if my gaze disturb you madam Feli."

"Considering that, I understand your point of view."

If me being an elf is equal to a panda in a zoo, even though I still never saw what a panda looks like, I better hide my ears with a helmet.

After I put my helmet on, the pilot suddenly shout trough the radio. "Target in sight! Five mikes (minutes) out!"

DonSKun DonSKun

Sorry for the long wait. Almost got Isekied by Truck-kun. He broke few of my fingers instead, hence the long delay. Anyway, enjoy. I'll update the next chapter in a week.

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